Help! Why Troy Bilt Riding Mower Blades Won’t Engage?

troy bilt riding mower blades won't engage

Riding a Troy Bilt riding lawn mower is fun and effective in doing the jobs till the day its blades won’t engage.

Have you ever wondered why Troy Bilt riding mower blades won’t engage?

Well, the reasons are the bent condition of blades, idler pulley not moving, engagement lever not in place, defective PTO switch, and the battery is not charged.

The in-depth info of why Troy Bilt riding mower blades won’t engage are listed in the article with remedies.

So, stick to the article till the end.

Quick Overview: Troy Bilt Riding Mower Blades Won’t Engage?

For a simple way to guess the reasons, there is a table also with their perfect solutions.

Why don’t you take a look at it?

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Bent condition of bladesReplace the blades with new ones
2Idler pulley not movingChange the bearings or the idler pulley
3Engagement lever not in placeCheck the lever and set it in its position 
4Defective PTO switchCheck the wirings and change the PTO switch
5Battery is not chargedCharge the battery or switch to a new one

Straight Discussion: Troy Bilt Riding Mower Blades Won’t Engage?

Your Troy Bilt riding mower may seem useless for a second when its blades are refusing to be engaged as the blades have a great role related to each task.

However, you can fix the issue just by following the reasons and fixes mentioned in this section.

That’s why go through each of them.

Reason 1: Bent Condition of Blades

A common reason behind the trouble is the bent condition of the Troy Bilt lawn mower blades. It becomes a normal matter when you have used the mower for a long time and the blades have gone through a lot.

However, this situation also impacts the mower deck belt with excessive load than usual. And, with this pressure, the belt faces difficulty in rotating the bent blades.

Solution: Replace the Blades with New Ones

By noticing the blades a few times, you can see if the blades are bent or not.

Replace them with new ones ensuring the correct sizes. Also, take more care of the mower deck belt to engage the blades freely.

Reason 2: Idler Pulley Not Moving

The movement of the idler pulley decides the movement of the mower belt and this belt engages the blades. But, after a certain period, the pulley tends to get stuck and doesn’t move at all.

The bearings of it can get rust or dirt and they disturb the pulley in its movement.

Solution: Change the Bearings or the Idler Pulley

Inspecting the Troy Bilt lawn mower deck will show you if the pulley is stuck or not.

If yes, check the bearings and try lubricating them. Change the idler pulley if the bearings are still denying to move the pulley.

Reason 3: Engagement Lever Not in Place

The engagement lever has a duty in engaging the mower blades. But, it has to be in its accurate place, that is the lawn mower’s frame and connected with the idler cable.

But, if it is misplaced from that place, it can not help in engaging the blades.

Solution: Check the Lever and Set it in its Position

First, you have to check the engagement lever and match if it is in its position.

Then, place it in the mower’s frame and observe its actions. In case the idler arm is engaging with it, the issue is resolved.

Reason 4: Defective PTO Switch

A defective PTO switch is another noticeable reason that prohibits your Troy Bilt lawn mower blades from engaging. You may wonder how this is possible.

A faulty PTO switch is responsible as it gets bad and doesn’t work like earlier. But, if it is not securely connected to the safety switch, its function will go till the middle but won’t move forward.

Solution: Check the Wirings and Change the PTO Switch

Before you are on to change the PTO switch, I suggest taking a glance at its wiring connection with the safety switch. The owner’s manual will guide you in fixing this.

If it still doesn’t make any changes, step ahead to change the PTO switch. Install it by taking suggestions from the manual to avoid the wrong installation issue.

Reason 5: Battery is Not Charged

The battery of the mower with zero charge is a significant barrier in the way of the blades engagement. Let me explain it to you.

Most of the Troy Bilt lawn mowers have electric PTO that demands power from the battery to engage the blades. In case the battery is not receiving and providing charge, how can the blades engage?

Solution: Charge the Battery or Switch to a New One

At this point, charge the battery till it reaches the full charge and always avoid overcharging it. Do not let it go below minimum charging range.

Unfortunately, you have to switch to a new one in case it refuses to take charge.

What Size Socket for Riding Mower Blades?

Answer: To remove the riding mower blades, the standard size of socket is considered 15/16″. Apart from this one, there are more sizes available depending on the mower type and model.

What Size Nut Holds the Blades on a Troy Bilt Riding Mower?

Answer: On a Troy Bilt riding mower, the nut size is ⅝” and it can go up to 18″ that holds the blades. The nut size will decide what size of socket will fit it.

End Words

Anyone will agree that the Troy Bilt riding mower blades won’t engage is truly a tiresome matter. The rider gets busy thinking about where the wrong happened and brought about the trouble.

As I have discussed the reasons along with their particular remedies, you can fix it anytime. Be sure of the causes before you step ahead with any solution.

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