[Solved!] Scotts Rotary Spreader Settings in 2023 +Chart!

scotts rotary spreader settings

It is quite known to all that Scotts have a wide variety of spreaders and each of them are different from one another. Scotts Rotary spreaders are one of them that are used mostly for massive lawns or lands.

Like their individualism, their settings are also unique from others. But, what is Scotts Rotary spreader setting for grass seed?

Go with setting number 16 on a Scotts Rotary spreader if you are about to feed the lawn with grass seed.

I guess you are in search of the Scotts Rotary spreader settings and fortunately, they are depicted in the article thoroughly with much detail.

So, make your journey till the end of the discussion.

Quick Overview: Scotts Rotary Spreader Settings Chart

You have already learned that a Scotts Rotary spreader works on different settings and if you have switched to it, they must be on your mind.

That’s why here I have attached the Scotts Rotary spreader settings chart. Why don’t you catch a sight of it?

SerialLawn ProductsSettingsAmount of Application
1Overseeding2735 g/meter
2All Summer Long1370 g/meter
3Pre-Seed First Feed3.535 g/meter
4EverGreen Autumn Lawn Care2740 g/meter
5EverGreen Shady Lawn Seed1652 g/meter
6The Andersons Humichar Organic Soil Builder

Complete Discussion: Scotts Rotary Spreader Settings

To be honest, no spreader can compare with a Scotts Rotary spreader as it has the ability to cover a large lawn in a walk. But, its affectivity is mostly decided by the correct use of its settings.

In case you rotate the dial to a wrong setting for a lawn food, that may get spread incorrectly in amount. That’s why, check out the following details of Scotts Rotary spreader settings.

1. Overseeding

Overseeding is mostly required if you have an old lawn as the soil doesn’t pair well with each seed. That’s why the Scotts Rotary spreader setting for overseeding is 27.

2. All Summer Long

The Scotts Rotary spreader setting for fertilizer is 13 for 70g per meter. You can have two passes if the lawn is much bigger than the spreader’s coverage capacity.

3. Pre Seed First Food

Pre-seed first food is an efficient way to feed the lawn soil and get it ready for helping the seeds to grow. Apply it with a setting level of 3.5 and spread 35g for each meter.

4. EverGreen Autumn Lawn Care

EverGreen Autumn Lawn Care is a popular lawn product for keeping the lawn healthy during autumn. The appropriate setting for it is 27 and the product amount is 40 g/meter.

5. EverGreen Shady Lawn Seed

The Scotts Rotary Spreader setting for grass seed is 16 and it should be spread in an amount of 52g for every meter. EverGreen Shady lawn seed is highly recommended in this regard.

6. The Andersons Humichar Organic Soil Builder

The Andersons Humichar Organic Soil Builder is a way to hold the lawn soil in a better condition. Spread it with a setting of 3¾ and set the dial to this number strictly.

How Much Does a Scotts Rotary Spreader Weigh?

Answer: A Scotts Rotary spreader has a weight of 19.75 pounds and it proves how strong the spreader is. The heavy weight doesn’t affect walking with the spreader. And, its spreading pattern is up to 6 feet, which is truly worth appreciation.

What is the Coverage Capacity of a Scotts Rotary Spreader?

Answer: A Scotts Rotary spreader can cover from 20,000 square feet to 25,000 square feet. This coverage capability makes it different from other conventional heavy-duty spreaders. It is mostly recommended for a large lawn or a big farm.

End Note

In my opinion, a farm owner or a homeowner with a massive land or lawn must own a Scotts Rotary spreader. Because it is more convenient and easy to operate when you know the Scotts Rotary spreader settings.

The outcomes are certain to leave you amazed and you are sure to become a fan of the spreader. Moreover, you can check out the Scotts spreader settings conversion chart for more info.

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