How to Program a RCA Universal Remote with Codes?

how to program a rca universal remote with codes

To get a RCA universal remote on duty, programing it with the electronic appliances is the first step. Among many ways, using the codes to do it is quicker.

But, how to program a RCA universal remote with codes?

Do it by following two methods: (1) Tapping the ‘code search’ option, and (2) Entering the codes directly. Both the manners are effective and show results in a short time.

No worries as I am going to show you the detailed ways of how to program a RCA universal remote with codes.

So, stay till the end to learn the exciting facts.

Methods of Programing A RCA Universal Remote with Codes

A new RCA universal remote user finds it difficult to program the remote with a device. In my opinion, once you do it, you will get used to it and it will seem much easier.

There are a few ways to do it and certainly, they are pretty simple. Here I have elaborated them to guide you and selected TV as a device option.

Therefore, let me break them down into steps.

Method 1: Tap The “Code Search” Option

A RCA universal remote comes with an amazing feature and that is the Code Search button. Let me show you how to use it for programing the remote.

Step 1: Confirm the TV is Powered On

The first move is confirming the TV is powered on. Otherwise, the remote won’t get any signal from it. Then, keep the head of the remote toward the TV. 

Step 2: Go with the ‘Code Search’ Key

Reach the ‘Code Search’ key on the remote and press it. Release it after noticing the light is turned on.

Step 3: Enter the Device Type

Till the light blinks for once, continue holding the pressure on the device key, for example TV, DVD, etc.

Step 4: Continue Pressing the ‘Power’ Key

Here comes the important step. Press the ‘power’ key and release the pressure a few times. As soon as the exact code is encountered, the TV will go off duty.

Step 5: Tap the ‘Enter’ Key

After the TV turns off, tap the ‘Enter’ key. Because the code is saved on the remote which can be used later.

Step 6: Observe the Remote

Now, test your RCA universal remote and its programing with the TV by pressing its keys. Try turning on and off the TV, increasing or decreasing the volume and so on.

Method 2: Entering the Codes Directly

Entering the remote codes directly is one of the most used methods that is super quicker. Go through the steps to do it correctly.

Step 1: Power On the TV

First, ensure the TV is switched on and its power is on, too. Make sure to keep the RCA universal remote towards it to let the infrared get connected freely.

Step 2: Get the Remote’s Manual Book

A manual book is given with the RCA universal remote and it has all the RCA universal remote codes list. Search for the codes for your TV brand according to the model of the remote.

Step 3: Press and Hold the TV Key

To get the power key on duty, keep pressing the TV key. If you are programing the remote with a DVD, press DVD option. The same goes for other types of appliances. 

Then, while pressing it, the remote codes should be entered.

Step 4: Release the TV Key

After that, wait for a few seconds while holding the pressure on the TV key. Release it if the power button doesn’t go off because it means the code is accurate and no more trials of codes are required.

Otherwise, if the power light goes off, you have to enter the leftover codes for your TV brand one by one.

Step 5: Test the RCA Universal Remote

Finally, test the RCA universal remote by turning the Tav on and off with the remote. From power to the volume and menu will also function with it.

Where is the Model Number on a RCA Universal Remote? 

Answer: On a RCA universal remote, the remote model number is located in the battery chamber. The model number and remote type are written there clearly. Use the info to know which codes are compatible with the remote.

Do RCA Universal Remotes Work with All TVs?

Answer: No, RCA universal remotes don’t work with all TVs. Only the TVs that have built in infrared features can get connected with the remote. Because the RCA universal remote operates with the infrared signal.

Final Words

On the whole, the fact is clear that a RCA universal remote seems useless when it is left without programing. As a result, programing the RCA remote before using it is unavoidable.

I guess you are not anymore confused regarding how to program a RCA universal remote with codes. Of course, the article illustrates the methods and undoubtedly, they take a very short time in programing.

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