Help! Spartan Mower Fault Code List in 2023 [Chart + PDF]

spartan mower fault code list

A Spartan lawn mower with the fault codes is not a pleasant matter to be ignored. Frankly speaking, knowing their indications is the first step to catch and solve the issue.

But, how to get the Spartan mower fault code list?

Reach the Spartan mower fault code list by checking the owner’s manual and looking for them on the dashboard or monitor while the ignition is running.

Well, though you can reach the list anytime, some fault codes need quick discovery of them. That’s why the article has everything on the Spartan mower fault code list and the definitions.

So, stay with the article till the end.

Spartan Mower PTO Fault Codes List

Enjoying the correct functioning of the PTO unit on a Spartan mower demands the unit to be free from troubles.

That’s why take ideas of the Spartan mower PTO fault codes list from the included table.

SerialFault Codes                        Meanings
110PTO clutch working with high current flow
213Shorts are noticed in the PTO and PTO wiring
319PTO wiring and PTO may have sudden shorts
425Current in thePTO is not regular
542PTO wiring is not functioning well
644Current flow is low in the PTO

Spartan Mower Battery Error Codes List

Many issues of the Spartan mower seem to be created when its battery catches errors.

So, to fix them easily, learn the meanings of the Spartan mower battery error codes list.

SerialError Codes                        Explanations
112Battery condition is not in a good state
214Battery connections require a checkup
317Battery is not functioning as regular
420Connections of battery can be misadjusted
521Battery unit demanding an immediate inspection
622Check the wirings of the battery
723Wires of the battery can have sudden shorts

Spartan Mower Electric Fault Codes List

One of the crucial units of a Spartan mower is its electric unit and you should never avoid its trouble codes.

Therefore, go through the Spartan mower electric fault codes list to get them repaired.

SerialFault Codes                        Indications
111Functioning stopped due to high flow of current
215Wirings of headlights can have shorts
316Shorts in deck motor and its wirings
418Shorts detected in fuel solenoid and starter
524System is running on way too much current
628Motor or the binding deck lift having issues
730Faults in internal units are observed
839Functions are barricaded due to internal faults

How to Check Spartan Fault Codes List?

Though you have got the indications of Spartan fault codes, you may need to check them manually. That, too, on the Spartan mower dashboard.

Don’t get worried so early as there are many tips for checking the codes:

The owner’s manual carry the codes with definitions

• Checking the Spartan mower dashboard after switching on the ignition can help, too

So, don’t skip and check out all the ways to get the codes.

Method 1: Owner’s Manual

If you ask me about the easiest way to reach the Spartan fault codes, I would suggest the owner’s manual.

Well, it comes with a list of the error codes with the indications of them. Not only this, the codes that appear only in your Spartan mower model are included, too.

I guess you already have it with you and if you have no access to it, the manufacturer can help you with that. Otherwise, another easy way is discussed below.

Method 2: Mower’s Monitor After Setting Ignition On

To get the codes, be cautious to set the Spartan mower’s transmission control lever and the brake in brake position. Another task is to ensure the ignition is on duty.

Now, go with the ‘reset’ option on your Spartan mower dashboard. Pressing it for a few seconds will get the codes with the explanations you are looking for.

How to Change Fault Code on a Spartan Mower?

Changing the fault code on a Spartan mower becomes essential and any mistake in doing it can lead to generating a new issue.

That’s why I figured out the easiest ways:

Reach the Spartan mower keypad

Fill in the present fault code

Type the new fault code

Read the details of them from the following discussion.

Step 1: Reach the Spartan Mower Keypad

First, you have to reach the Spartan mower keypad. Don’t get confused as you can notice it with many number keys and buttons.

Step 2: Fill in the Present Fault Code

Now, get the page for entering the Spartan mower’s present fault code that you want to change. The ‘enter’ button can help you with that.

Then, type the code and go with the option marked as “change code”.

Step 3: Type the New Fault Code

After that, a new page will come that will ask you to type a new fault code. After typing that, tap on the ‘enter’ option. For confirmation, you will be asked to tap the ‘enter’ option again.

How to Reset Spartan Fault Codes?

As you already know which code is for which problem, you may not face issues in solving that trouble. But, the codes may not leave so early but trouble you with their regularity.

However, at that point, you have to reset the Spartan mower fault code list. Do that by:

Connecting the diagnostic tool

Turning on the ignition key

Pressing ‘reset’

Turning off the ignition key

Now, let’s dive into their in-depth info.

Step 1: Connect the Diagnostic Tool

First, take your diagnostic tool to the Spartan mower. Search for the port somewhere around the rider’s seat or under it.

Step 2: Turn On the Ignition Key

After that, take the ignition key and rotate it to get it on duty.

Step 3: Press ‘Reset’

Now, take a glance at the diagnostic tool and go with its ‘Reset’ button. This is for resetting the error codes appearing on your Spartan mower.

Step 4: Turn Off the Ignition Key

Finally, turn the ignition key back to its off duty position. See, the process doesn’t even take a couple of minutes.

What Engine is on a Spartan Mower?

Answer: A Spartan mower can have any of the Kawasaki engines as Spartan prefers Kawasaki. The horsepower of the engine depends on the Spartan mower model.

What are Spartan Mower Electric Fault Codes?

Answer: Spartan mower electric fault codes are for letting you know that something is irregular in the electric unit or components. So that you can reach there, detect that and take actions.

Final Verdict

Though you can find the Spartan mower fault code list an irritating matter, it is much essential for the mower.

From getting to know about the issue on an earlier date to fixing it on time, the trouble codes are worth appreciation. For that reason, do not forget to note down the Spartan mower error codes list for further use.

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