[Solved!] How to Fix Rain Bird Sprinkler System Problems?

rain bird sprinkler system problems

Worries of watering the lawn or garden remain away when a rain bird sprinkler is set there. It takes all the responsibilities to provide water as required.

However, the worries can come back when the sprinkler is facing irregularities.

Now, you may wonder what are the most common problems of a rain bird sprinkler?

The most common ones are timer not working, sprinkler won’t turn on, stuck sprinkler head, imbalanced water pressure or PSI, and display not working.

With a tiny bit of info, you can not understand how to detect the issue. Fortunately, here you will get the details of the rain bird sprinkler system troubleshooting with smart solutions.

So, why don’t you dive into the discussion?

Quick Overview: Rain Bird Sprinkler System Problems

Though a proper description given in the article body, I recommend a brief concept of rain bird sprinkler system problems.

They are listed in the chart without their respective remedies. Do not forget to give it a check.

Serial            Problems                        Solutions
1Timer Not WorkingReset the Sprinkles Timer
2Sprinkler Won’t Turn OnCheck the Sprinkler Valve
3Stuck Sprinkler HeadClean and Maintain the Sprinkler Head
4Imbalanced Water Pressure or PSICheck the Voltage Flow 
5Display Not WorkingInspect the Sprinkler Controller

In-Depth Discussion: Rain Bird Sprinkler System Problems

A rain bird sprinkler can fall into several issues and each of them has different inspection and solutions. Without proper description of them, you can not move ahead with the fixes.

So, here I am with the troubles along with a rain bird sprinkler system troubleshooting. Sounds helpful, right?

So, step ahead to learn the niceties to get rid of the errors.

Problem 1: Timer Not Working

Rain bird sprinkler timer not working is the most frequent issue that you may encounter. Let me explain it to you.

You may set the timer for a particular period or for one or two turns. But, any wrong instructions can let it reduce the duration or turns or can increase them.

So, the chances of over watering or less watering arise.

Solution: Reset the Sprinkler Timer

Rain bird sprinkler timer troubleshooting is basically resetting the sprinkler timer. Let me tell you how to reset the sprinkler timer.

1. Set the timer dial to off condition and switch to ‘Set Watering Start Times.’ 

2. When ‘PGM A’ arrives, use the arrows to select the startings and off time. Use (+) and (-) for selecting times.

3. Set it to ‘off’. Thus, set the rest of the times to ‘off’. Finally, switch to ‘Auto Run.’

Problem 2: Sprinkler Won’t Turn On

The issue of the Rain bird sprinkler system won’t turn on has no other competition in giving you serious stress. But, the thing is why does it occur?

When the valve of the sprinkler is dirty, a faulty diaphragm or not supplying sufficient power, the sprinkler won’t turn on.

Another major cause is a wrongly installed valve.

Solution: Check the Sprinkler Valve

Rain bird sprinkler system valve repair is unavoidable as it plays the role of a barrier. I prefer cleaning the valve carefully at least twice a month.

If the diaphragm is detected to be bad, replacing it is the only way. The valve will supply the correct amount of power after fixing the wires and connections.

Last but not the least, install the valve properly following the user manual.

Problem 3: Stuck Sprinkler Head

Rain bird sprinkler is turned on but the head is not coming up and spraying water is a common issue.

It occurs after a certain period and the reason behind it is dirt, soil, and debris getting inside the head.

And, if you are irregular in cleaning the sprinkler head, they tend to block the head. As a result, it gets stuck and fails to come up.

Solution: Clean and Maintain the Sprinkler Head

The only solution to this problem is cleaning the sprinkler head. Do not use any metal in cleaning it except a bristle brush that is soft enough.

Try removing the debris gradually and do not force it. Most importantly, you have to maintain cleaning it on a regular basis.

Problem 4: Imbalanced Water Pressure or PSI

Excessive water flow or sudden deterioration in water flow of the sprinkler is undoubtedly a matter to be worried about.

Again, Rain bird sprinkler system not working in all zones gives another headache.

Well, the reason behind these can be the improper supply of voltage through the controller.

Solution: Check the Voltage Flow

Rain bird sprinkler system troubleshooting includes checking if the voltage supply is sufficient or not. When the supply doesn’t balance, the water pressure goes up and down.

Take a multimeter and inspect the voltage in the controller. If the voltage is not within 24V and 30V, get a new controller.

Problem 5: Display Not Working

Rain bird sprinkler system display not working can be a serious hassle. The display tends to stay frozen or shows no on duty sign.

The controller display is required to stay on as it shows if there is anything wrong with the sprinkler.

However, it can happen due to bad wiring connection or disconnection, or a bad battery, or circuit breaker not working.

Solution: Inspect the Sprinkler Controller

Inspecting the sprinkler controller thoroughly will solve the trouble. Start from checking its connection and wires. If they are alright, move to the battery.

See if it is charging or not. If not, replace the battery. Then, ensure the circuit breaker is on duty and plug the controller.

How to Drain Rain Bird Sprinkler System?

Draining a Rain Bird sprinkler system is essential before winter comes and also for keeping its electric components away from water. Moreover, leaving moisture inside the sprinkler system is not at all recommended. 

See the short description of draining a Rain Bird sprinkler system. 

• Use automatic drain valve

• Try manual drain valve 

Let me take you to the entire details.

Method 1: Use Automatic Drain Valves

Shutting off the main valve creates a pressure and the water is drained easily in this way. Releasing the drain caps removes any water left there. 

Take the sprinkler heads and lift them. If water is still there, they will be drained, too.  

Method 2: Try Manual Drain Valves

In this method, you have to look for the manual drain valves and they are mostly placed on every zone valve’s downstream. The main valve will assist in turning off the water flow. 

Keep the manual drain valves open for at least 2 to 3 days. Try opening all valves to remove water. Lifting the sprinkler heads will erase any leftover water. Now, keep the valves closed and keep everything back in place.

How Long Do You run a Rain Bird Sprinkler?

Answer: A rain bird sprinkler should be run for at least 15 minutes and not more than 20 minutes depending on your lawn size. But, try to maintain the duration stable.

Why is My Rain Bird Sprinkler System Running Continuously?

Answer: The reason behind the rain bird sprinkler system running continuously is another watering round set for a second time. It starts over again to water the lawn.

How Do You Troubleshoot a Rainbird Sprinkler Controller?

Answer: You can troubleshoot a Rainbird sprinkler controller by inspecting all its connections and wires with the electric system. Besides, don’t forget to check if water or any moisture has reached its internal unit.

Final Verdict

In the end, a concerning matter is ignoring the faults of a rain bird sprinkler can be a greater threat for the entire system.

Therefore, you should not delay as soon as you suspect something is wrong with its performance.

To do that more efficiently in a short time, take help from the article to detect rain bird sprinkler system problems. Be sure of the trouble and apply the appropriate remedy.

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