How to Fix Toro Zero Turn Mower Starting Problems? Solved!

toro zero turn mower starting problems

Toro zero turn mower problems include the starting issues that are the most tiring ones. Calling them tiring because they give the rider concerning thoughts regarding the mower.

But, what are the common Toro zero turn mower starting problems?

They are the safety switch not working, mower just clicks without starting, issues in starter solenoid, ignition unit out of duty, and fuel lines in trouble.

Well, you don’t need to be concerned too early. Because staying till the end, you can meet the Toro zero turn mower starting problems and the fixes of them.

So, let’s not wait anymore and get into the article.

Quick Overview: Toro Zero Turn Mower Starting Problems

Before your attention moves to the detailed discussion, let me introduce you to the brief list of Toro zero turn mower starting problems and remedies.

Do check them out.

Serial            Problems                        Solutions
1Safety switch not workingClean the switch and fix its wires
2Mower just clicks without startingCheck battery and spark plug connections
3Issues in starter solenoidAdjust the wires or change the solenoid
4Ignition unit out of dutyClean the entire unit and the terminals
5Fuel lines in troubleClean the fuel lines or replace

Detailed Discussion: Toro Zero Turn Mower Starting Problems

The headache arrives when the Toro zero turn mower feels trouble while starting. There are several starting problems that occur in a Toro zero turn mower.

And, for that reason, I have discussed the most common ones.

So, go through each of them to learn more.

Problem 1: Safety Switch Not Working

The safety switch on a Toro zero turn mower is right under the rider’s seat. But, when it is not working, even if you sit, the mower doesn’t start at all.

A dirty and corroded safety switch is never to respond because all these prevent it from working. The wires of it are found bent sometimes which is a red flag for it.

Solution: Clean the Switch and Fix its Wires

After inspecting the safety switch, cleaning it is a must. Remove the corrosion carefully with much attention. Then, fix its wires from the bent state to normal.

Problem 2: Toro Zero Turn Mower Won’t Start Just Clicks

At a point, there comes an issue that the Toro zero turn mower won’t start just clicks. As it just clicks, the user assumes the engine may have become bad or something else.

However, the reason is the battery connections that get loosened. In some cases, the spark plug is also a culprit when it loses connection with the electric unit.

Solution: Check Battery and Spark Plug Connections

To erase the trouble and start the mower, you have to check the connections of both the battery and spark plug. From their wires to the joint in the electric unit, cross check them and set carefully.

Problem 3: Issues in Starter Solenoid

The starter solenoid is an electric component that guides the starter motor to turn the mower.

Unfortunately, the solenoid can become bad or have serious damage. Moreover, its wires sometimes tend to get bent or loose and thus, it doesn’t connect the motor.

Solution: Adjust the Wires or Change the Solenoid

First, try adjusting the wires of the starter solenoid and secure their connection with the electric unit and battery. In case the solenoid is already defective, change it immediately.

Problem 4: Ignition Unit Out of Duty

Ignition unit is a combination of the ignition coil and the ignition switch. Both of them start malfunctioning after catching an amount of dirt.

Also, the electric terminals of them can have issues in holding their continuity. Because corroded terminals are not at all suitable to flow power.

Solution: Clean the Entire Unit and the Terminals

To get the ignition unit back on duty, clean the entire unit. A thorough cleaning of the coil and switch can solve the problem. Otherwise, check the terminals and make them corrosion free.

Problem 5: Fuel Lines in Trouble

Residue clogging the fuel lines is a problem that appears so often. When you use the same fuel again and again without changing it, the residue from it is left in the lines.

Even dirt and not cleaning the lines can let it come up. As a result, the clogged lines can not flow the fuel to the engine.

Solution: Clean the Fuel Lines or Replace

Depending on the condition of clogging, the fuel lines can be cleaned. And, cleaning them is not at all difficult. But, if they are not cleanable, replace the lines soon.

Is Using Old Gas Bad for Starting a Toro Zero Turn Mower?

Answer: Unfortunately yes. Old gas is a barricade that is responsible for clogging the paths for fuel to flow. Because the old gas gets residue over time and leaves it everywhere in the fuel unit.

Why is Toro Zero Turn Mower Cranking But Not Starting?

Answer: A cranking Toro zero turn mower gives an extra headache if doesn’t start. Well, a disengaged spark plug is mostly the cause behind it. Due to its lessened amount of spark, the engine may crank but can not start.

Final Words

In short, the Toro zero turn mower not starting is a barrier for you to step ahead in lawn jobs. That’s why you must have the info of the Toro zero turn mower starting problems.

Otherwise, when the problems arrive, you may spend more time thinking about them than the solution. Luckily, the article has got your back by including the suitable remedies.

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