Types of Orange Lilies in 2023 [+Take Care Guides!]

types of orange lilies

Lilies are those divine flowers that can bloom a dazzling smile on anyone’s face. Among lilies, orange ones are easier to make us happy and soothe our daily worries. If your garden or backyard has a bunch of orange lilies, no doubt, your days are going so well.

However, you may want to know which are the most elegant types of orange lilies.  

Though all orange lilies are pretty, the most elegant ones are Brunello, Orange ton, Enchantment, Sunny morning, Fiery belles, and Easy-love lilies. Apart from those, there are also some more Aesthetic lilies out there.

Since we got some info regarding orange lilies, we will move to their description. Not only this, details of more varieties of lilies are waiting for you to make your garden youthful.

So, let’s move ahead to cheer our minds with orange lilies.    

Why Should Your Garden Have Orange Lilies?  

Hearing about orange lilies, their tossing heads visualize so prettily. On a summer morning, waking up and looking at the garden will boost your mood if your garden has orange lilies.

When you know the importance of something, it will be easier for you to have them. The same goes for orange lilies. In this part, our destination is to let you know why you should plant orange lilies.

orange lilies plant

We are sure you will love to get them. So, let’s get started.                      

1. Remedy for Skin

It is certainly an interesting fact about orange lilies that they can be used for skin remedies. Applying lily oil on cracked skin can cure it in less time. To moisture dry skin, lily oils are magic.

From under-eye oil to moisturizer and hot massage oil, lily oils are great to choose. Moreover, they help in removing cracked spots on the skin.        

2. To Prettify the Garden

Having a garden is already a blessing for any of us. To add a bonus to that blessing, orange lilies are mostly preferred. Their bright and vibrant orange colors will play like rainbows in your garden.       

3. Friendship and Love

Orange lilies reflect the symbol of friendship and sometimes love. To make your friendship stronger, you can give fresh orange lilies from your garden.

To show your cordial love to someone, orange lilies can be a significant option. Moreover, the person will be touched easily when he will know that these are from your garden.               

4. Peace and Joy

You must be surprised to see orange lilies as a symbol of peace. However, it is the truth, buddy. Watching the orange lilies blooming will surely make you feel at peace.

Their dazzling and sheeny outlook will drive your mood to joyous mode. Anyone entering your house will smile spontaneously.             

5. To Gift Someone

Most of us get confused about what to gift someone. Flowers are far better to show your heartiest feeling to anyone. Orange lilies can be a perfect choice in this regard.

Their marvelous color will inspire anyone to work harder and prosper. As these lilies praise dignity, anyone will love them for sure. So, wrap your orange lilies and make the person delighted.         

Since you have got the reasons, you must be convinced to enjoy the beauty of orange lilies. Most importantly, plant them at the end of fall or at the beginning of spring.

These times are better for them to grow properly and bloom from early summer. Therefore, do not delay making the best use of these durations.            

14 Types of Orange Lilies

As you have decided to convert your garden to a youthful look, orange lilies are always top-notch. You have already seen how elegant these lilies are. Orange can be a color to add sweetness, sourness, and tanginess to each moment.

variety of orange lilies

But you must be confused about which orange lilies you should choose. We know it is challenging to find the most beautiful ones according to your taste.

Do not worry! We are here with 14 magnificent types of orange lilies. The list carries some common and some unusual yet unique orange lilies.

So, go through the list to make your choice, dear.        

Type 1: Brunello Lilies – Asiatic Lily

The name Brunello lilies always come first in the case of orange lilies. We can’t agree less, it is a ten on ten on every aspect.

It is because their extraordinary shape, appearance, and color combination are so enchanting., no one can think of anything beautiful but this.

No wonder, their shape is also quite varied from the others. Their shape is like a bowl and they stand upward.

And what about the color? They are diversifying too.

Their stamen’s color is red and sometimes dark red. In addition, their foliage is green colored, which turns the color combination to a striking level.

Taking care of them requires no trouble as they can grow even with low maintenance. Even their plantation is time-saving and an enjoyable task.  

What’s Good

Their red stamen will attract anyone soon  

They are effortless to plant in most common ways like containers, border, and beds 

Both full and partial sun is suitable for their growth  

They encourage the presence of bees and butterflies, and thus, the garden becomes more cheerful    

The Drawbacks

Their blooming duration is short and not appreciative   

Type 2: Orange Ton Lilies

Yes, it is what the name suggests. It is a beautiful species of lily with the striking color of orange. We know, looking at the name, you must have already assumed its central color is orange.

