Types Of White Lilies in 2023 and How to Grow!

types of white lilies

White lilies are one of the most peaceful lilies that bloom a soft and divine glow in our heart. You can hardly find any person who does not get a peaceful vibe from white lilies. They are widely celebrated for their majestic countenance.

We guess your love for white lilies has brought you here. How lovely! Aren’t you thinking which white lilies are mostly seen and eye-catching?

Well, it is certainly tough to answer the question. However, the white lilies that are mostly seen and eye-catching are Oriental lily, Calla lily, Golden-Rayed lily, Peace lily, Madonna lily and Silk Road lily.     

As your affection for white lilies is shoreless, you must want to know the details of types of white lilies. Moreover, their significance is also clarified here to satisfy your quest.  

So, let’s end the suspension and start your journey to the niceties.  

What are the Bright Aspects of Lilies?   

As there are a vast number of lilies available, many of us get in a dilemma. They become confused about which lilies they should select. No wonder, all types of lilies are wonderful and rich in bright aspects.

But, those who like calmness and a quiet comfort zone, they should go with white lilies. However, they will be benefited with much more as white lilies are fraught with many bright aspects.

organic white lilies

No wonder, even you will fall in love with white lilies after going through them. So, let’s continue reading to make your heart a garden of love.                   

1. Better Digestion

The person who does not suffer any intervention in digestion is probably a healthy and happy person. For getting rid of digestion issues, white lilies can be a great choice.

Medicines made of them are pretty effective in clearing the digestion process and letting you eat satisfyingly.                

2. Remedy for Wounds

From ancient times, herbalists used and processed white lilies as a healing way for wounds and ulcerations. Even cuts get supper relief with the layer of powdered white lilies. Not only the flowers, their leaves, stems, and petals are also helpful.

For oral issues, their plant is used for making a liquid with milk. Their antibacterial quality is a magic for wounds and cuts.           

3. Blood Cleanser

Not all foods are good for health that we consume regularly. They carry toxic elements to our blood and liver.

To get them out, white lily tea is ideal. This tea is a proven way to purify blood and liver. Thus, you can stay safe and healthy.   

4. Decreases Diseases 

We suffer from several illnesses in seasonal changes. Some people even suffer from some permanent diseases.

White lilies are regarded as a cure and relief of some diseases like asthma, heart issues, sinusitis and bronchitis. For a quick relief in these problems, white lilies have effective medicines.              

5. Better Eyesight 

Many eye drops are available that are made of white lilies. White lily carries vitamin A, C, and a few B complexes that are efficient in improving eyesight.

Moreover, they are a cure for sensitive eyes and conjunctivitis illness. Even the eyebrows can grow densely with them.         

6. Relief for Rashes  

The oil produced from white lilies is well-known as a relief for rashes. Even irritations, burnt skin, and swelling also fade away with their presence. The relief feeling comes from their soothing ability and anti-inflammatory nutrients.           

7. Toxin-Free Skin

A toxin-free skin is the want of most of us. Even regular maintenance can not remove toxins deeply. But, white lilies are a step ahead in this regard.

Their specialty is removing toxic elements from the skin and keeping the skin free from any issues.       

8. Organic Moisturizer 

White lilies have essential elements to make your skin glow more with a moisturizing tone. Applying their essential oils can be a great moisturizer for soothing the skin and keeping it soft and beautiful.           

9. Hair Care

No wonder, you must have already guessed the herbal value of white lilies. They are widely used for taking care of hair from a longer period.

Many oils, and hair masks are available for reducing hair fall and increasing hair growth. Moreover, they make the hair stronger.             

12 Types of White Lilies

Aren’t you already loving white lilies? Anyone will easily love them as their appearance is so mesmerizing. They can attract any of your guests and passersby will surely stop by staring at them. Even their benefits are like their charming look.

white lily variety

As you have decided to plant white lilies in your garden, you should know their varieties. They will assist you to choose the right one with their details. Certainly, you will have a wonderful time reading the types of white lilies. 

Let’s get started and know them one by one.     

Type 1: Oriental Lily

Oriental lilies originated in Japan and are widely popular all over the world. For their countenance people get attached to them easily.

