Types of Red Apples: Which Type is Most Important?

types of red apples

An apple a day keeps doctor away. Who do not love apple? We all do. With its different types and varieties, red apple seems to acquire first spot in our mind.

Yes, your favorite apple do have several varieties. But, have we ever thought of knowing their varieties? We guess not everyone does that. Luckily, we are emphasizing knowing the vast diversity of red apples as your well-wishers.   

As there are a lot of apples, you must be wondering, which are the tastiest types of red apples?

All kinds of red apples are tasty and tempting but among them the best ones are Fuji, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, Gala, Red Delicious, Pink Lady, Jonagold, and Golden Delicious. These apples deserve the first position on your diet chart.   

Delicious, right? Well, let’s not quick to judge. Come, have a look at the different types of red apples and gain a detailed insight about them.      

Why Should You Know the Varieties of Red Apples? 

Well, why you have to know about this plethora of types of apples?

To be honest, knowing the varieties of red apples is essential for selecting which apples you need. As all are uniquely tasty, you need to choose the best apple according to your taste.              

For instance, you like sweet apples and you can find them effortlessly if you know their species. Otherwise, you may end up picking up a tart or less sweet apples.

Making dishes with apples like pies, cake, salad, etc. also depends on the taste of the apples. Moreover, the texture decides if the apples can be used in baking or not.  As a result, without right you might mess things up, honey!

Even different apples tend to have different health benefits. Such as, some apples are good for the heart and the other are best known for the diabetes. 

Most importantly, the apple variety will decide on storing the apples and the duration. If you know it from earlier, no rotten issues will occur. 

Don’t you think this is enough reason for knowing the varieties? So, shall we begin our journey.                

17 Types Of Red Apples

Huge number of red apples are being harvested every year. Not only they are vast in quantities but also, they arrive at various types. Undoubtedly, they are all yummy! 

Among these variances, many apples have greater taste than others. While the rest may have diversified health benefits. Even, some of them are suitable for delicious delicacy like pies and cakes.

organic fresh red apples

For this, as a fruity person, you might get confused what to have and what not. Thus, this extensive red apple species will fulfill your appetite forever.

Wanna take a look? Go for it!

Type 1: Fuji Apples

No wonder Fuji apples is the most favorite and lovable apples of all kind. Surely, you have heard of it. From taste to health benefits and fruity flavors, it has all sorts of luxury.

If you speculate it to be unsuitable for baking, you’re wrong, friend! The reality is twisted. Fuji apples are exceptionally suitable for baking, no less than crisps.

Even, the Fuji apples have juicy types. No wonder, they serve best as beverages, sauces, and savory dishes. However, this quality makes them rich in fiber and which helps to relief constipation.    

Moreover, their flavor is perfect for adding to any dish. It’s sweet tongue-ticking tastes is always appreciated. You can’t get enough of this.

So, let’s have a look why people are loving these.

What’s Good

Rich in flavonoids that prevents cancer

Reduces cholesterol 

Can store for 4 to 5 months

The Drawbacks

Over drinking Fuji apple juice can cause diabetes as these apples are very sweet.  

Type 2: Granny Smith

Granny Smith apples are a celebrated species of tart apples. These are favorites
of the people who like to taste different flavors and do not like sweets.

These apples originated in Australia by Marie Ann ‘Granny’ Smith. By using it to
cooking and salad, this simple lady has promoted this apple type to an extreme
popularity. No wonder, many people know Granny Smith as the “real” apple
when they imagine.

Not only does it created buzz with its famous texture, but they also create the
best combination of flavor with sweet apples and anyone will certainly
remember the taste of the pie.

Doctors suggest Granny Smith apples for decreasing the chance of heart
disease. Moreover, anyone with a digestion problem can get relief from having
these apples.

In reality, it is not hard to identify it. The sharp taste, green color of the fruit and
the pink to white leaves are the sole commentators for the existence for the
Granny Smith.

What’s Good

Carries vitamin C and boosts the immune system 

Good for eye health

Can be stored for up to 5 months

The Drawbacks

You cannot have it as a salad or apple nachos. 

Type 3: Honeycrisp

Are you looking for an apple with a combination of diverse flavors? Well, have you tried honeycrisp?

Honeycrisp apples can be your perfect choice as they are both crispy and juicy, also sweet and tart. The perfection of both worlds!

Their color is no less exciting than their taste – a combination of red and light green. You can see sometimes pinkish color on the body. It is also as sweet as the syrupy flavor. 

These are developed in Minnesota, America, and are certainly, a favorite flavor of most Americans. Thanks to the genome engineering which gifted us this apple through cross breading. 

