[Solved!] Know Scotts Edgeguard Spreader Parts Diagram

scotts edgeguard spreader parts diagram

Discovering your Scotts EdgeGuard spreader parts in trouble can stop the entire process of applying products. At that point, you have to have enough knowledge of its parts.

But, what are the major parts of a Scotts EdgeGuard spreader?

They are tube plug, agitator, hopper assembly, upper handle assembly, spacer bearing, gear box assembly, pneumatic drive wheel, wheel, and shut off plate.

Only their name won’t be of any use and you need the Scotts EdgeGuard spreader parts diagram to locate and inspect them. Fortunately, everything is described in the article.

So, let’s get started without further delay.

What to Catch Before the Scotts EdgeGuard Spreader Diagram?

The diagram of the parts is necessary but, recognizing the parts will be a step ahead quicker when you know their features.

Therefore, meet the Scotts EdgeGuard spreader specs one by one.

• Technology: Scotts EdgeGuard

• Product Holding Capacity: 15,000 sq. ft.

• Material: Plastic

• Length: 19 Inches

• Height: 22 Inches

• Width: 22 Inches

• Assembled Weight: 10.9 Pounds

• Type of Calibration: Pre-Calibrated

• Number of Settings: More than 25

Undoubtedly, Scotts EdgeGuard spreader is full of efficient qualities and made us speechless.

However, it is time to dive into its diagram.

Detailed Talk: Scotts EdgeGuard Spreader Parts Diagram

This diagram has the most common parts of Scotts EdgeGuard spreader that fall in danger quickly.

So, check out the Scotts EdgeGuard spreader parts diagram to know about them.

First, you can observe the control assembly (1), indicator broadcast (2), grip (3), wing nut assembly (4), carriage bolt zinc (5), tube plug (6), type A PHPS zinc (7), cotter pin SS (8), cotter pin zinc (9), hopper assembly (10), type AB HWHS zinc (11), and agitator (12).

Next components are the hopper bushing (13), upper handle assembly (14), carriage bolt zinc (15), lower handle (16), washer zinc (17), hex nut zinc (18), stand (19), nylon INS lock nut zinc (20), lower housing clip (21), and shut off plate (22).

As for the last parts, they are the PMT HD coarse black (23), impeller dished (24), axle (25), axle (26), gear box assembly (27), spacer bearing (28), wheel (29), pneumatic drive wheel (30), axle plug (31), type A PHPS black (32), wing nut zinc (33), and nut protector (34).

You have only met the parts positions but their functions are still unknown to you.

Continue reading to get the knowledge of their actions.

1. Tube Plug

The tube plug is for letting go the pressure that is created inside the tube through the plug.

2. Agitator

An agitator ensures the products are applied in a balanced and equal quantity.

3. Hopper Assembly

The hopper assembly allows you to put the products in it and it carries them while applying.

4. Upper Handle Assembly

Upper handle is for controlling the spreader in running it by pushing the handle.

5. Spacer Bearing

For keeping the bearings set in their accurate position, spacer bearing is required.

6. Gear Box Assembly

Operating the drive disc and a few other parts, the gear box has the responsibility.

7. Pneumatic Drive Wheel

A pneumatic drive wheel is for fulfilling the need of pressure that it creates inside it.

8. Wheel

The wheels are for running the spreader smoothly and spreading the materials.

9. Shut Off Plate

The shut off plate works with the impeller that broadcasts the products in the plate.

What is Scotts EdgeGuard Technology?

Answer: Scotts haveintroduced their EdgeGuard technology in the spreader which is for spreading products more evenly and equally. The coverage quality of it is worth appreciation.

What Kind of Spreader is EdgeGuard?

Answer: An EdgeGuard is a broadcast spreader introduced by the Scotts. It is super smart to use as its calibration is done while purchasing and performs much better in bigger spaces.

How Much Product Can a Scotts EdgeGuard Spreader Carry?

Answer: Scotts EdgeGuard spreader is capable of carrying products for up to 15,000 sq. ft. area. It doesn’t make capacity differences of products and holds them similarly. 

Final Thoughts

From now on, your Scotts EdgeGuard spreader can show issues but won’t be there for a long time.

It is because now you have the Scotts EdgeGuard spreader parts diagram, which will let you reach the trouble and fix it correctly. That’s why don’t forget to save the diagram for later.

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