They bloom mostly at the end of winter or at the beginning of spring. With their advent, they bring the niceties with them.

White Oriental lilies bloom with white narrow stems that have distance from one another. Their pinkish glow from the spots are truly eye-catching.

For adding a white beauty with a vibrant but calm color like pink, Oriental lilies are the best option.

They are less choosy in the case of the plantation process and will bloom sufficiently to satisfy you. So, look no further than Oriental lilies to have grace in your space.                

What’s Good

Their tea tastes different and works well in cleansing and detoxifying toxic elements       

For an unique outlook, their extraordinary design is enough    

To bloom a smile on a friend’s face, they are ideal to wrap and gift  

They prefer average maintenance  

The Drawbacks

Cats are prohibited to go near them as each part of them is lethal to cats

Type 2: Calla Lily

Calla lilies are one of the most unique and identical lilies and they originated in Africa. However, some areas of America are suitable for growing these fascinating Calla lilies.

Their shape is so incomparable and their white color has another level of peace. They do not have several petals, only one petal carries all the glamour.

Even their growing root is a bit different from lily bulbs and it is called rhizome. You will be awed to see their beauty.

They bloom in summer and spread calmness all around. As they are not easily found and beyond comparison, they are gifted for showing love and deep feelings of heart.

For making someone feel special, no other lilies can beat Calla lilies. Their sweet smell will make you crazy to be cheerful in your life.                      

What’s Good

Even in Less than average watering, they survive remarkably    

For expressing love, they have no competition among overall lilies 

Their enthralling fragrance is enough to fall in love  

The Drawbacks

They are compatible with very less zones and they are zone 8-10 

Type 3: Golden-Rayed Lily

Golden-Rayed lilies are from Japan and have a very sweet smell. Though Japan is their native place, their popularity in the USA is noticeable.

It is their charming glance that attracts anyone so quickly. We bet, you will fall in love too.

These lilies create a star outlook as their white petals carry a yellowish glow in the center. The yellow stripes are another reason for their striking look. The color of the center can also be pink or dark brown colored.

They are easier to plant both in borders and containers. You don’t have to worry for them. All set now.

Setting the containers in the entrance will drag all the attention of people. We guess even you want to make your space exceptional with a tranquil countenance.                

What’s Good

Many flavorful perfumes are seen made of Golden-Rayed lilies  

Their essential oil is very efficient in healing wounds and cuts   

Their height is enough tall for tossing their flowers with the breeze  

They grow well in the zones 5 to 10

The Drawbacks

They tend to be choosy in the case of soil type and moisture 

Type 4: Peace Lily

Peace lilies are truly a piece of divine peace on this beautiful earth. Their name says it all more than their appearance. Undoubtedly, they are wonderful to stare at for a longer period.

They bloom with only one petal, which is their extraordinary design and shape. The petal has a yellow spadix standing beside it. For decorating a room, their glance will take the decoration to the next level. 

Can you imagine the fine and polished flower? They will win your heart for sure.

Even their leaves are noteworthy as their dark green color shines so brightly. Great, right?

They are mostly used for gifting to relatives as they symbolize peace. Also, friends will be delighted and touched with these lilies.    

What’s Good

Their one petal is the significant specialty to enthral viewers    

They are a well-known species for multiplying flowers in each season   

They favor low maintenance and bloom naturally  

They carry no allergic substance for people   

The Drawbacks

Their height remains between lower to medium, which is not appreciative     

Type 5: Madonna Lily

Madonna lilies are one of the most ancient lilies that were found over 2000 years ago. That’s undoubtedly awesome and astonishing.

However, their native place is Eastern Region.  But, guess what? They are no less prevalent in the America either.

They bloom majestically from the start of spring and make the garden youthful. Their petals are white and have the shape of broad crisp. Some of them carry a light-green colored center, which is also very soothing.

As they tend to be planted effortlessly, they are suitable for the balcony of an office or the space of the window of your house.

Besides borders and containers, they grow very well in pots, too. Moreover, their sweet smell is adequate to boost your mind to a calm state.       