Without a question, these apples can go with any savory dish and do not change the taste of other ingredients. Fruit salads are the best place to add Honeycrisp apples. Even in making snacks and sauces, they perform well.     

What’s Good

Perfect for producing apple cider 

Stays fresh in storing for 3 to 4 months

The Drawbacks

They tend to be costly for their specific way of tempering.  

Type 4: Gala Apples

Gala apples are a new taste of sweetness and hardy texture apples since the ’70s. Till now, consumers like their taste like before. 

Identifying g them is not so hard, dear. Their shape is taller and thinner. They are combined in red and a light-yellow color. Their body is vertically striped and mottled with rough texture.  

As they are extremely delicious to eat raw, fresh ones are most preferred. Their sweet flavor can even beat the sweetest sweets of the worlds.

Apart from that you can also serve them in fruit salads. They add a level-up flavor to chutneys too. You can try them with caramel and cheese to see the magic. 

Most importantly, these apples have really helpful health benefits. Among them the well-known ones are balancing inflammation, keeping teeth and bones strong, and preventing cold diseases.  

What’s Good

They carry both sweetness and floral aroma 

They have a balanced amount of vitamin A, C, and K 

Easy and simple to store for 1 to 3 months

The Drawbacks

Excessive consumption can raise blood sugar

Type 5: Red Delicious 

Red Delicious apples are pretty red colored and look stunning at a glance. Not to mention, their taste is like their appearance, unique from other apples.  

Their taste varies a lot and that’s why we even admit that they have a mixed and mild flavor. The crispiness is their texture type.

Surprisingly, they are regarded best for eating as snacks and fruit salads. Producing apple cider from Red Delicious apples is worth mentioning for adding extraordinary flavor.   

We recommend you try some Red Delicious apple sauce as the outcome tastes pretty delicious like its name. Moreover, you can garnish them on dishes.                  

What’s Good

They have a specialty to be consumed in many ways   

Suitable to be stored for 3 to 4 months

The Drawbacks

They cannot be applied in cooking

Type 6: Pink Lady

Pink Lady, another tasty delight, have a combination of unique tastes. In starting you will feel tart and in ending a sweet flavor. The absolute delicacy for you. These apples were developed in Australia in the ’70s.

They also carry an acidic flavor that adds a brown shade to the slices after a long period. For this reason, they are loved by literally everyone.

Shopkeepers sell these apples as Cripps when they have inaccurate amounts of acid and sugar. You can have these as snacks, baked pies, and mostly in salads.

Pink Lady apples will boost the taste of any mixed fruit bowl.      

What’s Good

Easy to be found earlier than other apples 

They remain well for up to 4 months being stored

The Drawbacks 

Overeating the apples may harm the enamel of teeth

Type 7: Jonagold

Jonagold apples are truly a gold. Yes, the name says it all. They were developed in New York in 1953. Therefore, you can guess their age. But their taste did not get older, dear.

They taste noticeably sweet but a bit of tartness peeps through the sweetness. This pair of flavors is truly amazing and tempting. Plus, their size is larger than other seasonal apples.     

Having Jonagold apples will let your body consume antioxidants to fight against diseases. You can make the honey crust, juice, apple pies, apple cider, salad, and crisp using these apples. 

What’s Good

They are considered a perfect match for apple pies 

They remain authentic for 2 to 3 months in storing 

The Drawbacks

They are available for a shorter time than other apples as their season is not long.   

Type 8: Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious apples are more delicious than their names. They were revealed in Virginia in the 19th century. Assuredly, they one of the archaic and significant species of apples.

Their taste and healthcare are more significant than their age. The sweetness you will get from them will melt your heart. Their texture is also worth mentioning.    

Their flavor keeps balanced when you put them in any dish and they do not replace the real taste of that dish. These apples are easily converted into a sauce, apple cider, salads, and fresh juice.          

What’s Good

Compatible with almost all recipes

They put extra sweetness into desserts

Store them effortlessly in your home for 3 to 4 months

The Drawbacks 

Consuming the seeds in exceeding numbers can invite illness to the stomach  

Type 9: Braeburn Apples

Braeburn apples are from New Zealand, found in 1950. No doubt, they are old enough but their identical taste is still different from others.

They will attract you with their polished body of yellow and striped red color. Their sweetness and tartness combination stays imbalanced. Thus, they prepare the pies, juice, and fruit salad with a mixed taste.          

Their firm texture keeps them sturdy in flavor while baking a cake or a pie. Thus, anyone can make a specific flavored cake using these apples.         

While storing them in the refrigerator, do not forget to make some holes in the polythene bag. Thus, any rotten issues will be reduced for a longer time.    