If you are looking for a different scenario in your yard, orange lilies are the one. For creating a pompous vibe in your garden, orange ton lilies have no competition.

Their color pattern also varies from time to time when they blossom. When they bloom, their tips reach the color orange with a deep reddish tone. But later on, their color changes and takes a new shade of orange.

 As a result, anyone will be astonished looking at their majestic pair of colors. How beauty can a simple flower behold? Moreover, their 40 inches long height is worth appreciation.

From early summer to mid-summer, they can let both you and your surroundings feel fresher and more energetic. So, why not orange-ton lilies, honey?                      

What’s Good

Their splendid fragrance is enough to add sweetness to your daily moments     

From pot to container and bed, they grow comfortably  

They carry a great tendency to remain healthy and bloom in each season  

The Drawbacks

They are not compatible with zone 9’s weather, climate, and soil   

Type 3: Tiny Double You

Tiny double you lilies are as unique as their name. The name is so extraordinary, it seems like you are calling its name.

Their appearance will tell you that they are a bit different but prettier than other lilies. They have eye-catching colors as well as characteristics.

Its specialty is size. It remains 20 inches long and you have already read their name. Can you imagine?

They are well-known for carrying two blooms at the same time during their season. Even their name indicates it. Their orange color combines with a light peach touch and vibes divine.

To make your garden royal and heavenly, tiny double you lilies are the ideal option. In summer gatherings or poolside parties, they will add a simple but excellent outlook.         

What’s Good

Their blooming time may expand a bit if taken care well  

They grow well in the soil and weather of zone 3 to 8 

They pair well in decorative activities  

The Drawbacks

They tend to love extra maintenance and frequent care 

Type 4: Enchantment Lilies – Asiatic Lily  

Aren’t you already enchanted by their name? Yes, the names are kept for the enchantment beauty, of course.

Well, we are just kidding. Sooth to say, their name can certainly enchant anyone, at first. The same goes for their countenance.

There is no limit to describing them. When they bloom properly, you will notice their profound orange color. A few black spots make their center mesmerizing.

They have enough height for tossing their heads with the summer breeze and morning air. All thanks to the long, slender body.

Though they have no fragrance, their beauty fills that space. They prefer medium moisture in organic and garden soil. Therefore, there remain no hazards of extra care and maintenance.                    

What’s Good

Their tremendous height highlights their beauty and grace 

Even in low maintenance, they respond well to more flowers   

Planting them in a bunch will produce a complete group of these dancing lilies    

The Drawbacks

Their blooming duration is only in mid-summer, which is not favored by most people  

Type 5: Sunny Morning – Martagon Lily 

Sunny morning lilies are here to make your mornings super sunny. This is like a hot tea at the bedside; this is going to please your minds and heads.

Even your whole day till dusk will remain sunny with them. And all for its dreamy look.

Their hue is combined with golden and orange. Deep red spots appear to cover their hue and create an excellent look.

Furthermore, the shape is also amazing. Their downward shape will force you to stare at them.

Their plus point is they multiply flower numbers in each season and they are a pretty favorite of pollinators. Also, they like to grow with average maintenance and less watering. As a result, they will make you feel sunny from early summer to mid-summer.                   

What’s Good

They do not favor any particular sun type and low to high sunshine, anything can please them  

During the season, one stem of them can bloom about 50 flowers

Even in fall, their plantation can go well and trouble-free

The Drawbacks

They are regarded as toxic to cats and cause serious illness to them  

Type 6: Fiery Belles Lilies

Are you looking for orange lilies that will last longer? Well, who doesn’t right?

Then Fiery Belles Lilies should be what you are searching for It is because they will please you from early summer to till the end of the summer.

Their shape is like a large bell that is colored whining orange. Even their petals are dazzling orange-colored.

Though their fragrance is not so strong, it is worth falling in love with. The weak scent is everything to make the day sweeter.   

Moreover, they have better prevention for botrytis illness. Thus, you can have them without any trouble and enjoy their super sheen.      

What’s Good

They have the specialty to bloom for the whole summer  

Their height is pretty tall and appreciative to draw attention  

Though they require full sun, their charm, and duration complete the drawback   

The Drawbacks

Each part of these lilies are proved fatal to cats 

Type 7: Easy Love Lilies

Easy love lilies are truly easier to fall in love with. Yes, sounds like we are kidding, right? No dear! It is true.

Their glance, outlook, and shape, almost everything is so charming. Their top-notch ability is blooming double flowers.   

They have a vibrant orange color like reddish orange, which blooms a shine on anyone’s face. They always remain upward and dance with the breeze.

