Scotts Broadcast Spreader Settings: Try it Yourself!

Scotts broadcast spreader settings

Are you facing difficulties in using the Scotts Broadcast spreader?

Well, that is a common case as there are different settings numbers on the spreader. And, each of them has a particular preference for products.

But, how to use a Scotts Broadcast spreader?

You can use the spreader by knowing the product’s particular setting, rotating the dial on that and moving to the hopper, start spreading with a balanced walk and finally, cleaning the spreader.

I guess you are a newbie and aren’t familiar with the settings. Fortunately, the Scotts broadcast spreader settings are listed here with specific products and more details.

Therefore, continue reading to reach their niceties.

Scotts Broadcast Spreader Settings Chart

While using the Broadcast spreader, the best tool is the Scotts Broadcast spreader settings chart. Because it guides you with the accurate setting for the product you are about to spread.

So, take a glance at the chart and follow it accordingly.

SerialType of ProductsSettings
1Humichar Organic Soil Builder
2Scotts Lawn Builder
3Evergreen Cut and Feed5
4Grass Seed4 to 5
7Pelletized Lime5
8Fertilizer4 to 5

How to Use a Scotts Broadcast Spreader?

Having a Scotts Broadcast spreader is like following an easier way to keep the lawn healthy with green vibes. But, a new user may not be comfortable for the first time while using the spreader.

Well, that happens in everyone’s case. In case you are in the same condition, the process of using the spreader is described in this section.

So, why don’t you check out the step by step method?

Step 1: Know the Product’s Setting

First, make sure that you know the setting number of the product you are going to apply. You have already seen the list of the settings and the packet of the product carries the preferred setting info, too.

Step 2: Set the Dial and Move to the Hopper

Then, rotate the Scotts Broadcast spreader dial on that specific dial and set it there. Moving to the hopper, fill it with the accurate amount of product.

Step 3: Start Spreading with a Balanced Walk

Now, the perimeter of your lawn should be covered in the first run. Then, cover the other area with a steady and balanced walk. Do not run or walk too slowly as it can cause overspreading or less spreading.

Step 4: Clean the Spreader

In the end, if the product is still left in the hopper, do not leave it there. Take it out, put it back in the bag and clean the hopper and spreader properly.

How Far Can a Scotts Broadcast Spreader Spread?

Answer: A Scotts Broadcast spreader can spread for up to 15,000 square feet which is truly praiseworthy. Due to this capacity, the hopper of the Broadcast spreader is quite large to carry a noticeable amount of fertilizer, seeds or the other products.

What Do Numbers Mean on a Scotts Broadcast Spreader? 

Answer: The numbers on a Scotts Broadcast spreader are for the exact rate of applying a particular product. The numbers can vary depending on which product you are applying, the amount of it and the size of your lawn or land.

Final Verdict

Now that you have the Scotts Broadcast spreader settings, you can certainly make the best use of it. In my opinion, you should learn first rather than applying a wrong amount of products with an incorrect setting.

For that reason, save the article for later in case you forget the settings. However, a step ahead move is also having enough ideas of the Scotts spreader settings conversion chart.

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