Read Kubota ZD21 Parts Diagram & Fix It’s Problems

kubota zd21 problems

One of the well-known Kubota zero turn mowers is Kubota ZD21 for its outstanding performance. But, like other machines, it gets in touch with several issues.

I guess you have the question in mind that what are the Kubota ZD21 common problems?

These are the mower starting with difficulties, blade stopped rotating, faults in hydraulics, transmission system with errors, and issues in steering.

Not only this tiny info, there is a lot left to learn regarding the Kubota ZD21 problems and their fixes. Fortunately, you have everything ready here.

So, let’s get started without further ado.

Short Overview: Kubota ZD21 Problems

The highlight of the Kubota ZD21 issues will lead you to detect them in a less time. Along with them, the solutions are also listed here.

Therefore, check out the table for better assistance.

Serial            Problems                        Solutions
1Starting with DifficultiesRefill the Battery with Acid, Reset or Replace the Thermostat
2Blade Stopped RotatingGet a New Mower Belt
3Faults in HydraulicsSecure the Seals and Replace the Gaskets
4Transmission System with ErrorsClean the Fluid Line and Seal the Leakages
5Issues in SteeringReplace the Steering Pump and Cylinder

In-Depth Discussion: Kubota ZD21 Problems

Though the table is showing a way to the Kubota ZD21 issues, the details will guide to solve them. Also, you will meet the process of Kubota ZD21 troubleshooting in this segment.

For that reason, let’s dive into the discussion.

1: Kubota ZD21 Starting with Difficulties

Kubota ZD21 starting problems occur mostly when the battery falls in need of acid and due to its poorness, the starter fails to work.

Also, the thermostat tends to remain at one state and doesn’t respond to commands. Gradually, the mower stops starting and may not work even at your best try.

Solution: Refill the Battery with Acid, Reset or Replace the Thermostat

Kubota ZD21 starter problems are not a matter to ignore. Therefore, your duty is to go through the battery and its acid level. Refilling it will surely resolve the error.

As for the thermostat, resetting it may work but if not, replacing it is the way left. All these will surely get you out of Kubota will not start.

2: Kubota ZD21 Blade Stopped Rotating

When the blades of the Kubota ZD21 mower stop rotating, it becomes a matter of weird concern. In case you find them fit, sharp and fine, the problem is generated from somewhere else.

Well, I am indicating the mower belt that helps the belt in doing its job. A remarkable sign of a faulty mower belt is that it slips from its fixed position due to getting overstretched.

Another one is debris attacking it through the pulleys and it gets stuck there. Thus, the blades fall in a situation to stay firm not to rotate.

Solution: Get a New Mower Belt

If these situations are seen, you should try cleaning the mower belt. Be aware of removing it to purify, otherwise, it may get loose.

However, if that doesn’t make any difference, get a new mower belt suitable with your Kubota ZD21. Luckily, it is much cheaper than repairing and replacing again.

3: Kubota ZD21 Faults in Hydraulics

One of Kubota ZD21 hydraulic problems is noise coming from this system and mostly when the mower is on duty.

It is because if the seals and connections become loose, they let the air go inside, which is not good.

This issue reaches the Kubota ZD21 hydraulic pump and it malfunctions a lot. Air barricades in its regular pumping.

Solution: Secure the Seals and Replace the Gaskets

To avoid this tiresome trouble, you have to check the seals and the connections well. Then, start securing them following the Kubota ZD21 manual as it has the instructions.

After that, taking a look at the gaskets is essential for knowing how they are doing. I prefer replacing them if you encounter them worn out even if it is little.

4: Kubota ZD21 Transmission System with Errors

One Of the common Kubota ZD21 transmission problems is the transmission fluid leaks on its way back to the oil tank. The pretty small holes or cracks or through worn out seals, the fluid comes out.

The root cause of it is in the fluid line that gets clogged over time due to uncleanliness or excessive debris in the fluid.

As it stays blocked, the fluid can not go to the tank and find ways to come out.

Solution: Clean the Fluid Line and Seal the Leakages

Getting rid of the transmission system errors is effortless and demands a few quick fixes.

First, move to the fluid line and try to clean it and you can use a cleaner, too. In case it is hard to clean and the debris is stuck there, replace it.

As for the tiny leakages, it is better to secure them again with new seals.

5: Kubota ZD21 Issues in Steering

The Kubota ZD21 steering problems is a tough one as it gives more troubles than other difficulties.

One of its reasons is the steering pump not pumping well and thus, the oil can not reach the steering.

Also, the steering cylinder with leakages is not at all good for the mower. It is because the cylinder gets empty soon and it needs to be refilled again and again.

Solution: Replace the Steering Pump and Cylinder

Kubota zero turn steering problems need to be solved soon, otherwise handling the mower will be backbreaking.

Therefore, go through the regular activities of the steering pump and the steering cylinder. If any of them or both of them has issues, get a new pump and cylinder for the mower.

Kubota ZD21 Parts Diagram

Kubota ZD21 problems can let you feel the need of the mower’s parts diagram to inspect them.

Catch a sight of Kubota ZD21 parts diagram to recognize them.

kubota zd21 parts diagram

The diagram is illustrating the joint (010) with the pipe and two of these parts. Then comes the O-ring (020) and it is also two in amount.

The next part is pipe, HST, LH (030) and it is also seen at 040. The diagram also carries pipe (040), and guide pipe (045).

Last but not least parts are the bolt (050), two O-rings (060), joint (070), and the hydraulic filter (080). The diagram indicates that Kubota ZD21 hydraulic problems can be troubleshooted following the diagram.

Why Does Kubota ZD21 Lose Power?

Answer: A Kubota ZD21 losing power too fast is a sign that air is not flowing to the engine. And, it is mostly caused by the plugged air filter. Most importantly, the engine demands a certain amount of air to power up.

What is Kubota ZD21 Horsepower?

Answer: The horsepower of Kubota ZD21 is 21 hp and its engine is a diesel powered engine. No doubt, the running quality of the mower is excellent.

What is the Lifespan of Kubota ZD21?

Answer: The expected lifespan of a Kubota ZD21 zero turn mower is between 4,500 hours to 6,000 hours on average. Luckily, giving attention to its well-being can expand the expectancy appreciatively.

How Much Does a Kubota ZD21 Weigh?

Answer: A Kubota ZD21 zero turn mower comes within 1393 lbs or 631 kg.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, no doubt is left that Kubota ZD21 problems are quicker to solve after discovering them properly. Moreover, I can assume the article will be of great help for you in troubleshooting the mower.

Therefore, make the best use of the details and tips to get back the performance of your mower.

Happy troubleshooting, buddy.

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