What’s Good

They have no choice regarding sunlight, partial or full, both work for them    

Their fragrance encourages the presence of bees and butterflies   

Perfumes made of their fragrance is worth praising  

The Drawbacks

They are so considerate in the case of watering, otherwise their roots can not survive   

Type 6: Silk Road Lily

Silk Road lilies are often known by the name Friso. Now, if you hear the name, you will get a glance of Silk Road lilies. These lilies are assuredly a copy of their name in their countenance.

They look pretty enchanting for their silky and shiny white colored petals. Their remarkable aspect is containing a crimson red throat, that does not fail to enthral us.         

However, if you encounter these lilies, make no delay to plant them in your space. They are celebrated for satisfying the quest of beauty and mental peace.   

Their growth is guaranteed, if they got enough sunlight and adequate space. You are totally going to enjoy it, as this requires no efforts.

What’s Good

Their height is excellent and worth staring at  

Till the end of summer, they keep blooming and beautifying the space   

Hummingbirds like to roam around them and offer a cheerful surrounding   

Any type of sunlight is ideal for their growth 

The Drawbacks

They require moisture in the soil throughout the year, otherwise their roots dry out      

Type 7: White American Lily

White American lilies are one of the most celebrated lilies in the USA. In case you want an elegant type of white lilies, they are a fabulous choice.

They bloom during the summer time. The size of the flowers are worth staring at.

Their petals are curved and the anthers are dark-yellow colored. Their tip carries a light-green vibe and looks majestic.          

Though they demand a bit of extra care, their charm and beauty is tremendous. No wonder, they attract the viewer’s glance.

For decorating a house party, they can be the chief guest. So, make no delay in getting them.        

What’s Good

Many perfumes are made of their extraordinary smell  

Their height is ideal to be noticed quickly  

Average watering is perfect for their super growth     

As they attract bees and butterflies, the surrounding remains jolly   

The Drawbacks

Each part of them can is regarded lethal to cats 

Type 8: Casa Blanca Lily

For a white lily lover, Casa Blanca lilies are considered as a heavenly beautiful type of lilies. They are as easy to plant and grow as looking at their charming glance.

They bloom with petals that become upwardly curled when they bloom properly. A uniquely shaped, right?

 Their anthers have a unique color combination of red and brown. Imagining their pleasant and buoyant look is more delightful.

They are seen effortlessly all over America as they are compatible with 4 to 9 zones.

However, they are a significant flower to make celebrations more winsome and cheery. Moreover, to wish someone a happy life, gifting them is ideal.                            

What’s Good

Even in low maintenance, they grow and bloom pretty well 

Their essential oils work magically for rashes  

Bees and hummingbirds are their regular friends  

The Drawbacks

Their leaves and other parts can cause allergy to some people 

Type 9: Easter Lily

Easter lilies are a variety of hybrid lilies that carry a pure white vibe. They are celebrated and have a fan base for their great looks and asthetic.

Their duration is short as they bloom only in late summer. Still, their presence is so elegant that compels us to love them.

Their petals carry a white color with a bit of a shade of cream color. Yeah, thinking of them gives chills!

 For a peaceful decoration, they are regarded as incomparable. If you are living in zone 5 to 8, they can grow in the ground, too.

Moreover, they are pretty effortless and quick to grow and they prefer low maintenance. Even in your simple taking care, they will satisfy your heart fully.              

What’s Good

They are compatible with both containers and borders   

They do prefer any type of sunlight, both partial and full sunlight are helpful  

Their height makes them easily noticeable   

As they attract hummingbirds, the area remains cheerful   

The Drawbacks

If you have a pet cat, keep it away from these lilies

Type 10: Regal Lily

Regal lilies are from China but their fan following in the USA is quite enormous. As their outlook is so mesmerizing, anyone becomes their fan.

In summer time, they make the surroundings so soothing. Summer seams incomplete without the Regal Lily. If you live in sunny spot, you can relate us.

Their trumpet-shape is worth praising for carrying their beauty. For spending your leisure time in the garden, they will bloom jollily in that period.

For their extreme height, they toss their heads during the summer breeze. So, to make your space in an amazing spot, plant these lilies without any delay.               

