STA-Green Spreader Settings Conversion Chart: Solved!

sta green spreader settings conversion chart

On a STA-Green spreader, so many settings options are there and of course, each of them are for different purposes. Proceeding without being familiar with them can be a wrong decision.

But, what is the STA-Green spreader for fertilizer and grass seed?

On a STA-Green spreader, set the dial to 4 or 5 for fertilizer and 4 or 4.5 for grass seed.

I guess you are looking for the STA-Green spreader settings conversion chart and you just landed at the correct article. Because everything is designed here regarding the chart.

So, why don’t you hurry and jump in?

Quick Overview: STA-Green Spreader Settings Conversion Chart

STA-Green spreader settings conversion chart is like a true friend when you step ahead to feed your lawn.

That’s why don’t forget to catch a sight of the chart.

Serial            ProductsSettingsAmount of Product
124 Hour Grub Killer Plus4.52 lbs/1000 sq. ft
224 Hour Lawn Insect & Fire Ant Killer3.251.2 lbs/1000 sq. ft.
33 in 1 Weed and Feed For Southern Lawn5
45 in 1 Weed & Feed4
5All in One Weed & Feed3.252 lbs/1000 sq. ft.
6Complete Brand Insect Killer For Soil2.51.15 lbs/1000 sq. ft.
7Fungus Control For Lawns3.752 lbs/1000 sq. ft.
8Complete Insect Killer For Lawns3.251.2 lbs/1000 sq. ft.
9Slow Mow Lawn Conditioner3
10Triple Action Lawn Fertilizer Plus4.5

Complete Discussion: STA-Green Spreader Settings Conversion Chart

Though the STA-Green spreader settings conversion chart is depicting all, a discussion of it can tell you more. It is because any wrong setting while spreading can lead to massive changes.

For example, excessive use of grass seed won’t let the grass seeds grow. That’s why check out the details of the products settings.

1. Weed and Feed

Weed and feed is absolutely an amazing product for making the grass healthy and as you want. But, the settings for it should be around 3 to 5 depending on which one you got.

2. Insect Killers

Grass is a favorite of insects and after applying the seeds, they come too fast. At that time, the settings for insect killers must be at 3.25 for grass and 2.25 for soil.

3. Fertilizer

Who doesn’t know the necessity of using fertilizer in the lawn?

To avoid using it mistakenly, set the spreader dial at 3 or 4.

4. Fungus Preventer

Fungus attacking the lawn makes it miserable to walk there. To prevent the fungus attack, apply the fungus control with the setting of 3.75.

5. Grub Killers

Grubs are not at all good for the lawn and most importantly, they eat the grass seeds. That’s why be cautious to spread the grub killers when the spreader is set to 4.5.

What is the Coverage Capacity of a STA-Green Spreader?

Answer: A STA-Green spreader has an area coverage capacity of 10,000 sq. ft. on an average. But, other models of it can have less or upgraded capacity than this one. But, for a home lawn, it is considered ideal.

When Should You Fertilize with the STA-Green Spreader?

Answer: Fertilizing the lawn using the STA-Green spreader should be around September or during early fall. Because the fertilizer seems to perform excellent if being spread within this period. Even grass seeds like to grow fast with it.

Final Verdict

Frankly speaking, looking at the lawn and enjoying the growth of its greenish vibe is something extraordinary. It has no competition in giving the homeowner a soothing and relaxing moment.

If you also want this type of joy, don’t forget to follow the STA-Green spreader settings conversion chart. Because these application rates perform so well and get the best outcome of your lawn.

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