How to Change PTO Belt on Grasshopper Mower?

how to change pto belt on grasshopper

Changing PTO (Power Take Off)  belt on grasshopper lawn mower is exigent to maintain the efficiency of the mower. It is because this belt affects the blades directly to cut grass properly.

But, it can become older or carry faults and thus, you have to replace it. Therefore, you may think about how to change the PTO belt on the grasshopper in an effortless way?      

You can do it by opening the mower deck, taking out the current PTO belt and following the 2 different methods of replacing a new PTO belt    

Not only this one, another method is available to replace the PTO belt. I believe you should check out both of them to apply to your suitable one.

So, let’s get started without more suspension.       

How to Tell You Need to Change the PTO Belt on Grasshopper Mower?

Only changing the PTO belt on grasshoppers anytime won’t have any major effect. If you want your lawn mower to perform like a pro, you have to observe some facts.

The signs will tell you when is the perfect time for replacing the PTO belt. Besides, this shows if the belt is still alright or damaged.

So, take a look at these signs to stay cautious.          

1. Damaged Belt

You should inspect the PTO belt regularly to see if it has any damages. If you notice the belt is cracked or its edges are damaged, you should replace it soon. Otherwise, it can fail to work anytime.     

2. Incorrect Belt

This trouble occurs by the owner for not rechecking the belt size and compatibility. If you encounter the belt falling off or stretching too much, the belt is incorrect.

In my opinion, replacing it with the correct one is the only solution.        

3. Burned Belt

We know that the PTO belt is connected with the pulley. That’s why the belt may get burned slightly over time. It is normal for the belt as the mower operates frequently.

In case you experience this, you should not delay getting a new PTO belt.       

4. Faults in Installation  

You may observe that the PTO belt in the mower deck is not working or having issues in operating. Faults in installation can cause such a situation.

Moreover, it damages the belt gradually and thus, changing it becomes indispensable.       

5. Belt Out of Date

When did you install the current PTO belt?

If you have installed it earlier, check its expiry date. When the belt crosses its expiry date, it becomes weak and you have to change it.

How Do I Know What Size Belt My Grasshopper Mower is?

Replacing the belt in a Grasshopper mower becomes urgent when the belt is detected to be defective. But, without the correct size of it, you can not find the compatible one.

Go through the chart to find your Grasshopper mower model and its required belt size.

SerialGrasshopper Mower ModelsBelt Size (Length – Width) 
1428D, 3472, 9772163″ – 5/8″
2223, 227, 327, 329120 ½” – 1/2″
3Mid-mount with 61″ deck66″ – 5/8″
43452, 9852135 ¾” – 5/8″
51822, 1822K, 2132, 178K36 ⅜” – 1/2″
63461, 9861141″ – 5/8″
7720KC, 718D, 718KC, 718V36 ⅜” – 1 /2″

2 Methods of Changing PTO Belt on Grasshopper     

You must have heard that changing the PTO belt on the grasshopper is difficult and time-consuming. Even I heard the same thing. However, it is not at all true.

This replacement can be done in two effortless methods. Taking out the older belt is in the same process, but replacing a new one can be done in two manners.

I will show you both of them with their niceties. You can go with your suitable one.

So, let’s learn them one by one.     

Method 1: Using the Clutch

Step 1: Open the Mower Deck

For getting in touch with the PTO belt, you have to open the mower’s deck. To do it, set the mower vertically and be careful about not harming any of its units.

Now, you can open the deck and proceed to the next step.     

Step 2: Take Out the Current PTO Belt

For replacing a new PTO belt, you have to take out the current PTO belt. In this step, you can take a look at the mower’s user manual for better help.

However, you can gradually remove the pins to take out the belt successfully.  

Step 3: Place a New PTO Belt

Now that you need to taken out the old PTO belt, you can follow the replacing process. First, you need to set the PTO belt into the spindle.

Then, a wrench or socket wrench will help you to fit the belt properly. If you are using your hands, please maintain safety.       

Step 4: Fit It Around the Pulley

You are just a step behind completing the task. Now, grab a hold on the belt keeping it around the pulley.

Next, use the wrench to place it thoroughly and make it attached to the pulley.    

Step 5: Give a Final Check

Though you have replaced the PTO belt, I prefer checking it again to avoid any mistakes. Do not forget to maintain a balanced tight connection of the belt and the pulley. 

Finally, congratulations on completing the job.           

Method 2: Using the Idlers

Step 1: Take Out the Idlers and Fit the Belt Around the Pulley

In this method, you can follow the first two steps of the ‘Using The Clutch’ method. Then, observing the deck, you will find the idlers placed on the left side.

A crowbar will assist you to pull off the idlers. Now, place the belt around the pulley and set it as required.    

Step 2: Position the Bolt 

Before positioning the bolt, you have to remove the covers of both the idler and the belt. You can place it back in the final step.

Now, you can hold the belt and keep working on positioning the bolt.   

Step 3: Set the PTO Belt 

In the final step, you can follow step 3 of ‘Method 1’ to set the belt into the spindle.

Then, to make a strong bonding between the belt and the pulley, use a wrench. Grab a hold on the belt to check if the connection is alright.   

Hopefully, you have practically completed replacing the PTO belt on the grasshopper.  


Why Does the PTO Belt Remain Falling Off? 

Answer: The PTO belt in a mower can keep falling off due to faults in the belt, excessive stretching, the belt keepers are not in the accurate place and so on. Even the pulley bracket can cause this trouble being worn.        

Should I Overtighten the PTO Belt on the Grasshopper?

Answer: No, you should not overtighten the PTO belt on grasshoppers. It is because this tightness can make the belt damaged or weak. You can apply tightening it to the force of 1-2 pounds. It is regarded as safe and secure.     

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Finally, your job was truly appreciative for staying till the end. I can assume that you have no confusion left regarding how to change the PTO belt on grasshopper.

A friendly reminder is check the model number of your mower and at first, follow the user manual. It is because the process may vary according to models and their number.   

Hopefully, you will get rid of PTO belt issues. Share any of your issues, we will try to respond soon.    

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