Solved: How to Fix Kubota TG1860 Problems in 2023?

kubota tg1860 problems

Encountering issues in your Kubota TG1860 is indeed a matter of giving you a serious headache. The irregularities seem to hamper the mower even while running as usual.

But, what are the most common problems of Kubota TG1860?

The common ones are the electric unit with irregularities, steering hard to move, several hydraulic issues, transmission system with defects, frequent overheating of engine, and engine power draining quickly.

A lot of information about Kubota TG1860 problems are waiting for you to collect them along with their respective remedies.

So, let’s jump into the article.

Quick Overview: Kubota TG1860 Problems

A short list of the Kubota TG1860 problems and the ways of solving them is much easier in remembering them.

So, don’t miss the table given below.

Serial            Problems                        Solutions
1Electric unit with irregularitiesChange the ignition switch wires, clean the battery or change it
2Steering hard to moveRefill steering fluid, change the hydraulic fluid, and lubricate the steering linkage
3Several hydraulic issuesClean the fluid pipes or replace them and change the fluid
4Transmission system with defectsChange the transmission fluid and refill as required, change the clutch if damaged
5Frequent overheating of engineGo through the cooling unit, clean the components and replace if not functioning
6Engine power draining quicklyClean the air filter, fuel injector, fuel line and fuel filter, balance the engine pressure

In-Depth Solutions: Kubota TG1860 Problems

The apt summary may help you in assuming the error of Kubota TG1860 lawn mower. But, a detailed discussion of the Kubota TG1860 issues will do much more.

The problems can be inspected thoroughly to reach a decision and the corrections can be applied without any mistake.

So, go through the problems and solutions one by one.

Problem 1: Electric Unit with Irregularities

Many types of electrical issues are seen in a Kubota TG1860 lawn mower. Such a problem is the ignition switch working with bad or injured wires. It can lead to the mower’s failure in starting.

Another possible issue is the battery corroded with dirt and dust and thus, it is becoming weak day by day.

Solution: Change the Ignition Switch Wires, Clean the Battery or Change It

If the ignition switch wires seem to be defective, change them soon and till then, don’t run the mower. Otherwise, the starter may fall in threat.

As for the battery, clean it carefully. And, if cleaning doesn’t help, change it without a second thought.

Problem 2: Steering Hard to Move

Kubota TG1860 steering problems become frequent after a certain duration of using the mower. The steering feels hard to function when the fluid level goes below average.

Besides, a loose steering is another common error that is encountered for contaminated hydraulic fluid and the linkage feeling the need of lubrication.

Solution: Refill Steering Fluid, Change the Hydraulic Fluid and Lubricate the Steering Linkage

First, check the steering fluid level and fill it again with the required amount. Be cautious to avoid excessive fluid levels.

As for the hydraulic fluid, throw away the old one and change to a new one. Finally, lubricate the steering linkage carefully.

Problem 3: Several Hydraulic Issues

Kubota TG1860 hydraulic issues are another frequently experienced matter. These are invited when the hydraulic pipes reach the clogged condition and don’t let fluid go through them.

Moreover, they can get leakages and lead the fluid to leak outside. Through them, air can get mixed and cause more troubles in the hydraulic unit. 

Solution: Clean the Fluid Pipes or Replace Them, Change the Fluid

Clean the hydraulic fluid pipes carefully to erase the clogged problem. If you notice leakages, replace them with new ones.

Using air contaminated fluid is not recommended at all. So, change the fluid immediately by ensuring compatibility.

Problem 4: Transmission System with Defects

Any defects in the transmission system can become a serious problem if you are not paying attention to it.

As for the causes of it, I experienced using old transmission fluid is the most common one. Because old fluid doesn’t possess the compatibility or workability with time. Moreover, the clutch can need replacement, too.

Solution: Change the Transmission Fluid, Refill as Required, Change the Clutch

I prefer changing the transmission fluid first to see if it makes any sense. If not, try refilling the fluid as much as needed.

Then, move to the clutch and if it is old enough, replace the clutch with a suitable one.

Problem 5: Frequent Overheating of Engine

An overheating engine is not at all a good condition for running it. There are several mistakes that can let it happen.

A frequent one is the cooling unit not working properly or having excessive dirt and debris. Being irregular in cleaning the components can let them get damaged, too.

Solution: Check Cooling Unit, Clean the Components, or Replace

First, you should check the cooling unit and to ensure its affectivity, clean it properly.

Do not leave its components uncleaned and a dry cloth is all needed for it. If you encounter any injuries in them, go with the replacing option.

Problem 6: Engine Power Draining Quickly

The engine of a Kubota TG1860 can have the error of draining power too quickly. My experience says that the clogged air filter or fuel lines can cause it.

Also, dirty fuel injectors can hinder the regular activities of the fuel. However, an imbalanced engine pressure is a matter to look at in this regard.

Solution: Clean Air Filter, Fuel Injector, Fuel Lines and Filter, Balance Engine Pressure

I suggest cleaning the air filter and fuel lines with much care and attention to ensure air and fuel are going through them.

Fuel injector also requires a cleaning procedure on a regular basis. Make sure the engine is having a balanced pressure while running.

What Engine is in a Kubota TG1860?

Answer: A Kubota TG1860 is featured with a Kubota D722-E engine. It is a four stroke, air cooled, inline one with the displacement of 43.9 cu in and horsepower of 18 hp (3,000 RPM). It uses diesel to run and the starter is electric.

Why Won’t My Kubota TG1860 Start?

Answer: In case your Kubota TG1860 is not starting, the engine throttle lever is set in a wrong position. Another effective reason is the battery with defective or corroded wiring connections or it is completely out off work. 

Final Verdict

In the end, I must admit that every Kubota TG1860 user should have enough knowledge of the mower’s issues. It guides in detecting them at the early stage that helps in remedying them quickly.

Otherwise, he may end up being confused when troubles attack the mower. For that reason, take notes from the Kubota TG1860 problems and make sure to check their solutions, too.

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