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toro zero turn mower problems

A Toro zero turn mower’s owner can get worried regarding its health when it gets attacked with several types of issues.

But, what are the common Toro zero turn mower problems?

The common ones are the mower refusing to start, steering having troubles, safety switch out of duty, mower leaving white smoke, faults in electric unit, hydraulic unit in danger, difficulty in moving, and leakages in fluid or fuel tank.

Only this much is not enough for you to detect or troubleshoot them. For that reason, the article is designed with the Toro zero turn mower problems and the efficient solutions of them.

So, make sure to stay connected till the end.

Quick Overview: Toro Zero Turn Mower Problems

To detect the Toro zero turn mower problems and decide the fixes in a quick but smart way, check out the following chart. 

Serial            Problems                        Solutions
1Mower refusing to startRefill the fuel tank, inspect and replace the fuel pump and spark plug
2Steering having troublesFix the tire pressure and connections, apply lubrication oil
3Safety switch out of dutyFix the wires or install a new switch
4Mower leaving white smokeTake extra oil out of the tank
5Faults in electric unitClean or change the battery and the ignition coil
6Hydraulic unit in dangerRefill the fluid tank and use new fluid
7Difficulty in movingAdjust the drive belt or change the tensioner pulley
8Leakages in fuel or fluid tankGet new fuel and fluid tanks

Solutions Discussion: Toro Zero Turn Mower Problems

What I experienced in my time was that the Toro zero turn mower problems were dragged by my silly mistakes. The ignorance I continued in maintenance or regular inspection of the mower is a handy way for them to show up.

Here I have discussed them in detail to tell how you should deal with the Toro zero turn mower issues. 

So, continue reading to learn them one by one.

Problem 1: Mower Refusing to Start

Toro zero turn starting problems are often caused by the irregular faults in a spark plug. A spark plug failing to offer the usual amount of spark is an obstacle for the engine.

In case the Toro zero turn mower won’t start just clicks, the fuel tank can be empty or the level of oil has crossed the lower limitation. If the fuel pump has stopped pumping, this is what occurs.

Solution: Refill the Fuel Tank, Inspect and Replace the Fuel Pump and Spark Plug

Toro zero turn mower starter problems should be repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise, the mower can stop starting completely.

You may wonder how to move a Toro zero turn mower that won’t start. Well, refill the tank of fuel to the required level. After inspecting the fuel pump and spark plug, replace them if damages are severe.

Problem 2: Steering Having Troubles

Toro zero turn mower steering problems are going to irritate you much. Because the mower doesn’t steer no matter how much pressure is given. Imbalanced tire pressure and loose nut connections are the easy ones to come.

Toro zero turn mower steering wheel problems are the most frequent ones as the wheel gets stuck. The reason behind it is the presence of less or zero lubrication in it.

Solution: Fix the Tire Pressure and Connections, Apply Lubrication Oil

Observing the Toro zero turn mower weak on one side, you should get started to inspect the tire pressure. Balance it with a few cross checks and tighten the loose nut connections.

After that, if the wheel wheel is in jammed condition, apply lubrication oil. Be cautious to see how much the wheel requires.

Problem 3: Safety Switch Out of Duty

Toro zero turn mower safety switch problems can let you worry about your safety while running the mower. When the switch gets out of duty, the notification of danger from it also stops.

Usually, a safety switch can have bent wires after a long time of serving. It can lose connection with the electric unit or the battery and therefore, lack of power can prevent it from working. 

Solution: Fix the Wires or Install a New Switch

Don’t ever ignore the defects in the safety switch as it is related to safety. So, check its wires carefully and set them as they used to.

In case you figure out the switch itself is bad, I recommend installing a new one. No avoidance to the matter of safety.

Problem 4: Mower Leaving White Smoke

Toro lawn mower blowing white smoke is certainly a serious event to get a headache. In case the engine oil level is much higher than the suggested amount, the oil can let the engine overheat.

The overheating can go to the maximum range. And, the matter ends at the conclusion of the engine leaving white smoke.

Solution: Take Extra Oil Out of Tank

Every Toro zero turn mower engine has a fixed oil capacity for the oil tank. Not balancing that can undoubtedly turn into a sudden threat.

That’s why you should take the extra amount of oil out of its tank. And, from now on, keep an eye on it while refilling it.

Problem 5: Faults in Electric Unit

Toro zero turn mower electrical problems include the battery that refuses to take charge or even if it charges, the power is not delivered.

The ignition coil can have the same situation since it is connected with the spark plug. When it gets clogged, the igniting capacity gets lowered. If it is bad, no ignition is performed at all.

Solution: Clean or Change the Battery and the Ignition Coil

First, take a brush and a dry cloth to clean the battery and the ignition coil.

If the battery is working at its old age, get an updated but compatible one. The ignition coil should be changed, too, if found faulty.

Problem 6: Hydraulic Unit in Danger

One of the common Toro zero turn hydraulic problems is the hydraulic fluid level out of least limitation. Due to it, the functions of hydraulic transmission are mostly hampered.

Another one is the sudden presence of air or gas in the fluid. And, because of the air, the production of bubbles in the fluid is a way to make the fluid completely bad.

Solution: Refill the Fluid Tank and Use New Fluid

Toro zero turn mower hydrostatic transmission problems can occur anytime and give the owner a backbreaking period.

However, to fix the issues, you should go through the fluid tank and refill it with a fixed amount of fluid. In case you notice bubbles in the tank, cleaning it evenly is a must before putting the fluid in.

Problem 7: Difficulty in Moving

A Toro zero turn mower won’t move can be caused by various types of issues. But, a Toro zero turn mower won’t go forward or reverse is mainly caused by the loose connection of the drive belt.

Along with it, the tensioner pulley is equally responsible. Because, due to it, the drive belt is experienced with injuries or ends up in a loose condition.

Solution: Adjust the Drive Belt or Change the Tensioner Pulley

After getting access to the Toro zero turn mower deck, go through the drive belt. Adjust it by taking a look at the instructions mentioned in the owner’s manual.

If it is still getting loosened or not performing as usual, something is fishy in the tensioner pulley. Change the pulley and adjust the drive belt with it.

Problem 8: Leakages in Fuel or Fluid Tank

A common problem of an old Toro zero turn mower is the leakages in its fuel or fluid tank.

Frankly speaking, both the tanks can quickly leak as soon as they get older. Because, the quality of them deteriorates with time and becomes easier to be injured.

Solution: Get New Fuel and Fluid Tanks

As I mentioned an old mower, you may get the query in mind about how to tell the age of Toro mower.

However, if you catch the leakages in the tanks red handed, only one remedy is effective in this regard. It is getting new fuel and fluid tanks for your Toro mower.

What Engine is in a Toro Zero Turn Mower?

Answer: In a Toro zero turn mower, Toro Commercial V-Twin engine is featured. It has the drive type of rear wheel and horsepower of 22.5 hp. The displacement range of it is 708 cc and comes with an air filter housing.

How Long Do Toro Zero Turn Mower Engines Last?

Answer: A Toro zero turn mower engine can serve for 3,000 hours to 3,500 hours on average. This lifespan is certainly praiseworthy for a zero turn mower engine. But, the deterioration of its efficiency is visible before it reaches the highest longevity.

End Note

In short, the Toro zero turn mower problems appear in an easier way to be solved. But, ignoring them for an extended course or not giving them much importance can drag the mower to massive threats.

Keeping that in mind, you should check them just after they start coming up and hindering regular jobs. So, make the preparations and get on duty to make your Toro zero turn efficient like before.

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