Help! Toro Zero Turn Mower Won’t Go Forward or Reverse?

toro zero turn mower won't go forward or reverse

Among the Toro mower issues, a Toro zero turn mower won’t go forward or reverse is a common one.

But, why won’t a Toro zero turn mower go forward or reverse?

The issue is caused by faults in the drive belt, no power from the battery, malfunctioning hydraulic unit, misplaced drive release lever, and issues in hydraulic fluid.

To take the Toro zero turn mower out of movement problems, the article has got your back. From the reasons to the remedies, everything is under one roof.

So, why don’t you jump in?

Quick Overview: Toro Zero Turn Mower Won’t Go Forward or Reverse?

The listed reasons and fixes of a Toro zero turn mower won’t go forward or reverse guide in quick inspection and determining the solutions.

Therefore, take a glance at the following table.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Faults in drive beltReadjust belt tension or install a new one
2No power from batteryClean the battery unit or get it changed
3Malfunctioning hydraulic unitRemove air from the system and let it cool down
4Misplaced drive releasePlace the drive release lever in its position
5Issues in hydraulic fluidAdd new fluid and maintain the level

In-Depth Discussion: Toro Zero Turn Mower Won’t Go Forward Or Reverse?

A Toro zero turn mower can carry different irregularities that hinders the mower from moving freely. Not going forward or reverse is a frequently seen example of it.

However, uprooting the issue is easier when you know the details of causes and fixes.

So, continue reading to get the trifles.

Reason 1: Faults In Drive Belt

The movement of a Toro zero turn mower is mostly dependent on the action of the drive belt. But, a misadjusted belt is of no work and causes new issues for the mower.

Over time, as it works, the tension of it gets loosened and thus, it falls off. Unfortunately, a bad or cracked or broken drive belt is a red flag for the mower’s movement.

Solution: Readjust Belt Tension or Install a New One

First, reach the belt on the mower deck and readjust its tension. Avoid excessive tension as it affects the belt. If the belt has no workability, install a new one.

Reason 2: No Power From Battery

A battery on a Zero turn mower not delivering the regular amount of power is a significant reason.

When dirt and debris attack the battery, it faces difficulties in taking charge or providing that. As a result, the deck belt waits for power but doesn’t get it and the mower stays still.

Solution: Clean the Battery Unit or Get It Changed

To let the deck belt receive enough power, inspect the battery unit. Release the dirt and debris thoroughly. Sadly, the replacement of the battery is a must when it stops working.

Reason 3: Malfunctioning Hydraulic Unit

A malfunctioning hydraulic unit can guide the mower in stopping to go forward or reverse. The issue includes an overheating hydraulic unit and air trapped there.

Air can get inside anyhow, but it influences the unit noticeably. From the hydraulic motor to the pump, everything is hampered.

Solution: Remove Air From the System and Let It Cool Down

The hydraulic system temperature will be controlled when you get the air out of the system. When you uplift the rear drive tires and they keep rotating, the air can get out of there.

Reason 4: Misplaced Drive Release

One of the common reasons is the drive release lever misplaced from its position.

Well, many of us make the mistake and look for the root elsewhere. Without the drive release lever in its fixed position, the Toro zero turn mower won’t move a bit forward or reverse.

Solution: Place the Drive Release Lever In Its Position

First, check the drive release lever and clean it. Because corrosion can let it malfunction. Then, place the drive release lever in its position and start the mower.

Reason 5: Issues In Hydraulic Fluid

Using the hydraulic fluid for an extended period is a common matter for many Toro zero turn mower owners. Well, they don’t know that the fluid becomes inefficient within this time.

As a result, they become bad and contaminated and affect the hydrostatic transmission components. Most importantly, due to their unworkability, the mower’s movement is barricaded.

Solution: Add New Fluid and Maintain the Level

As the reason is the quality of the hydraulic fluid, add new fluid after draining the current one. Be cautious to put it observing the fluid’s recommended level.

Why is My Toro Zero Turn Mower Not Heading Forward?

Answer: A Toro zero turn mower not heading forward can be a result of mismatched tire pressure and the malfunctioning steering. Defects in mower drive belt and spark plug and hydrostatic transmission can cause it, too.

Why Does My Toro Zero Turn Mower Run But Not Move?

Answer: A Toro zero turn mower runs but doesn’t move is caused by the broken drive belt and issues in the transmission system. The discharge chute not responding or the bent drive cable is sometimes found as the culprit.

Final Verdict

In the end, one matter is cleared that if the rider gets busy and forgets to take care of the Toro zero turn mower, it will undergo several issues.

If this continues, the Toro zero turn mower won’t go forward or reverse. That’s why after troubleshooting the Toro zero turn mower, take proper care of it.

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