[Solved!] Why Snapper Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off?

snapper lawn mower keep shutting off

One of the common Snapper lawn mower issues is the sudden stopping of the mower. Whenever the mower starts running, it tends to stop often.

But, why does a Snapper lawn mower keep shutting off?

The reasons are the insufficient sparks, stuck gas cap, low supply of air, imbalanced oil level and heat not leaving.

Luckily, the article is designed with the reasons of why a Snapper lawn mower keeps shutting off. Also, the details of the easiest solutions are included.

So, why don’t you get started?

Quick Overview: Snapper Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off?

As too many causes are behind the issue, detecting them gets tough. That’s why here is an attached list of the reasons and the way to fix them.

Therefore, continue scrolling to learn them.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Insufficient sparksInspect the spark plug or replace
2Stuck gas capClean or change the gas cap
3Low supply of airPurify the air filter
4Imbalanced oil levelRemove excessive oil or fill the needed oil
5Heat not leavingClean the cooling fins and readjust

Detailed Discussion: Snapper Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off?

I consider a Snapper lawn mower keeps shutting off too many times a frustrating matter. Because it invites different worries in mind regarding the mower.

But, going through the discussion, you will understand what to do after encountering the trouble.

So, make sure to catch sight of each reason and remedy.

Reason 1: Insufficient Sparks

Insufficient sparks is a barrier for the Snapper lawn mower engine to run.

When there is a loose connection in the spark plug, its production of sparks lessens. In some cases, dirt can hinder its procedure, too. As a result, the engine badly feels the lack of sparks.

Solution: Inspect the Spark Plug or Replace It

After inspecting, you will understand what the plug needs. Clean it thoroughly if dirt is present excessively and secure the electric connections. Replace it when it is injured or bad.

Reason 2: Stuck Gas Cap

A stuck gas cap acts as a preventer to the fuel in their regular flow.

It is because when the cap doesn’t work, the air inside the tank gets trapped. And, it creates a hassle for the fuel by not letting it flow to anywhere including the pump, carburetor or engine.

Solution: Clean or Change the Gas Cap

By taking the gas cap out, clean all dirt and corrosion leaving around it. Then, place it in its location. In case you notice zero changes, replace the gas cap soon.

Reason 3: Low Supply of Air

Low supply of air is another noteworthy reason for the mower stopping over and again.

It is known to all that air is also required to let the engine run. But, a clogged air filter won’t let the air get in, let alone filter it.

Solution: Purify the Air Filter

To inspect the air filter, get the air housing out of the mower. Purify it by observing the type of it. Because each type of air filter has a different cleaning procedure.

Reason 4: Imbalanced Oil Level

An imbalanced oil level refers to additional oil or less oil than the needful amount. 

Because, when the oil level goes up or down, several troubles tend to show up. Because less oil won’t run the engine and extra oil will leak to restricted places.

Solution: Remove Excessive Oil or Fill The Needed Oil

Now that you know the cause, get on duty to check the oil level. Drain the oil if it is extra than required and fill in new oil if the amount is not enough.

Reason 5: Heat Not Leaving

Heat not leaving the engine unit is a threat for the engine and it will overheat too early.

It happens when the cooling fins get misadjusted and stuck to one position. Dirt, debris and corrosion can force it to do so. As a result, they fail to let the air leave.

Solution: Clean The Cooling Fins and Readjust

By cleaning the cooling fins, the problem can be solved. After cleaning, be cautious to adjust them correctly in their positions.

Why Won’t My Snapper Lawn Mower Stay Running?

Answer: In case your Snapper lawn mower won’t stay running, the fuel filter must be clogged and obstructing the fuel to go. Even the air filter can do the same with air. Otherwise, check the carburetor to see if its mixing proportion is on point or not.

Why Won’t My Snapper Lawn Mower Restart After Running?

Answer: A Snapper lawn mower not restarting after running is likely to be caused by a clogged air filter. Due to the lack of air, restarting seems to get disturbed. Also, having less fuel below the lowest level can hinder the mower from restarting.

Final Thoughts

In case you ask about my thoughts on the problem, I would say it is the payoff of the owner’s mistakes. Because the more we neglect the mower’s maintenance, the easier it gets affected.

The same goes for a Snapper lawn mower keeps shutting off. However, following the fixes, you can certainly enjoy the mower running freely.

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