[Solved!] Scotts Wizz Spreader Settings Chart

scotts wizz spreader settings

Are you having trouble using your Scotts Wizz spreader?

Well, if you are a newbie or operating it for the first time, that’s a sure thing to happen. To be honest, many users face it as a Scotts Wizz spreader is pretty unique compared with other ones.

But, do you have the query that what is Scotts Wizz spreader setting for grass seed?

Scotts Wizz spreader prefers setting number 3 for grass seed. And, the Tall Fescue grass seed is a better choice to apply this setting.

In my opinion, you can not work with a Scotts Wizz spreader unless you are familiar with its settings. That’s why I have come up with the Scotts Wizz spreader settings and details of them.

So, don’t wait anymore and let’s start reading.

Quick Overview: Scotts Wizz Spreader Settings Chart

From preparing the lawn to grow seeds and taking care of them even after growing up, so many lawn product items are required. And, each of them come with unique settings preferences.

Therefore, go through the Scotts Wizz spreader settings chart to set them correctly.

SerialLawn ProductsSettings
1Tall Fescue Grass Seed3
2Weed & Feed4
3Weed Control Fertilizer3.25
4Crabgrass Preventer3.50
6Green Max Lawn Food4

Detailed Talk: Scotts Wizz Spreader Settings

I have already mentioned that the settings on a Scotts Wizz spreader are given for applying with diverse materials for the lawn. In case you move ahead to the proceeding without the knowledge about the settings, things can go worse.

It is because not each product is suitable in high or low amounts for the lawn and grass. As I had the same situations, I have discussed them widely.

Don’t forget to go through the discussion.

1. Tall Fescue Grass Seed

The Scotts Wizz spreader setting for grass seed is 3 and tall fescue has the best compatibility with it.

2. Weed & Feed

Spreading the weed & feed in the lawn leaves no room for praise. However, the Scotts Wizz spreader setting for weed & feed is 4 and it is recommended by the manufacturer.

3. Weed Control Fertilizer

The Scotts Wizz spreader setting for fertilizer is 3.25 and Weed Control is the highlighted product for this setting. Controlling the unwanted weed can let the grass spread their greenish beauty.

4. Crabgrass Preventer

The Scotts Wizz spreader setting for Crabgrass preventer is 3.50. You shouldn’t ever let the Crabgrass have control over your lawn.

5. Lime

Scotts Wizz spreader setting for lime is 3.50 and lime is a product that shouldn’t be dealt with carelessness. So, maintain the setting of lime on a serious note.

6. Green Max Lawn Food

The Scotts Wizz spreader setting for lawn food is 4. Putting excessive lawn food may become severe for the soil and therefore, cross check the setting of it.

What Type of Spreader is a Scotts Wizz Spreader?

Answer: A Scotts Wizz spreader is one of the Scotts handy spreaders. It is operated using the hand and mostly recommended for small lawns. It also has an EdgeGuard quality and the technology of HandyLock.

How Much Fertilizer Can a Scotts Wizz Spreader Carry?

Answer: A Scotts Wizz spreader is capable of carrying fertilizer in the amount that can cover a complete lawn of 2,500 square feet. Compared with others, it is the best option to spread the fertilizer in an easier way for a small sized lawn.

Final Words

I guess you know how to use a Scotts Wizz spreader but you are now more clear of its settings. Concerning matter is, any incorrect Scotts Wizz spreader settings can let your lawn and grass suffer a lot.

Also, all your efforts can go in vain if the amount of the product becomes harmful. Moreover, taking a look at the Scotts spreader settings conversion chart can clear your thoughts more.

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