[Solved!] How to Mount Pole on Roof: What to Try?

how to mount pole on roof

For uninterrupted entertainment – whether for TV or for Wifi – roof mounted poles have no alternatives. If properly used, they can give you the world of pleasure.

Sadly, the mounting can be fatal for the roof. A pole is regarded as the best way to mount them. But, how to mount a pole on the roof?           

If you want to mount it, start by applying the traditional method – the non-penetrating method. Also, you can use the strap mounting method. These are more protected and easier than other methods.  You can surely give it a try.

Don’t panic. These are safer options buddy. You must be getting impatient to know their details, right? Therefore, we are presenting the niceties so that you can make your choice.

However, let’s get started without further hassle.               

5 Facts to Avoid Mounting a Satellite Dish Directly on Roof 

Having a Television in the house keeps the family members united to watch a match, a movie, or a program together. Problems arise when the satellite dish needs to be set in a high place.

Unfortunately, not all homeowners have the chance to mount it somewhere else. As a result, only one way remains and that is mounting it on the roof. But, we do not recommend mounting it directly on the roof.

For helping you with the issue, the reasons behind avoiding it are clarified below.

How about getting to know them one by one?                     

1. Unstable Condition 

Mounting a satellite dish on the roof will let it stay unstable. It is because a dish does not respond to the case of placing it in shingles.

If you still want to set it there, the journey will be massive. In other words, your roof will be damaged too.      

2. Water Leakage

You need to make a few holes during the process for screws. Unluckily, they are an easy way for water to get inside your house.

Anytime when the roof is in touch with water, there will be water inside the house too. So, think twice before stepping ahead. 

3. Natural Calamities 

Natural calamities are a gift from God and no one can tell the exact time of their arrival. But, we can assuredly inform you about the danger and injury the dish satellite will face.    

It can be injured with the tree branches during a heavy storm. Also, a stormy wind can throw it from its position as it is not properly stable there. Well, we already told you about the leakage problem, buddy.    

4. Roofing Warranty  

A roofing warranty is the most important thing for every homeowner. But, you are harming the roof with third-party equipment.

Thus, the company may not cover the cost of repairing. Concededly, you can calculate the repair cost and we guess it can be around thousands of dollars.           

5. After Repairing  

In most cases, the dish satellite company won’t provide you with the service of removing it. It is because they know the roof will be disabled and you may call them accountable for it.

However, you will see the difference in your roof after removing the dish. Then, the roof will have to go through repairs to go back to its normal space.         

What is the Solution of Mounting a Satellite Dish on a Roof?  

The solution to mounting a satellite dish on the roof is mounting poles for placing it. We guess you are confused. Well, the task is get-at-able; don’t worry.  

As we observed, a satellite dish will affect the roof if it is mounted there directly. So, we are suggesting you mount two or three poles for the satellite.

Poles are regarded safer for the roof or shingles if you perform the process perfectly. In this way, the dish will be set to its preferred height and your roof will be safe too.

Moreover, try to set it on the side where no tree is available. Thus, it will get its required broadcast network.                   

3 Safe Methods of Mounting a Pole on the Roof 

You will get many methods of mounting a pole on the roof. But, not each one is safe and secure for both the pole and the roof. Therefore, we researched very well and our results will reduce your worries.

Now, we suggest you read below patiently as every detail is essential.   

1. Traditional Method 

The traditional method is mostly used as it is not harmful to the roof. First, you should select the place and take out the roof screws from there. Then, use silicone there to secure the holes.

Now, set the light-angle roof mount and screw it well. Again, put some silicone on them. Hold the U-bolt, place the pole into it and tighten it perfectly.

Take a screw out where you want to place the stay bar. Place it carefully and screw it well and use some silicone. then,  bend the flat hole bar ensuring it is flat on the surface. Install the second stay bar following it.

Set the collars on the pole after taking out their bolts and take out their nuts too. After that make sure the bolts are set on the bar holes, and screw them partially. Then, tighten the collars with your hand.

Use a spanner and tighten them correctly after ensuring the pole is set almost. Lastly, tighten the U-bolt and hopefully, the pole is mounted successfully.                 

2. Non-Penetrating Method

Many homeowners do not intend to drill or screw their roofs. Their thought is fair enough. That’s why a solution is available for their problem.

A non-penetrating method is mounting a pole on the roof using a stand. The stand will keep it firm and set on there. No drilling or screwing is required for executing it.

All you have to do is get a good-quality rubber mat for keeping it underneath the pole stand. It will reduce any stain or corrosion affecting the roof.

Stormy wind may shake the pole and the stand and thus, its position can be changed. So, make a concrete block according to the stand size to set it firmly.             

3. Strap Mounting Method

The strap mounting method is applicable mostly around the chimney. A chimney plays the role of giving a tight strong hold to the pole.

You need to collect steel straps, brackets, and a wrench. We recommend using two or three straps and brackets for a step ahead of security.

Now, wrap the steel straps around the chimney and tighten their mast on the brackets. Use the other side of the brackets for engaging the pole with the mass.         

Your mission is done perfectly. Fortunately, this method does not need any screwing or drilling on the roof.    

Is an Antenna Placed Outside Better than Indoors? 

Answer: Yes, an antenna that is placed outside is much better than placing it inside. It will serve you the best in case your house is far from the broadcast network. Try to avoid trees near the antenna to protect it.   

Is Wood Safe for an Antenna Mast? 

Answer: Yes, wood is considered safe for an antenna mast. When you are mounting the antenna on the roof, make sure the mast is strong. Moreover, it should have the quality to prevent water from affecting it.       

What Happens if You Drill or Screw the Roof?

Answer: If you drill or screw the roof, it may invite leakage issues on the roof. Also, the shingles can be damaged. Therefore, you should not try it without accurate knowledge or guidance. 

Final Thoughts

No doubt, the above-discussed methods will drive away your anxiety regarding how to mount a pole on a roof. You can consider them according to your roof type and inspect which one will work the best.

Now, your TV antenna, wireless router pole, or dish satellite can effortlessly be mounted on the roof. Moreover, these are proved secure for the roof. So, do not delay anymore and complete the task.       

Please be cautious and let us know how you felt about it. Would love to hear from you soon.

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