Though they do not attract bees, other efficient insects come to love them. No wonder, they will make your yard or garden loved by everyone.        

They are environment friendly and do not has any allergic reaction. That is the ultimate pleasure.  

What’s Good

They do not contain allergic substances and are friendly to allergic people  

They are not harmful to any domestic pets 

They favor both full sun and partial sun 

Even containers and patios are ideal for their growth

The Drawbacks

In 9 to other zones, easy love lilies can face hazards to being planted 

Type 8: Orange Lily

Orange lilies are one of the most popular varieties of orange-colored lilies. From this name, the entire ethnicity of the orange lilies came to the gardening industries.

They are all-time favorites for their extraordinary shape. Their shape becomes a star after blooming completely.

Their triangular and large petals help in this regard. Though they are orange-colored, their petals remain dark red.

Plus, they carry no fragrance, but still, their beauty remains top-notch.  We know, the scent matters. However, beauty beats all.

For decorating your hall area or bedroom, they will offer a glaring vibe. Moreover, preparing them as gifts will look remarkable.                

What’s Good

Any kind of soil is suitable to let them develop 

Regular watering can provide them strength to bloom 

They grow well in patio, container, border and beds

The Drawbacks

Cats can be affected easily in touch of their leaves or flowers

They bloom only in early summer, which is too short for lily lovers 

Type 9: Must See Lilies

Must see lilies are undoubtedly such a variety you must see. Yes, the name itself is a pun.

We can guess you will love it after going through their niceties. Though they have various color collections, orange ones are pretty popular.

Within their orange shade, dark red spots are on their petals. Thus, their appearance becomes showy and fascinating.

This showcase will be available from early summer to mid-summer. Plant them accordingly to find their blossoms in your garden timely.                

As they are pollen-free or pollen-less, you can decorate your space by cutting them. They remain fresh for a longer time and provide the surrounding a striking view.    

What’s Good

Average watering is suitable and ideal for their proper moisture   

They are not choosy in the case of soil types

They offer no worry regarding sunshine  

The Drawbacks

They are lethal for cats, even each part of them

Type 10: Philadelphia Lilies – American Lily 

If you have heard about wood lilies, then you must have seen them. Because, to be honest, they are Philadelphia lilies.

Both of them are one awesome variety of orange lilies. Though they grow all over in the USA, North America is their native place. Expect to find a great hub there.

They appear large and combined with orange and red. You will find another popular color, purple with deep spots in the center. Can you imagine the noteworthy combination?

Moreover, their shape is like a cup and they will spread beauty from mid-summer to the end of summer. They are the nicest figures of flowers out there.

Providing the highest amount of ingredients for a sound and healthy body, these lilies are favorite for ayurvedic.                 

What’s Good

They have no choice in soil type and organic ones suit them the best

Dry woods provide them with most of their required ingredients to stay healthy 

Their height is medium and sufficient for shaking in the time of breeze 

The Drawbacks

They can bloom only 3 to 6 flowers in each stem during their season 

Type 11: Gran Paradiso – Asiatic Lily  

Gran Paradiso lilies make us remember the appreciation of grand and paradise. Without a doubt, you will stick to the words firmly by encountering their mesmerizing outlooks.

They are normally orange-colored with a pair of red and orange petals. These petals also shine so glossy and attract spontaneously. In the center, the orange color fades away and shows light and bright orangey vibe.

Bees have butterflies and love them due to their honey-like fragnance. Nonetheless, the bees might disturb you, but it won’t force you to remove this planting.

If you plant them after fall, they can grow super-fast. It is because the moisture in the soil remains perfect at that time. Then, you will see them blooming from early to mid-summer.                 

What’s Good

Bees and butterflies make their strong presence around them 

Any organic soil in container to bed and border can hold their outstanding progress 

Both full sun and partial shade is perfect for growing them   

As fresh-cut flowers, they are considered gorgeous 

The Drawbacks

Cats can fall sick if they come in touch with gran Paradiso lilies

Type 12: Regent’s Park Lilies – Asiatic Lily

Regent’s park lilies are regarded as the best lilies for carrying the original tone of orange color. They are everyone’s top choice due to their awesomeness.

They are better at spreading sweetness with their mesmerizing fragrance. Thus, birds,  like hummingbirds, are encouraged to make their nests there.

They have an improved height which highlights their amazing glance. By looking at the orange color of them, you won’t be able to resist.

For making your backyard youthful, look no further. They are ideal for initializing your wish. During early to mid-summer, your leisure will be spent there for sure.                    

