Privacy Policy of Farm Empower!

This privacy policy has been developed to make you aware of how we use the data that you have provided. In order to give our viewers a clear idea of how your data is being disclosed, we have prepared this policy. It outlines all the necessary permissions that we ask for. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

What We Are?

Our website address is

Data We Collect

When You Comment

When any user comments on our public post on the website, their IP address and data are identified by using the contact form that has been filled in by the user himself. This is strictly due to the spam detection policy. As soon as the comment is approved the username and profile (if available) both will be visible to those who use the site.

Through Media

In case you have uploaded an image to our website, for example, a profile picture, we advise you not to use any image with embedded locations. This might risk you as users can extract the location data from this.


To contact us, simply email us at [email protected]


When the user visits our website page for the first time a dropbox appears asking for permission This cookie is responsible for making your experience better. It does not collect any personal information.

The login cookies are different from the previous ones. Logging cookies may last for a maximum of two days. However, this may last for a longer time if the “Remember me” option is chosen.

When any user comments on our website, their name and email address are automatically saved in cookies. This is done for a better user experience while filling in information later. Typically these cookies last for a year.

On the other hand, cookies for authors last for only a day.

Embedded Contents

Using content such as images or articles can be harmful to you as this may have embedded content from different websites. Personal information can be tracked and collected by those websites if you are logged in to them.

Data Obtained Through Analytics

We operate automatic data collection through Google Analytics. Information about your device, IP address, and operating services are collected. This is collected to ensure effective communication and to observe your involvement with our website.

Statistical objectives and data are also collected to enrich the website’s quality and to assure you the best experience.

We want to assure you that you have the right over this data. If you don’t want to permit us to collect this information you can download the Google Analytics Opt-out extension on your browser.

Is Your Data Being Shared?

Your data is not being shared by us with anyone.

How Long Do We Keep Your Data?

We do not keep any data from the page viewers. If you leave any comment on our website this may remain there for an uncertain time to prevent moderation files.

Although, if you are a registered user of our website we do keep your information with us for a pretty long time. But you can edit or delete the information anytime you feel comfortable.

Your Rights On Your Data

You can always request an exported file of the personal data that we kept. Deletion of any data is also approved if possible. Note that we are not obliged to delete any data that may be a risk to security and legal issues.

Is Your Data Being Sent?

No data is being sent to any third party without your consent except for some comments which automatically go to the spam detection protocols.

Contact Details

For any more queries about the usage of your personal data, you can reach us at contac[email protected]. Please email us here to get the extract form.

Thank you for acknowledging our policies.