What’s Good

Advantageous to baking pies

Will remain fresh for 3 to 4 months

The Drawbacks

Additional tartness or sweetness can be fatal to health  

Type 10: Empire Apples

In the empire apples they have been ruling the species of the entire red apples from the 20th century. Totally lovable and a appetizing apples that you will ever meet.

Their skin is dark red colored, which indicates their sweetness. In some cases, they carry a bit of a light green color. 

We found their taste sweet from the upside and a little tartness from the downside. Isn’t it an excellent combination?

Moreover, they are pretty efficient in holding their taste in any dishes like salads, juice, pies, and even in cakes. But, give a thought before mixing them in any savory dish.           

What’s Good

The taste is ideal for a kid’s lunch box.  

Their oxidation process takes time and thus, they remain fresh for a longer period.  

The Drawbacks 

Their duration of storing is not appreciated because they do not respond to the refrigerator temperature for a longer time.      

Type 11: Winesap Apples

Winesap apples are mostly used for making apple wines and their name tells it all. However, their taste is a combination of sweetness and tartness. But, the sweet level stays up more than the tartness.

Their body color is another fact to mention as they have a dark red blush and yellow-green lightness. We are already imagining its look.           

They are rich in vitamins, minerals, iron, zinc, and so on. In case of their usage, try making cider, mixing fruit bowls, and serving with nut butter or cheese. They become tasty as pies, baked muffins, and crisp.    

What’s Good

Affluent in vitamin K and heals any wound in a faster way  

Supplies potassium that keeps fluid level balanced  

Longer storage duration for up to 5 months 

The Drawbacks 

Consuming too much can increasing diabetes    

Type 12: Hidden Rose

Hidden Rose apples have body colors like red roses and a splash of yellow color along with a white tint. Their origin is in the USA and they are found mostly in October and November.

These apples are an example of balanced sweetness, tartness, crispiness, and juiciness. Their texture is like their taste, not too soft and not too firm. Thus, they are preferred for almost every way of consumption.

Try spreading their garnishes on any savory dish and taste the excellent outcome. Eating them raw is what we recommend as their taste is assuredly top-notch.

However, make pies and cakes out of them and some crisps too. Your cooking skill will rise high.                      

What’s Good

They taste awesome after being baked

Calcium assists the teeth and bones to be stronger

Fiber maintains the digestion system 

The Drawbacks

Their storage duration is only 1 month, which is very short than other competitive apples   

Type 13: Envy Apples

Envy apples have a different body of touch of pale off-white color with the mixture of reddish beauty. Originating from New Zealand, they have become part of the culture and tradition with its tangy flavors.

They are sweet and carry a lower acidity level. In their ripping period, they add a flowery flavor to the taste. Get ready to make pies and desserts with these apples as they hold their flavor strongly.

However, let’s not forget they are great for preparing dried apple snacks like crisps. Moreover, making an apple smoothie after peeling them off will certainly refresh you. 

What’s Good

Their tough and firm texture makes them crispier while fresh eating 

They can stand on their freshness for up to 3 months in refrigerator storage  

The Drawbacks

They are avoided from mixing in cooking for their tough skin that takes a long term to melt  

Type 14: Lady Alice

Lady Alice apples are one of a kind, taking us back to the childhood fantasy of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. This fantastic delicacy was discovered by bee pollination in Washington, USA. The best time for enjoying them is February to May and in March, they taste awesome.

These apples are regarded as elegant with red and yellow color. Sometimes, you might find the yellow color fading to a cream color. Their taste is quite similar to their color. They are sweet and you will feel tartness in the end. 

Thus, these are also best for decorating fruit bowls or salads. Putting some slices of these in oatmeal will boost the taste. No need for adding extra sugar.

Moreover, they blend well with juices and milk in making smoothies. Get ready to chill sweetness, especially in the months of February to May.

What’s Good

They have vitamin A, which balances the organ procedure of health

They keep up the fresh taste till 3 months in storage 

The Drawbacks

Selecting firm and thick Lady Alice apples won’t be compatible with cooking dishes     

Type 15: Hyslop Crabapple 

Hyslop Crabapples are probably one of the popular choice of locals from the 1850s or earlier. But their origin is still unknown. Some assume that they were discovered in Boston, MA.

You will recognize them as they are dark red with purple shades. However, their taste is what matters most. Their taste is different from other apples.

You will feel an astringent taste with a tangy flavor if you consume these freshly. We recommend eating them with salads. Children love their taste with other mixed fruits. 

You can make jellies, hard cider, pickles, and apple sauce with Hyslop Crabapples.            

