Solved! Scag Turf Tiger Mower Belt Diagram

scag turf tiger belt diagram

Scag Turf Tiger belt seems to get love from different issues over time and it can be frequent after a fixed period. No doubt, as the Turf Tiger works so hard, its belt is a favorite of troubles.

But, there are a few types of belts and their sizes are also different from each other. And, their surrounding components also vary regarding the locations.

That’s why the article has designed everything about the Scag Turf Tiger belt diagram and the explanation is also included.

So, let’s not wait anymore and continue reading.

Scag Turf Tiger Belt Routing

Scag Turf Tiger belt routing depends mostly on recognizing the belts of the Turf Tiger mower. As there are three types of belts, you may get in a dilemma regarding which one to work with.

That’s why here is the Scag Turf Tiger belt diagram to complete its routing correctly.

scag turf tiger belt routing

The first one is the Scag Turf Tiger deck belt and its shape is worth noticing. It comes within 61 inches or 72 inches. Next is the Scag Turf Tiger pump drive belt (2) and its pulleys route the belt.

Then, Scag Turf Tiger deck drive belt (3) is also included. The diagram also has an electric clutch (4), idler (5), switch (6), seat switch (7), PTO switch (8), and the wheel motor (9).

The blades (10) in the article come according to the mower size. The last components are the deck roller (11), tire assembly (12), and tire (13).

Scag Tiger Cat Drive Belt Diagram

On a Scag Tiger Cat, the drive belt has an important role in keeping the mower run freely. Many parts are connected with it and you have to take proper care of them.

So, check out the Scag Tiger Cat drive belt diagram and be familiar with its parts.

scag tiger cat drive belt diagram

The diagram has the bolt carriage (1), bolt hex head (2, 12, 15, 20), key (3, 17), pulley (4, 19), pivot idler arm (5), bearings (6), idler arm assembly (7), flat washer (8), hex nut (9), mounting bracket (10), and flange hex head nut (11).

More components are noticeable including the cap screw (13), spring (14), hub (16), drive belt (18), spring anchor bracket (21), pulley (22), idler pulley (23), idler spacer (24), and quick pin (25).

Scag Tiger Cub Drive Belt Diagram

Riding a Scag Tiger Cub depends mostly on the health condition of its drive belt. Without its regular functioning, riding the Tiger Cub may seem much more difficult.

Keeping that in mind, go through the Scag Tiger Cub drive belt diagram to inspect it accurately.

scag tiger cub drive belt diagram

The diagram shows the key (7), drive belt (8), and pulley (9). Moving forward, you can notice the flat washer (10), pulley (11), and the hub (12).

The next components around the drive belt are the bolt (13), idler spacer (14), bearing (15), bolt (16), spindle (19), hex head bolt (29).

Scag Turf Tiger 2 Belt Diagram

A Scag Turf Tiger 2 has a drive belt and a deck belt and none of them are less essential. Keeping them on duty is a must for the actions of the entire equipment.

So, don’t forget to take notes from the Scag Turf Tiger 2 belt diagram.

scag turf tiger 2 belt diagram

There are two belts in the diagram and let me introduce you with the parts.

The diagram is illustrating the rod assembly (4), clutch (6), deck drive belt (7), spring (8), idler pulley (9), tapered hub (10, 12), tapered pulley (11), pump drive belt (13), pulley (14, 15, 20), spacer (16), and the key (17).

More components are the ball bearing (18), idler arm weldment (37), flat washer (41, 64), pin (42), serrated flange nut (45), washer (52), and the hex head bolt (54, 59, 60, 65, 66).

The last ones are the center lock nut (56), elastic stop nut (58), lock washer (61, 63), bolt hex (62), and the key (72, 73).

Scag Turf Tiger 52 Inch Deck Belt Diagram

In case your Scag Turf Tiger has a 52 inch deck belt, it can have slightly a separate view of parts than others. As I said earlier, different sizes of the belt affect the locations of its parts.

For that reason, catch a sight of the Scag Turf Tiger 52 inch deck belt diagram.

scag turf tiger 52 inch deck belt diagram

From the diagram, you can find the serrated flange nut (3), nut (14), flat washer (21), hex head bolt (28), elastic lock nut (29), hex head bolt (31), and the neutral ball bearings (49).  

In this unit, you are also going to meet the idler arm assembly (50), short idler pivot (51), tapered hub (53), flat idler pulley (54), hex head bolt (55), pulley (56), and the deck belt (65).

What Engine is in a Scag Turf Tiger?

Answer: A Scag Turf Tiger lawn mower comes with a Kawasaki 791DFI engine that has a digital fuel injection system. The fuel efficiency of this engine is already noticed by the users and the running quality is truly praiseworthy.

How Much Does a Scag Turf Tiger Weigh?

Answer: A Scag Turf Tiger has the weight of 1,418 lbs to 1,486 lbs if it is a 52 inches one. In case you got the 72 inches Turf Tiger, its weight will be around 1,556 lbs to 1,739 lbs. So, the size of the mower affects the weight of it.

The Verdict

Finally, let me remind you for a last time that the performance of your Scag Turf Tiger depends mostly on its belts. Without them and their maintenance, the Scag mower may fall into difficulties.

For that reason, check out the Scag Turf Tiger belt diagram again to find the suitable one for your mower. Following the diagram, be sure to troubleshoot the belt and its components carefully. Hopefully, the issues will certainly leave the belt.

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