[Solved!] Fix Stihl BR 800 Problems & Read the Diagram!

stihl br 800 problems

Stihl BR 800 is well-known and pretty popular for its super-handy features and quality. Without any doubt, it’s a significant blower for the garden.

What is sadder is that it can face some issues with time. You must be thinking what are the most common Stihl BR 800 problems?      

Well, it can face problems like starting issues, damaged fuel tank, its performance deteriorates, engine stops frequently, debris in engine and carburetor, and detached throttle handle.   

Only knowing about both the troubles and their fixing methods will let you relax. Fortunately, I have discussed them in the article to help you.

So, let’s get started without further delay.      

Quick Overview: Stihl BR 800 Problems and Solutions

Having a shortlist of problems and solutions is undoubtedly a better way to make the best use of time.

Therefore, I have prepared one and you can take a glance at it to be more benefited.           

1Starting IssueWait and Turn it On Again and Again
2Damaged Fuel TankFix or Replace the Tank
3Its Performance Deteriorates Regular Maintenance 
4Engine Stops FrequentlyReplace Cylinder and Pistons  
5Debris in Engine and Carburetor  Clean Them Regularly
6Detached Throttle Handle  Place it Properly

Detailed Talk: Stihl BR 800 Problems and Solutions

When I experienced troubles in my Stihl BR 800, I had to suffer a lot figuring out the root. Gradually, I researched and realized that a few difficulties arrive frequently and they are the in-depth problems.

However, I understood the solutions, also. To assist you with them, I have listed them below in detail. So, let’s pay attention to learn them.               

Problem 1. Starting Issue 

This is the most common problem that every gardener or homeowner encounters. In this case, when you turn on the Stihl BR 800 blower, it makes a starting sound but stops. 

It happens if you use the blower after a long period. In other words, due to remaining unused, it gets difficult to start.

Even when winter comes and at the end of winter, cold weather prevents the engine from starting quickly.              

Fix: Wait and Turn it on Again and Again

This problem appears with anxieties but the solution is too relaxing. It is because there is nothing to worry about as the blower is perfectly alright. 

What you have to do is wait after turning it on. Then, try to turn it on a few times with a time gap. Hopefully, the engine will start in 3 to 4 attempts.            

Problem 2. Damaged Fuel Tank 

This one is a bit of a troublesome obstacle for any blower as the fuel tank and lines are its essential parts. When the fuel tank or lines have leakage, the blower’s engine does not get power to operate.

Also, the primer bulb can cause this situation as it can be worn out due to any accidents. No wonder, the blower is used harshly by many users.        

Fix: Fix or Replace the Tank

If you doubt your Stihl BR 800 has leakage in the fuel tank or the fuel lines are damaged, you should check them immediately. Otherwise, it will be too late to regret.

If the leakage is small and not so hampering, you can fix it easily. Unfortunately, if you find the damage is bigger, you have no other way except replacing the tank or lines.               

Problem 3. Its Performance Deteriorates  

After using the blower Stihl BR 800 for a particular period, you will notice a change in its performance. Though the changes are not so significant, they can lead to bigger ones.

You may notice that it is not blowing air like before or the speed of the air is not so satisfying. This situation occurs because of using the blower without regular maintenance or proper care.              

Fix: Regular Maintenance 

Regular maintenance is the key to every problem of Stihl BR 800 blower. I recommend cleaning the blower after every use to avoid dust and dirt.

Having no debris in the blower can be a true blessing to keep it healthy. Moreover, inspecting each part and unit every month is a must.        

Problem 4. Engine Stops Frequently  

Another mostly seen difficulty is that the engine stops frequently after operating the blower for a period. For example, you are blowing the Stihl BR 800 and suddenly the engine stops working.

In some cases, the engine starts again by itself after a few seconds. Otherwise, the engine does not tend to start by itself and you have to turn on the blower again. But, the engine can interrupt any time.                   

Fix: Replace Cylinder and Pistons  

The reason behind this issue is the cylinder and the pistons. It is because if the carburetor is having less or excessive air, the cylinder fails to work properly.

I found this issue and tried to fix it by inspecting the cylinder and pistons. But fixing them does not work well for them. That’s why replacing them with better and compatible ones is the best option.               

Problem 5. Debris in Engine and Carburetor 

Over time, you will observe that the engine of Stihl BR 800 blower is not operating like before. In other words, its efficiency is decreasing. The culprit of this barrier is dirt, dust and debris.

Certainly, the blower works with leaves and dirt and thus, the engine and carburetor are hampered. Dirt and dust lead to debris and it creates obstacles for the engine and carburetor.              

Fix: Clean Them Regularly

Not checking the engine, carburetor and air filter is an effective cause of this issue. You have to maintain cleanliness after every use.

Clean the carburetor and air filter according to their specific requirement. Grab a clean cloth to purify the engine. Debris should be removed carefully without harming any components.                   

Problem 6. Detached Throttle Handle  

You may use the blower too often to keep your garden clean and appropriate to spend spare time sitting there. As a result, the throttle handle of Stihl BR 800 can get detached gradually.

In other words, it occurs due to using the blower with less care and not inspecting the screws on a regular basis. Thus, the handle becomes loose and you may feel uncomfortable holding it.            

Fix: Place it Properly

In my opinion, you should go through the screws of the blower thoroughly every month. It is to avoid any major damage to the blower.

If you observe the throttle handle loosened, you have to tighten them. Use a screwdriver to do it and be careful about not pushing the screws or over-tightening. Hopefully, the throttle handle is placed safely.

Stihl BR 800 Parts Diagram

Anything  irregular in the Stihl BR800 demands a diagram to troubleshoot the parts.

Here you can get that diagram with details.

stihl br 800 parts diagram

While checking the parts, here you will see air filter (1), filter cover (2), screw (3, 10), warning note br (4), filter housing (5), bushing (6), and grommet (7). 

A few more components can assist you in discovering the issue. They are the cover (8), air guide shroud (9), intake baffle (12), spline screw (13), hose (14, 15, 16, 25), and fuel pump (17).

Some other parts are the pan head self tapping (18), hose clip (19), manifold (20), flange (21), sleeve (22), carburetor (23), choke knob (24), and gasket (26).

Is the Stihl BR 800 a 4 stroke?

Answer: Of course, the Stihl BR 800 is a 4 stroke engine that uses oil and gasoline to power up. Its displacement range is 79.9 CC.

How Does the Motor of Stihl BR 800 Burn Out?

Answer: The motor of Stihl BR 800 can burn out due to irregular maintenance of the blower. Thus, dirt and dust invite debris around the motor area. Moreover, if the power supply carries higher voltage than needed with an old capacitor, the motor can burn out quickly.         

How to Tell if Stihl BR 800 is Bad?

Answer: In most cases, Stihl BR 800 does not become bad too early. But with time, it can fail to work like before. If you feel irregular smells and weird sounds along with no airflow, the blower can be bad.

What are the Causes of Stihl Blowers Troubleshooting?

Answer: The causes behind troubleshooting the Stihl blowers are mainly the fuel tank with leakages, carburetor getting blocked, throttle handle needs adjustment, and the blower may not start as usual.

The Verdict

For having a healthy and enjoyable yard or garden, you have to maintain it regularly. Stihl BR 800 is a great tool in this regard. So, it is normal for you to get tense when the blower faces difficulties.

Luckily, you did a wonderful job by reading the article. From now on, you won’t have to worry about Stihl BR 800 problems as the solutions are already so effortless.

Wishing you an excellent garden, buddy!

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