What’s Good

They add a unique flavor to jellies  

They perform well as spices in dishes

They can be stored for up to 3 months

The Drawbacks

These are harmful to dogs due to having cyanide   

Type 16: Cameo Apples

Cameo apples were revealed in Washington in 1987, and till now, no other apples could beat their taste. They become available in stores in the early spring. 

Their appearance is red striped with a yellow and orange combination. Their taste is sweet and a bit acidic and sometimes tartness peeps through.

Therefore, to keep their original taste, they are ideal for fresh eating. Also, serving them in grain or fruit bowls is preferred as the apples stay in their authentic color for a longer duration.

What’s Good

Perfect for mixing in fruit salads

They combine better on the top of pancakes  

Cameo apples have antioxidants, that reduce free radical damages 

The Drawbacks

Their storing duration is 1 to 2 months, which is not appreciated.    

Type 17: Jazz Apples

Lastly, the Jazz apples are from New Zealand discovered in the mid of 1985. Their skin is colored dark red and a mixture of green, yellow, and orange.

You will experience sweetness mixed with a small amount of tartness and tanginess. In the end, you will feel a floral aroma. 

They are consumed with caramel, cheese, and salads. Their taste increases in fruit bowls and with spring rolls. Try their smoothie, beverage, and cocktails to refresh your mind.             

What’s Good

They are highly rich in vitamin A, C, E, and K

Available almost all year-round 

Can hold their authentic flavor even in refrigerator storage for up to 4 months

The Drawbacks

Their floral flavor can affect the taste of any dish if you use them in cooking it 

Why Are Oranges Called Oranges But Apples Aren’t Called Red?

A common query of people is that the name of oranges is similar to their skin color, but why are apples not called red?

Well, apples are not called by the color red, because of –

• Color names

• Different colors of apples

To get in-depth ideas, check out the reasons.

1. Color Names

Names of the colors (Orange and Red) have a noticeable impact in this regard. It is because the color name ‘Orange’ was collected from the fruit Orange. So, it is obvious that the Orange color was named after the fruit name, Orange.

But, before apples were introduced or named, the color Red was already familiar to everyone. And, a normal matter is a fruit and a color having the same name will put anyone in a dilemma.

2. Different Colors of Apples

Another significant reason is that apples come with a huge number of varieties and each of them has their own colors.

Some of them come in green, some remain light-yellow colored, a few in a pinkish vibe and of course, red is a common one. For this reason, apples are not known by the color name, Red.

What to Do With Red Delicious Apples?

Red Delicious apples are rich in taste and top-notch in making the person satisfied. But, the question often comes in our mind regarding its usage.

You must try these recipes with Red Delicious apples –

• Prepare salads

• Fresh juice

• Apple cider

• Baked chips

• Cookies of Red apples

Learn more regarding different and unique usage of Red Delicious apples.

1. Prepare Salads

The best way to use Red Delicious apples is slicing them to add in salads. They turn the taste of the salad to another way and pair well with other ingredients.

2. Fresh Juice

Making fresh juice of Red Delicious apples can contribute both to your nutritious and refreshing needs. 

3. Apple Cider

For a homemade fresh apple cider, Red Delicious apples have zero competition. The sweetness they add to the cider is worth praising.

4. Baked Chips

Baked chips of Red Delicious apples are highly recommended for children as they have them with great pleasure.

5. Cookies of Red Apples

A crispy cookie of Red Delicious apples in your snack time can change your mood entirely as its original sweetness takes the cookie to another level.

Which Apples are Sweeter Between Fuji and Gala?

Answer: Fuji apples are certainly sweeter than Gala apples. One can enjoy 18% sweeter taste in Fuji apples. That’s why Fuji apples are used mostly in making pie.      

Are Tart Apples Good for Diabetes?

Answer: Yeah, tart apples are good for diabetes. It is because they sustain very less sugar, which is a plus point for controlling diabetes. Moreover, try to find tart apples with fiber for extra care.        

Which Apples can I Eat for Weight Loss?  

Answer: You can eat Granny Smith apples for weight loss as these contain sugar more than other varieties. Moreover, Granny Smith apples are known for being rich in fiber. Thus, they help in weight loss.

What is the Standard Red Apple Called?

Answer: The standard red apples are known by the captivating name, Red Delicious. The way it shines with an eye-catching red glow, its sweet taste enhances that beauty.

Final Verdict

All in all, these apples are really praiseworthy. We guess you are already selecting your preference and ready to collect them.

Our detailed description of tasty types of red apples won’t let you get confused. Now, you can choose the accurate taste of apples for your eating or cooking purpose.

However, if you have tried yet, let us know in the comments section. Plus, got any more types? Share with us.

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