Know All Lawn Mower Blade Bolt Size in 2023

lawn mower blade bolt size

In a lawn mower, the blades are secured with the bolts. And, this connection or tension of the blades depend mostly on the bolts.

But, you may get worried about how to fix a stuck lawn mower blade bolt?   

Repair the stuck blade bolt by turning off the mower, using a rust penetrating spray, cleaning around the bolt, using a hammer and removing or readjusting the bolt.

Another important matter is the lawn mower blade bolt size while heading toward replacing the bolts. You can get everything ready in this article.

So, stay connected till the end to collect the trifles. 

Lawn Mower Blade Bolt Size of Different Brands

Not every mower brand and each type of mower has the same size blade bolt. And, this confuses the buyers mostly as the bolt size is not mentioned anywhere. 

Therefore, take a glance at the list of lawn mower blade bolt sizes and match it with your lawn mower. 

SerialLawn MowersBolt Size
1John Deere25mm×12mm
2Craftsman3/8 inches
3Briggs and Stratton5/8 inches
5Toro5/8 inches
6Cub Cadet3/4 inches
7Honda3/8 inches
8Husqvarna7/16 inches

How to Loosen an Over Tightened Lawn Mower Blade Bolt?

Lawn mower blade bolt stuck or overtightened can cause the mower blades to malfunction. Also, the lawn mower blade bolt direction can be changed or wrongly turned.

So, the ways to loosen or adjust the overtightened lawn mower blade bolt are:

• Turn off the mower

• Use a rust penetrating spray

• Clean around the bolt

• Remove or readjust the bolt

Well, don’t forget to check each of them.

Step 1: Turn Off the Mower

First, ensure the disconnection of the mower and to do this, turn it off and the ignition key.

As you are going to work with the mower deck and blade area, this is required. Besides, disengage the spark plug and the battery for a level up safety.

Step 2: Use a Rust Penetrating Spray

As the bolt gets stuck when rust attacks it due to dirt, debris and corrosion. Rust can not be removed with the regular cleaning procedure.

That’s why you have to get a rust penetrating spray and apply it on the blade bolt. Make sure each part of it is getting in touch with the spray.

Step 3: Clean Around the Bolt

After that, be patient and get back to work after 15 to 20 minutes. Because the spray works best within this much duration.

At this point, you have to clean the bolt and around it. Get a wire brush and use it slowly to erase the rust that is getting loose by the spray.

Step 4: Remove or Readjust the Bolt

Now, try to take out the blade bolt. In case there is still rust visible, repeat the process. Also, use a hammer gently on the bolt as it loosens the stuck bolt tension.

Finally, you can remove the bolt if it is badly attacked with rust and install a new one. Otherwise, readjust it after cleaning it and its location.

What is the Torque for a Lawn Mower Blade Bolt?

Answer: For a lawn mower blade bolt, the torque should be around 70 and 95 foot pounds. Even 90 is efficient for most of the mowers. In case you have a walk behind lawn mower, set the blade bolt torque from 35 to 50 foot pounds.

Are All Lawn Mower Blade Bolts the Same Size?

Answer: Not at all and you won’t find the same size of blade bolt in all lawn mowers. It is because the mower sizes vary from one another and the same goes for their deck size. Similarly, as the blades come with different sizes, the bolt sizes are diverse, too.

End Words

From now on, you can easily fix the mower blade bolts when they are in a stuck position or the tension is not accurate. Moreover, if you are about to change the bolt, you can easily match the size from the chart.

Certainly, without knowing the lawn mower blade bolt size, you can not get the right size bolt for the blades. So, save the article for taking help in future.

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