Know New Holland Error / Fault Codes List in 2023

new holland fault codes list

No matter which equipment of New Holland you are using, the fault codes are common to all. Whenever a difficulty is detected, the monitor is ready with its error code to remind you.

However, the concerning fact is what are the frequently seen New Holland fault codes?

These are the engine codes, the fuel system codes, tractor codes, utility tractor codes, telehandler codes and compact tractor codes.

Nothing can be changed only with this tiny idea. A broad discussion is detailed in the article regarding the New Holland fault codes list and what they indicate.

So, let’s not waste time and move ahead.

New Holland Engine Fault Codes

From my experience, I can say that New Holland engine fault codes are the ones that may visit you again and again. The reason behind this situation is that the engine undergoes much work pressure and many components affect it both directly and indirectly.

Fortunately, remedies can be applied as soon as the explanation of the code is discovered. Let’s take a glance at the list of the codes.

SerialFault Codes                                    Definitions
1ENG 115Sensor of cam or engine speed is not functioning
2ENG 124Sensor voltage of boost pressure has crossed the highest level
3ENG 135Sensor voltage of oil pressure reaching the high level
4ENG 144Sensor voltage of coolant temperature is higher than normal
5ENG 234Speed of engine is crossing the overspeed limitation
6ENG 241Signal of vehicle speed is not found

New Holland Transmission Fault Codes

An interesting fact of New Holland is that detecting transmission issues is much easier. As the tractor shows fault codes to let you know about them.

If you want to reach the code’s meanings within time, dive into the New Holland transmission fault codes list.

SerialFault Codes                        Meanings
1Trans 24All clutches of transmission are out of calibration
2Trans 47Clutch switch of bottom pedal is not adjusted
3Trans 54Voltage of 5 volts reference is way too lower
4Trans 72Temperature of transmission oil rising continuously
5Trans 83Failed to contact the engine controller
6Trans 130Clutch on low range is in need of calibration

New Holland Fuel System Error Codes

A bitter fact is that anything wrong in the fuel system is a type of warning for the entire equipment and each component. Think about how the equipment can move when fuel is not flowing or the system is not functioning.

To avoid all these hassles, catch the interpretation of the fuel system error codes.

SerialError Codes                                    Definitions
1ENG 254Voltage of fuel shut off valve is below average
2ENG 259Fuel shut off valve is failed to be closed
3ENG 263Sensor voltage of fuel temperature is going above normal
4ENG 277Valve of injector control is not responding to command
5ENG 278Pump of fuel lifting stopped functioning

New Holland Workmaster 75 Utility Tractor Trouble Codes

One of the appreciative utility tractors of New Holland is Workmaster 75 for its outstanding quality to top-notch features and riding performance. Yet, many problems wait for a chance to get into it.

A matter to be delighted is the trouble codes it shows are much efficient in reaching the root of the difficulty. Some of these are detailed below to assist you.

SerialTrouble Codes                                    Definitions
1ENG 339Accessory relay voltage of idle shutdown vehicle is going below required
2ENG 341Collection of information during power down cycle is erased
3Trans 70Clutch solenoid not operating due to low voltage of battery
4ARM 79Potentiometer of Hitch load command is not working
5TMF 61The Hitch is need of immediate calibration

New Holland T9.580 Tractor Fault Codes

From small farming jobs to bigger duties, the New Holland T9.580 tractor has zero competition. Yet, troubles are normal to occur in any equipment and applying remedies becomes a must.

To do that in a short and fast way, the tractor will provide you with the fault code of particular damage. Consequently, your precious time won’t be wasted in searching for where the problem is hiding.

For that reason, go through the fault codes of the T9.580 tractor.

SerialFault Codes                                    Definitions
1ENG 415Level of oil pressure has decreased to the lower limitation
2Trans 72Temperature of transmission oil has crossed 122° C
3ARM 12013All controllers including data bus are out of contact
4TMF 82Solenoid of differential lock is failed to function

New Holland TH9.35 Plus Telehandler Trouble Codes

Words may fail to praise the performance of New Holland telehandlers. And, in the case of TH9.35 Plus, what else can be said?

Unfortunately, any changes in the internal units to the external components can be fatal for the telehandler. Luckily, the memory of it is super fast in reminding the rider through trouble codes.

Therefore, make a short stay here to learn about the definitions of these codes.

SerialTrouble Codes                                    Definitions
1ENG 422Level sensor of engine coolant is off duty or the jumper plug is not found
2Trans 80Sensor voltage of wheel speed is at higher level
3ARM 9021Rejected results of the calibration of Hitch command potentiometer
4TMF 160PTO clutch is not placed correctly and slipping
5TMF 151Transmission controller is out of contact

New Holland Workmaster 40 Compact Tractor Error Codes

Owning a compact tractor of New Holland is much thriller to complete the duties in time. Although Workmaster 40 is an excellent one, many errors wait to attack it.

Don’t get worried so quickly as they are easier to be remedied. To step further with that, take a note of the error codes of this tractor.

SerialError Codes                                    Definitions
1ENG 524Droop selection switch of governor speed is working with faults
2Trans 83Engine controller is becoming hard to contact
3ARM 100915V regulator is off duty in the armrest controller
4TMF 167Current flow is detected while the PTO driver is off duty

What is Error 2047 on New Holland?

Answer: Error code 2037 on New Holland stands for the misadjusted condition of the clutch pedal. It is placed at the bottom of the clutch key or switch.

What Does New Holland ENG 151 Indicate?

Answer: New Holland ENG 151 indicates the temperature of the coolant unit is rising higher. And, it is crossing the limitation in a short time.

What is New Holland ENG Code 133?

Answer: ENG code 33 of New Holland is for the excessive voltage of the STD cab or decelerator position potentiometer.

What is the Code 3157 on a New Holland Tractor?

Answer: The New Holland tractor fault code 3157 is the indication of the zero presence of ECM in the CAN Bus. Moreover, the code shouldn’t be left ignored without fixing it.

Final Thoughts

Realizing the sense that the trouble codes make is a step ahead in solving the irregularity. Except it, you may end up making the wrong decision for the entire New Holland equipment.

Therefore, do not forget to take note of the New Holland fault codes list and find out the context of the codes your equipment is showing. After that, move further with the suitable actions for that issue.

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