[Solved] What Size Kubota Tractor Do I Need in 2023?

what size kubota tractor do i need

Making the decision of purchasing a Kubota tractor is undoubtedly praiseworthy as Kubota stands on the top for its well-maintained quality. You may face the confusion in selecting the tractor’s size.

Well, who hasn’t fallen into this dilemma?

But, what should you consider while choosing the size of Kubota tractors?

The considerations should be land or farm size, spare parts, bunch of jobs, efficiency of lifting, and affordability.

Only these won’t be of much help in your journey. That’s why I appeared with the solution of what size Kubota tractor do I need and the description of the sizes.

So, let’s get started without further delay.

Kubota Lawn Tractor Comparison Chart

It is needless to express how efficient and amazing tractors Kubota introduced in the market. As they have a vast variety, getting confused while selecting one is normal. 

Here I have collected the features of Kubota tractors and listed them for guiding you in making the decision. 

So, don’t forget to take a glance at them.

Key FactsT2090BRT2290KWGR2120GR2020GT2290KWT
Engine TypeBriggs and Stratton Kawasaki FR651VKubotaKohlerKawasaki FR651V
Horsepower 20 hp21.5 hp21 hp20.5 hp21.5 hp
Deck Size42 inches42 inches48 inches48 inches48 inches
Transmission Hydro-gear T3HDHydro-gear T3HD Kubota HSTKubota HSTG730
Travelling Speed 5.7 mph5.7 mph6.2 mph6.2 mph6.7 mph
Deck Drive BeltBeltBeltBeltBelt 
Fuel Capacity 3.6 gal3.6 gal4.8 gal4. 2gal3.6 gal
Rear Tire20×10 – 1020×10 – 1023×10.50 – 1223×10.50 – 1222×10 – 10
Front Tire15×6 – 815×6 – 816×7.5 – 816×7.5 – 816×6 – 8

Facts to Consider While Selecting a Kubota Tractor’s Size

Kubota has a massive variety of tractors and some exciting series with exciting features. As all their tractors are worth appreciation, anyone can get in the dilemma.

As for the size, it varies on the demand of many factors. Considering them is the wisest manner to reach the accurate size of the tractor.

Therefore, let’s move ahead to take a look at them.

1. Land or Farm Size

The most important factor to look upon is the land or farm size. It is because you need a tractor that will cover the area well in a short time and will leave zero room for complaints.

Any mistake in it is like getting a small tractor for a massive land and it is unable to do the jobs in time and properly.

However, small tractors are also preferred where your land has trees or other things. And, it becomes easier for the smaller one to go by them.

2. Spare Parts

Spare parts or attachments are mostly used in big farms or in construction sites and not every tractor owner uses them. For that reason, you must be sure of which spare parts you need for your purpose.

Go with that particular tractor and every tractor doesn’t have the same attachments. Moreover, small tractors will let you feel the need for attachments.

3. Bunch of Jobs

There are three types of tractors according to the bunches of jobs they do or are able to perform. One is the Sub-compact, a light-duty tractor. Second one is the Compact, a small to medium duty tractor.

The last one is the Utility, a heavy-duty tractor. These are ready to serve you with their different capabilities in completing several jobs.

4. Efficiency of Lifting

A tractor is much needed in lifting heavy loads of the farm or in any construction jobs. For that reason, you have to go through the lifting capacity of the tractors.

It lets you know which one can lift the regular amount of load in your working area. Go with the heavy-duty tractors for lifting the bulky loads. Small and medium tractors are better for lighter loads.

5. Affordability

Luckily, Kubota offers a wide variety of choices within their different series. As a result, you can match your budget with their tractors and see the features. Hopefully, you will get the compatible one within a budget-friendly price.

Kubota Tractor Series According to Land Size

You have already seen that land size is the biggest influencer in selecting the Kubota tractor’s size. Purchasing a bigger or smaller tractor than your land’s needs will be a wrong move for the entire farm or construction area.

So, go through the Kubota tractor series and their capabilities to match them with your land size.

1. Below 5 Acres

If you have a farm area of 5 acres or below 5 acres, it will need a small tractor of 20 to 25 horsepower. Kubota offers the B series that comes within 23 hp to 31 hp.

Another one is the BX series that has a horsepower capacity of 18 hp to 23 hp. Both of these are workable in doing small tasks of both farms and constructions.

2. 5 to 10 Acres

A land with the size of 5 to 10 acres falls in need of a tractor that is not so small or not so big. Also, it performs best if the horsepower remains within 25 hp to 35 hp.

Kubota has great options for this including the B series. Its TLB series has a horsepower of 23 hp to 59 hp and the L series has 32 to 60 hp. Don’t worry as both of them have variants available.

3. Up to 20 Acres

A land within 20 acres searches for a tractor that appears with 40 hp to 100 hp. Fortunately, Kubota has introduced the TLB and L series that you have already seen.

M series can be of significant help as it has a horsepower range of 45 to 130 hp. M5 series tractors are huge and have excellent horsepower of 93 hp to 110 hp.

4. Commercial or Massive Farm

For a commercial or massive farm or a construction area, bigger tractors are needed that have the horsepower capacity of 100 hp to 150+ hp. Moreover, they are much required for lifting heavy loads.

Kubota M series can assist you with the duties of such areas. MGX series is another one that offers 100 hp to 135 hp. M7 series tractors are built with 110 hp to 168 hp.

Is a 25 hp Tractor Enough?

Answer: A 25 hp tractor is enough or not depends largely on your lawn or farm size. But, it is always preferred buying a tractor at least 25 hp or above this range.

Is a 40 hp Tractor Good for 10 Acres?

Answer: Of course, a 40 hp tractor is capable of serving the needs of a 10 acres land or farm. Be cautious not to go below this amount as it will consume much time in completing jobs.

Final Words

It is needless to depict the efficiency of Kubota tractors as their fame is already spread in the market. But, buying a wrong size tractor can let you face many hazards while using it.

For that reason, make the best use of the tips included in the solution of what size Kubota tractor do I need. Hopefully, you will be able to get the suitable size of tractor your land requires.

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