[Solved!] Why Toro Lawn Mower Blowing White Smoke?

toro lawn mower blowing white smoke

Toro lawn mower problems include the lawn mower smokes white, which is certainly a concerning one.  Because it gives tension about the mower’s internal components. 

But, why does a Toro lawn mower smoke white?

White smoke is the result of less air in the carburetor, overfilled reservoir, damaged piston rings, worn head gasket, and old valve seals.

Frankly speaking, a lot more are waiting for you in the article regarding the Toro lawn mower blowing white smoke.

So, why don’t you dive in without further ado?

Quick Overview: Toro Lawn Mower Blowing White Smoke?

The summarized concept of the reasons and fixes of Toro lawn mower blowing white smoke can guide you easily.

Therefore, take a glance at the following chart.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Less air in carburetorReadjust the carburetor
2Overfilled reservoirMaintain the oil level in reservoir
3Damaged piston ringsGet new piston rings
4Worn head gasketChange the head gasket
5Old valve sealsInstall new valve seals

In-Depth Discussion: Toro Lawn Mower Blowing White Smoke?

In my case, I was frightened to see white smoke coming from the Toro lawn mower. I thought something was burnt and it would be very serious.

Luckily, that’s not the case. As I have discussed the reasons along with the remedies, you can understand quickly.

That’s why continue reading to learn them.

Reason 1: Less Air in Carburetor

The carburetor working with less air is not at all recommended for a Toro lawn mower. Because it leads the white smoke to show up frequently.

Let me explain it to you. When the carburetor carries less air, the amount of fuel gets increased. And, the burning of the fuel with less air remains for a longer time and causes the white smoke.

Solution: Readjust the Carburetor

The only map to get the issue out of the mower is readjusting the carburetor. With the correct adjustment, it will receive the recommended amount of fuel and air. And, the white smoke won’t have a choice to stay.

Reason 2: Overfilled Reservoir

An overfilled oil reservoir is a quicker way to let the combustion chamber take oil in it. And, it is considered a red flag for the mower to blow white smoke.

Because, when a rider fills the reservoir with extra oil than required, the reservoir drains the extra oil through the relief outlet.

Solution: Maintain Oil Level in Reservoir

To avoid oil leakages from the reservoir, fill it with the exact amount of oil. You can check the owner’s manual to see how much oil the reservoir can carry. Thus, the white smoke will leave your mower.

Reason 3: Damaged Piston Rings

If your Toro lawn mower’s combustion chamber has fuel, the white smoke is obvious to show up.

The reason behind it is the damaged piston rings as they become inefficient with regular use. Consequently, their ability to keep the combustion chamber out of fuel becomes weak. 

Solution: Get New Piston Rings

To get the problem fixed along with the piston rings, nothing is workable than getting new piston rings. Because if you repair the rings, after a few days, they tend to leak fuel like before.

Reason 4: Worn Head Gasket

Worn head gasket is a common matter after a certain period of using the Toro lawn mower.

But, this gasket becomes an easier route for the cylinder’s fuel to attack the mower’s crankcase. And, when the crankcase functions with fuel, the white smoke is encountered from the mower.

Solution: Change the Head Gasket

Frankly speaking, worn head gaskets indicate the fuel cylinders are leaking seals. To erase the leaking issue of fuel, you have to change the head gasket. Otherwise, the trouble won’t leave the mower.

Reason 5: Old Valve Seals

The combustion chamber receiving a continuous flow of fuel is a threat for the Toro lawn mower to blow white smoke.

And, it is caused when the valve seals get old with time and it leads them to become weaker day by day. As a result, getting injured easily and leaking fuel is generated from there.

Solution: Install New Valve Seals

In the case of valve seals, nothing works better than their replacement. Because seals are for securing the path and repairing doesn’t suit in this regard. That’s why look for no other way than installing new valve seals.

Can a Bad Carburetor Cause a Toro Lawn Mower to Blow White Smoke?

Answer: Yes, a bad carburetor can cause a Toro lawn mower to blow white smoke. Because it won’t mix the fuel and air correctly and the engine won’t be compatible with it. As a result, white smoke can be caused by the bad carburetor.

Does White Smoke Mean a Bad Engine?

Answer: Not at all, white smoke doesn’t mean that. Due to the leakages of oil and the combustion chamber getting oil lead the white smoke and engine is not connected with it. Moreover, white smoke is not harmful.

Final Thoughts

If you ask about my opinion, I would say our silly mistakes and ignorance are responsible for Toro lawn mower blowing white smoke.

The reason clearly shows that due to the lack of regular maintenance, the issue is invited. For that reason, after fixing the trouble, make sure to maintain the mower’s health.

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