Scotts Elite Spreader Settings Chart: Solved!

scotts elite spreader settings

Using a Scotts Elite spreader leaves no room left for making any complaints as it is the best in itself. From covering a huge area to spread bigger amounts of products, it has zero competition.

But, how to calibrate a Scotts Elite spreader?

Calibrate a Scotts Elite spreader by ensuring the correct size of your lawn, calculating the product’s amount, and marking the lawn and filling the hopper.

However, if you are unaware of the numbers on it, you may fail in using it correctly. Luckily, you can meet the Scotts Elite spreader settings here according to the products type.

So, don’t go anywhere else and stay till the end.

Scotts Elite Spreader Settings Chart

A Scotts Elite spreader settings chart is much more efficient in understanding and remembering the settings number than a discussion without a chart.

That’s why you can get the chart just by scrolling below.

Serial            ProductsSettings
1Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed
2Scotts Ice Melt5 or 6
3Scotts GrubEx
4Scotts Weed Control For Lawns
5Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action
6Scotts Turf Builder Southern Lawn Food
7The Andersons Humichar
8Scotts DiseaseEx Lawn Fungicide
9Starter Fertilizer 12-12-12
10Scotts Moss Control Granules For Lawns
11Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard

How to Calibrate a Scotts Elite Spreader?

Sometimes, you can get confused regarding the Scotts Elite spreader settings and how much product to apply. To be honest, I had the same situation before I knew how to calibrate it.

By calibrating, you can know how much product to put in the spreader’s hopper for your lawn size. In this way, overspreading or less spreading can be avoided smartly.

So, continue reading to learn the steps.

Step 1: Be Sure of the Size of Your Lawn

What is the size of your lawn or land that you are going to fertilize?

Well, you have to be very sure of it because the product amount depends on the lawn size. Make sure to move ahead with this info.

But, for now, let’s assume it is 1,000 sq. ft. lawn.

Step 2: Calculate the Product’s Weight

You can not just put an average amount of product for the lawn. That’s why follow this procedure to calculate that:

(Lawn size/coverage of the product bag)×weight of the bag = required amount of product

Let’s just guess, the coverage capacity is 5,000 square feet and 20 lbs is its weight.

So, the calculation will be:

(1,000/5,000)×20 = 4 lbs

Step 3: Mark the Lawn and Fill the Hopper

Now that you have got the correct weight that your lawn needs, move ahead to the final step. Mark your lawn in 10 feet×10 feet divisions so that each part gets the product.

Then, fill the spreader hopper with the calculated amount, 4 lbs and start walking with it. Be cautious to be steady and ensure a balanced walk. 

What are the Dimensions of a Scotts Elite Spreader?

Answer: A Scotts Elite spreader comes with 23 inches of depth, and 19.75 inches of length. And, its width is 72 inches. As for the weight of this spreader, that is around 19.75 pounds.

How Much Can a Scotts Elite Spreader Carry?

Answer: A Scotts Elite spreader is manufactured with the capacity of carrying up to 80 lb, which is noteworthy. At a run, it can cover up to 20,000 square feet and for a farm or massive land, it is considered a great choice.

End Note

On the whole, a Scotts Elite spreader user must have enough knowledge of its numbers. Because, without them, the spreading won’t be of any significant use or the outcome may not be much satisfying.

However, you can follow the Scotts Elite spreader settings to get better results from your lawn as you want. For more info, you can check out the Scotts spreader settings conversion chart.

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