[Solved!] How to Reset a GE Universal Remote?

how to reset a ge universal remote

After the GE universal remote setup, you may need to reset the GE universal remote. Several situations can let you feel the need to reset the remote.

You may think that the procedure is not easy at all. Well, that’s not true. So, how to reset a GE universal remote?

Reset the remote by following three methods: (1) Go with the ‘mute’ option, (2) Remove the batteries, and (3) Select the ‘Setup’ option.

I can assume that you are not unable to hold the patience. Luckily, the map of how to reset a GE universal remote is described here with each detail.

So, continue reading and stay till the end.

Process of Resetting a GE Universal Remote

Resetting a GE universal remote has a noteworthy number of benefits. And, at a point, resetting is left the only option to improve the remote’s performance. But, the process is not so backbreaking as others describe.

Frankly speaking, there are many ways to do it and I have listed a few of them. Depending on the process, it may take some minutes in resetting the GE universal remote.

Therefore, go through the methods to reset the remote.

Method 1: Go With the ‘Mute’ Option

This is one of the easiest methods of resetting a GE universal remote. The process takes one or two minutes and completes the resetting successfully.

So, check out the detailed steps.

Step 1: Press the ‘Setup’ Key

To start the procedure, go with the ‘setup’ key. Press and hold it with some patience. Leave it when the round indicator turns into a red light and make sure it stays on.

Step 2: Press the ‘Mute’ Key

Then, look for the ‘mute’ key in the remote and press it. After holding the pressure on it for a few seconds, release the key.

Step 3: Hold the 0 (Zero) Key

In the last step, deal with the numeric key 0 (Zero) by pressing it for a couple of moments. Finally, leave the key and see, the remote has been reset.

Method 2: Remove the Batteries

If you ask for a simpler method, I would mention the power recycling process. This is for restoring the remote functions to the earlier stage.

Therefore, take a glance at the niceties.

Step 1: Take the Batteries Out

The batteries on a GE universal remote are placed on the back side of it. And, covered with a cover. Remove that cover and take the batteries out.

Step 2: Press All Buttons

Now, go one by one and press all buttons of your GE universal remote.

Step 3: Let the Remote Rest

Then, press the numeric key ‘1’ and hold that pressure for at least 1 minute.

Step 4: Reinstall the Batteries

Finally, take the batteries and place them back in their chamber. And, check the remote after covering them up.

Method 3: Select the ‘Setup’ Option

You know that ‘Setup’ is mostly used for programing or setting up the remote. But, it can also be used in resetting the remote.

Go through the steps to see how to do it.

Step 1: Pressurize the ‘Setup’ Key

Reach the ‘Setup’ key and press it for a few seconds. As soon as the remote light comes, release it.

Step 2: Tap Anyone of ‘Mute/OK’

For a few seconds, tap and hold either ‘Mute’ or ‘OK’. Be cautious selecting only one of them.

Step 3: Press the ‘0’ (Zero)

Now, go with the numeric key ‘0’ (zero) and hold it till the red light comes on two times.

Step 4: Reinstall the Batteries

Finally, take the batteries out and set them back after a few minutes. Hopefully your GE universal remote is reset successfully.

Why Do I Need to Reset My GE Universal Remote?

Answer: Resetting the GE universal remote becomes essential when its buttons don’t respond or malfunction and it carries bugs while functioning. The resetting develops the responding capacity of the remote and the trouble of the remote stopping suddenly.

How Do I Fix a GE Universal Remote Not Working?

Answer: To fix a GE universal remote, tap on ‘shift’ option or ‘setup’ and the arrow options after releasing them. In case it doesn’t work, clean the batteries and their terminals. Then, finally program the GE universal remote like you did before.

The Verdict

You have already learned that resetting the remote is a way to enjoy its features like earlier. After doing it, the remote will feel like a new one giving better service.

However, I guess now you are not confused regarding how to reset a GE universal remote. To reprogram the remote after resetting, go through the GE universal remote codes to find the one fixed for your device.

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