What’s Good

Full sun to partial, they prefer both of them 

They encourage the presence of butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees   

They do not spread allergies as they are pollen free

Each year, their blooming ability increases   

The Drawbacks 

For your cats, be cautious as these lilies can be fatal for cats  

Type 13: Royal Sunset – Asiatic Lily  

Like their Royal Sunset name, their glance is also royal and showy. They appear from June to July and favor any maintenance type.

Their orange tone is like the color of divine sunset and their tips are pink colored. Their center has a yellowish vibe and carries a few deep red spots. No wonder, their outlook is worth calling royal.

As they have fragrance, bees and butterflies are their close friends. This is another beauty in its own name.

Thus, your garden stays cheerful and livelier. So, you should not make a mistake in having them.            

What’s Good

Their fragrance is enough for making a person delighted     

They make the borders a place to stare at continuously   

Their development is compatible with average moisture  

The Drawbacks

Their toxicity to cats discourage pet owners to have them   

Type 14: Columbia Lilies – American Lily 

Columbia lilies are today’s most celebrated orange lilies. Though they are from western wild areas, they are pretty cool and shinier.

Their specialty lies in fragrance. Their light fragrance is loved by almost everyone.

Their color is light orange with dark red spots in the center. As they stay mostly outward, their curled shape petals highlight the glow.

They tend to grow effortlessly even in patios and containers. You won’t have to take much care of them and they will require just average watering.

We know, what a peace of mind! So, get them soon and give your mind peace.             

What’s Good

Organic and well-drained soils are their favorite

Even in both partial sun and full sun, they keep growing fast 

They are ideal for getting more flowers in their season 

Planting them in a bunch of 3 to 4 bulbs will let them bloom amazingly  

The Drawbacks

Cats should not go near them as they can get illness from Columbia lilies 

Why Are My Orange Lilies Not Blooming?

Though it is blooming time for your orange lilies, no blooming is visible. Don’t get worried so quickly as a few simple mistakes are responsible for this.

Your Orange lilies are not blooming due to –

• Immature bulb

• Lack of sunlight

• Extra amount of nitrogen

• Less distance between the bulbs

• Incorrect bulb plantation

It is time to jump into their further details.

1. Immature Bulb

Immature Orange lily bulbs are those in small size and lacking enough energy to produce lilies. In case you have planted them, you may have to wait for 1 to 2 years to meet the lilies.

2. Lack of Sunlight

Orange lilies are fond of sunlight and their demand is of at least 6 hours. If your lilies are deprived of that, they are not getting energy from the sunlight.

3. Extra Amount of Nitrogen

Extra amount of nitrogen will help your Orange lilies stay healthy, but in the end, extra nitrogen may prevent them from growing lilies.

4. Less Distance Between Bulbs

Unfortunately, not maintaining a balanced distance or keeping less distance between the bulbs lead them to fight for space to grow well.

5. Incorrect Bulb Plantation

Incorrect planting of the bulbs refers to planting them in the inaccurate depth or with wrong soil mixture. All these are barricades for them in growing lilies.

When Do Orange Lilies Bloom?

Answer: Orange lilies or Lilium Bulbiferum like to bloom from early summer. From May, they bloom wonderfully and continue to spread the shine till July. Luckily, they come back every year to make our mind joyful.

What is the Duration of Orange Lilies Season?   

Answer: During season, orange lilies will bloom for one month and some variants last for one and half a month. In the case of day duration, a flower will stay for a whole day. Thus, your garden will remain cheerful till dawn to dusk.   

Are Orange Lilies Invasive? 

Answer: Yes, orange lilies are invasive, though it is a sad truth. They can harm dogs, horses and cats. Fortunately, not all varieties of orange lilies are invasive. In case you have a pet like a dog or cat, select those with no invasive quality.         

Whom Should You Gift Orange Lilies?  

Answer: We have already learned that orange lilies are a symbol of pride, confidence, peace, and wealth. Therefore, any of your friends or relatives may tend to possess such qualities. To encourage them more, gift them orange lilies with a wishing card.    

Final Thoughts

How time flies! We did not even realize that we reached the ending, buddy. Along with you, knowing about types of orange lilies was wonderful. We guess even you are astonished by their beauty and elegance.

Therefore, to make each day as sunny as orange lilies, plant a few bulbs to experience the magic. Besides, we recommend planting a few bulbs of each variety to have an excellent lily garden.     

Did we miss something or any type of orange lilies? If you found so, share your experience with us. We would definitely love to hear every query and bring the next awesome articles accurately.

Stay Blessed!

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