How to Fix Toro Zero Turn Hydraulic Problems?

toro zero turn hydraulic problems

One of the Toro zero turn mower problems is its hydraulic issues that can leave the rider disturbed. While riding the zero turn, the mower may face the hydraulic errors frequently.

But, what are the common Toro zero turn hydraulic problems?

They are the inefficient hydraulic fluid, injured hydraulic hoses, overheating hydraulic unit, air in fluid tank, and excessive dirt in fluid filter.

Toro zero turn troubleshooting won’t be completed just with this much info. The article has an elaborated discussion of Toro zero turn hydraulic problems and fixes.

So, let’s get started.

Quick Overview: Toro Zero Turn Hydraulic Problems

Before your attention drives to the details, check out the list of Toro zero turn hydraulic problems and remedies.

Serial            Problems                        Solutions
1Inefficient hydraulic fluidChange the fluid immediately
2Injured hydraulic hosesInstall new hydraulic hoses
3Overheating hydraulic unitDrain and replace the fluid
4Air in fluid tankClean and refill the fluid tank
5Excessive dirt in fluid filterPurify or get a new fluid filter

Solutions Discussion: Toro Zero Turn Hydraulic Problems

Toro zero turn hydraulic problems can come so often. And, Toro lawn mower troubleshooting demands the details of them to erase them easily.

That’s why go through the problems to fix them in time.

Problem 1: Inefficient Hydraulic Fluid

Using inefficient hydraulic fluid is a common mistake made by many users. But, we forget that the mower has a recommended type of hydraulic fluid compatible with it.

As a result, the wrong fluid won’t operate the hydraulic system and the mower faces the impact. Moreover, the mower components also get affected due to it.

Solution: Change the Fluid Immediately

Inspect carefully regarding the type of fluid you are using and the present condition of it. If nothing is to the point, the only option is changing the fluid. Do not run the mower before refilling new and compatible fluid.

Problem 2: Injured Hydraulic Hoses

Injured hydraulic hoses are a sign that they have served for a long time and become the favorite of injuries.

However, they tend to let the fluid leak a lot and flow anywhere, which is not at all good for the mower. As a result, the hydraulic system performs less but the fluid gets over too quickly.

Solution: Install New Hydraulic Hoses

You have seen that the leaking hoses can invite more troubles along with it. For that reason, you should install new hydraulic hoses rather than repairing them again and again.

Problem 3: Overheating Hydraulic Unit

One of the common hydraulic problems is the overheating issue of the hydraulic unit. Using bad or contaminated fluid is the effective cause behind it.

With this fluid, the mower components can not work well and continuous use of it raises the temperature of the hydraulic unit. Many issues can be generated due to it such as malfunctioning transmission shafts, rising fuel consumption, and so on.

Solution: Drain and Replace the Fluid

As the problem is directly related to the quality of hydraulic fluid, you should give it a check. Bad fluid should be drained thoroughly and replaced before newer issues tend to come up.

Problem 4: Air In Fluid Tank

The deteriorating quality of the hydraulic fluid can start when the air gets in the fluid tank.

Air is completely restricted from the fluid tank as it decreases the efficiency of the fluid. When air enters there, the fluid gets bubbles and gradually becomes weak.

Solution: Clean and Refill the Fluid Tank

While inspecting the Toro zero turn hydraulic unit, check the fluid tank, too. If you notice any bubble, clean the tank without any delay. Then, refill it with new fluid free from air.

Problem 5: Excessive Dirt in Fluid Filter

The poor performance of the hydraulic unit is sometimes an outcome of the clogged fluid filter. In other words, the fluid filter is jammed with excessive dirt and debris due to not getting cleaned.

When you forget to clean it, dirt and debris stays there all the time. Corrosion can come up and make it damaged.

Solution: Purify or Get a New Fluid Filter

In order to keep the hydraulic system workable, purify the fluid filter on a regular basis. If you find it clogged or defective, do not think twice about getting a new filter.

How Often Do I Need to Change Toro Zero Turn Hydraulic Fluid?

Answer: On a Toro zero turn mower, the hydraulic fluid should be changed after 1,000 to 1,200 hours of running. And, this duration is recommended by the manufacturer. Using the fluid even after this time causes hassles for the mower.

What if I Don’t Change the Toro Zero Turn Hydraulic Fluid?

Answer: If you don’t change the Toro zero turn hydraulic fluid, the fluid will become bad gradually. Because it has a certain time to remain efficient and after that, it is not usable. Moreover, expired fluid will badly affect the mower components.

The Verdict

In the end, I prefer paying extra care to the Toro zero turn hydraulic problems from earlier to solve them quickly. Otherwise, the more they live in the mower, they turn into more serious troubles.

So, apply the fixes according to the problem. And, if your Toro lawn mower won’t start, check out the article to start it again.

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