Yard Force Lawn Mower Self Propelled Not Working? Fixed!

yard force lawn mower self propelled not working

Is your Yard force lawn mower not self propelling?

That’s certainly an event to be worried about. Because without this feature working, the mower won’t run and no job will be done.

But, what causes a Yard Force lawn mower self propelled not working?

Well, the reasons are the traction cable not working, defects in the transmission, drive pulley is not engaging, fouled self propelled cable, and the v-belt starts malfunctioning.

The fun fact is, all these are quite easy to be solved and just requires them to be recognized. Meet every reason here with the detailed remedies of them.

So, let’s not wait anymore and get started.

Quick Overview: Yard Force Lawn Mower Self Propelled Not Working?

To make your time worthwhile, take a glance at the list of reasons and solutions of why a Yard Force lawn mower self propelled not working.

It is provided here.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Traction cable not workingLubricate the traction cabe or change it
2Defects in the transmissionSwitch to a new transmission
3Drive pulley is not engagingCheck for damages and replace it
4Fouled self propelled cableInspect thoroughly or change the cable
5V-belt starts malfunctioningGet a new v-belt immediately

Detailed Talk: Yard Force Lawn Mower Self Propelled Not Working?

Many Yard Force lawn mower owners get frightened when the self propeller refuses to work. They think that a major issue might be there and worry if it is repairable or not.

Luckily, the problem is generated just by a few simple and small causes and you can fix them in a jiffy.

Therefore, go through each of them discussed Below.

Reason 1: Traction Cable Not Working

A misadjusted traction cable is the most common reason behind the self propelled not responding to command. Over time, it gets misadjusted as the mower shakes a lot.

Another reason is the traction cable feels the need of lubrication. At this point, it gets stuck and doesn’t help the self propelled system.

Solution: Lubricate the Traction Cable or Change it

To get it fixed, you have to adjust the traction following the instructions mentioned in the owner’s manual. Then, put a bit of oil to lubricate the cable.

Even if these don’t make any noticeable change, get a new traction cable of the same compatibility.

Reason 2: Defects in the Transmission

Defects in the transmission is one of the most common reasons and it is seen quite often.

Whenever you see the self propelling is trying to start but the wheels are frozen, the transmission can be the culprit. Any faults of it doesn’t let the wheels move even though the pulley of it spins.

Solution: Switch to a New Transmission

When you take a look at it while running the mower, defects of it are encountered.

The only way to drive it away is switching to a new transmission that is suitable for the mower.

Reason 3: Drive Pulley is Not Engaging

After fixing the transmission system, move to the drive pulleys if the error is still occurring. When they get cracks on them, the V-belt gets many uninvited issues.

Most importantly, defective drive pulleys hinders the crankshaft in completing its job. And as a result, the self propelling goes out of duty.

Solution: Check for Damages and Replace it

Drive pulleys are easier to get access and effortless to check them. Moreover, damages are always visible on them if there are any.

I recommend replacing the pulleys with new ones as the repaired ones don’t play smartly.

Reason 4: Fouled Self Propelled Cable

A fouled self propelled cable is an effective reason that impacts the mower most. It gets fouled due to its position and the heavy-duty responsibility it performs.

Besides, it gets stuck just like the traction cable when the lubrication oil is dried. At that time, cracks are easier to get on the cable and thus, the system is stopped entirely.

Solution: Inspect Thoroughly or Change the Cable

Inspecting the self propelled cable is the first step to decide the fix. Try lubricating it to see if it works or not.

Observe if it needs adjustment on its position. If cracks are visible on the cable’s body, change the cable on a serious note.

Reason 5: V-Belt Starts Malfunctioning

I guess you have fixed the drive pulleys but the self propelling is still not coming on duty.

This can be caused by the Yard Force lawn mower V-belt that has a connection with the pulleys. As it starts malfunctioning for any type of damage, the pulleys lose contact to turn the wheels.

Solution: Get a New V-Belt Immediately

I can assume that you are already ready to inspect the V-belt and I appreciate that. Observing its functions is unavoidable in this regard.

Keep it in its position or adjust the tension if it is slipping due to overstretching. Finding it as the culprit, you should get a new V-belt matched with your lawn mower.

Can I Manually Push a Yard Force Self Propelled Lawn Mower?

Answer: Of course, a Yard Force self propelled lawn mower can be manually pushed and it doesn’t harm any of its components. But, the mower may feel hard to run.

Is a Yard Force Self Propelled Lawn Mower Better than Push?

Answer: To be honest, a Yard Force self propelled is appreciated for guiding in the heavy-duty tasks of a lawn or garden. On the other hand, a push lawn mower is ideal for a small lawn with less work.

End Words

I can guess the smiling face as you have got the way to solve your Yard Force lawn mower self propelled. This issue is common to almost all mowers as the mower goes through different tasks of the lawn or garden.

Fortunately, the tips mentioned in the article on a Yard Force lawn mower self propelled not working can assist you in this regard.

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