What’s Good

Their height is so remarkable that anyone will notice them   

Their root is so effective for getting relief from chest pain   

Any type of well-drained and organic soil is suitable for planting them   

They are not so choosey regarding plantation and maintenance    

The Drawbacks

For their stems, you may need to work a bit harder each time their height increases

Type 11: Bright Star Lily

Bright Star lilies are well-known for their flat shape with a enamoring glance. They attracts the people with its brightly starring beauty.

Their blooming duration is surprisingly a bit long as their flowers arrive from late summer to autumn.

Though these flowers and their petals are white colored, their center carries splashes of light-orange color. Sometimes their center is filled with a light-green colored star.

This vibe is their special feature to continue looking at them.  It’s hard to resist the urge to pick them up to decorate your home. Well, the nature deserves this beauty more!

Another specialty of them is having the ability of growing in any kind soil. Therefore, your busy days will have some rest with these lilies.                     

What’s Good

From minimum to maximum, any level of sunlight is efficient for their proper growth      

They are a perfect variant of lily to gift someone to congratulate them   

Their compatibility is wide as they can grow in 4 to 9 zones 

The Drawbacks

Some of them tend to remain at medium height

Type 12: Dizzy Lily

Dizzy lilies are a brighter variant of lilies that contain larger and wider flowers. People love this flower for their glamorous color and beauty.

Your mid to late summer time will have more calmness and you will get mental rest with these lilies. 

When they bloom, their petals have the design of red colored stripes and spots. The petals turn to curved and backward position. The petals are also lightly ruffled and look so stunning.

Though they are impartial to sunlight, full sunlight is better for their improved growth and blooming. Therefore, you need to ensure right conditions for them too.

When their flowers come, they drag all the attention with their charm and beauty.             

What’s Good

As their height reaches up to 4 feet, their glamor blooms brightly  

Planting them in containers will make your balcony a garden of peace  

None of their parts spread allergy to people 

The Drawbacks

Cats need to stay away from them as their parts can be fatal to cats

Why Are My Peace Lily Flowers Not Turning White?

One of the white lilies variants is peace lily. But, at a point, your peace lilies may not turn white entirely and you can see green color on them.

The reasons of peace lily flowers not turning white are as follows –

• Placed in direct sunlight

• Excessive use of fertilizer

• Poor drainage system

The details of them are discussed below.

1. Placed in Direct Sunlight

Peace lilies do want sunlight but not the direct one and they bloom better in shade with indirect sunlight. So, when they get the scorching heat, their color changes to green.

2. Excessive Use of Fertilizer

Providing excessive fertilizer to Peace lilies can turn them green instead of white. It is because Peace lilies have a low demand for fertilizers. Moreover, applying them at the wrong time can invite this issue.

3. Poor Drainage System

Peace lilies want water but not with a poor drainage system as it makes the soil soggy and holds the moisture. This condition is bad for the lilies and takes much time to come back to white color.

Can White Lilies Bloom in Every Season?   

Answer: Yes, white lilies have the ability to bloom in every season. As the seasons pass, the lily bulb grows more flowers. The bulb becomes stronger and bigger with time and becomes a large cluster. Thus, more lilies are seen in the next season.            

Can a Potted White Lily be Planted Directly on Ground? 

Answer: Yes, a potted white lily can be planted directly on the ground. You can just prepare the soil and make a hole for placing the lily bulb. After taking the lily bulb out of the pot, simply place it in the hole and cover with soil. No need to cut any leaves or anything.    

What to Do if White Lilies are Faded?  

Answer: If white lilies have faded after blooming, they should be removed soon. Otherwise, seed pod production will continue and new flowers will take a long time to bloom. You can remove the faded lilies with your hand and be cautious not to harm the leaves or the plant.  

Final Thoughts

No wonder, discussing about white lilies also spreads peace, calmness and tranquillity in our hearts. Aren’t you feeling the same? We guess so. However, to make your garden an ocean of comfort, white lilies are the ideal option.

The above mentioned details of 12 types of white lilies will surely help you in selecting your favorite one. Moreover, planting various types will let you enjoy diversity and daintiness. Therefore, make yourself busy planting white lilies and decorate every corners with them. See ya!

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