[Solved!] Kubota T1560 Parts Diagram

kubota t1560 parts diagram

Experiencing problems in a Kubota T1560 lawn tractor is not less than a concerning incident. Its parts undergo usual lawn duties and thus, common for them to fall in danger.

But, what are the most important parts of Kubota T1560?

They are the front axle, steering, engine, muffler system, mower link, fuel system, brake, electrical system, hood/chassis, and rear wheel.

In case you do not know where the location of these parts is, the article has a Kubota T1560 parts diagram with an explanation full of in-depth info.

So, why don’t you get started?

What to Catch About Kubota T1560 Specs Before the Diagram?

Before you dive into the diagram, Kubota T1560 specs will ease your task of inspecting the parts.

So, scroll below and catch sight of them.

1. Engine

• Engine Model: KawasakiFC420V

• Fuel Type: Gasoline

• Cylinders: 1

• Engine Type: Air cooled, four stroke, inline

• Displacement: 25.8 cu-in

• Horsepower: 14 HP

2. Transmission

• Transmission Type: Hydrostatic

• Chassis: 4×2 (2WD)

• Gears: Infinite reverse and forward

3. Others

• Width: 52 Inches

• Length: 67.3 Inches

• Weight: 528 lbs

• Battery: 12V

• Starter: Electric

• Spark Plug: NGK BPR5ES

What else can be mentioned in the praise of Kubota T1560?

So, I won’t drag the suspension anymore and take you to the diagram.

In-Depth Talk: Kubota T1560 Parts Diagram

So many are already described and now, it is time for the Kubota T1560 parts diagram.

Take a look at the diagram and don’t forget to go through its discussion.

The diagram illustrates that the engine and the fuel system are quite close to each other. They are protected with a hood or chassis and it is placed above them.

Moving to the left side, the steering, and the speed change unit are noticeable. The electrical system is located inside the tractor and covered with the hood. 

Taking a look at the lower side of the diagram, the transmission or rear wheel and mower link is visible. The positions of the brake, muffler system and the front axle are depicted in the diagram.

However, an easier way to troubleshoot Kubota T1560 is knowing the functions of each part. To get the Kubota T1560 parts list, continue reading the article.

1. Front Axle

In balancing the heavy weight and assisting the power to reach the wheels, a front axle is required.

2. Steering

The steering is for controlling the tractor while running by letting it go forward, backward and to turn.

3. Engine

The heart of the tractor is the engine that runs the tractor.

4. Muffler System

The muffler system is for decreasing the sound or noise created in the exhaust unit.

5. Mower Link

Mower link performs the job of taking the steering wheel’s signals to the wheels.

6. Fuel System

The fuel system is a complete unit that provides enough fuel to the engine.

7. Brake

Brake is used for stopping the tractor or its engine in a sudden moment.

8. Electrical System

The electrical system delivers the needed electric power to the entire tractor.

9. Hood/Chassis

Hood or chassis is for covering the internal components from damages or dirt or debris.

10. Rear Wheel

The tractor can run smoothly and go in a balanced line with the rear wheel.

Is the Kubota T1560 a Good Tractor?

Answer: Of course, Kubota T1560 is a wonderful lawn tractor manufactured with an efficient gasoline engine. The engine is Kawasaki FC420V and for a lawn, look no other way than this tractor.

What is the Engine RPM Range of Kubota T1560?

Answer: The RPM range of the Kubota T1560 engine is up to 3,600 RPM and the horsepower is 14 hp. Undoubtedly, these numbers are enough to make the engine appreciative.

What are the Kubota T1560 Problems?

Answer: The most common Kubota T1560 problems are the engine suddenly stops while running, battery not charging, the engine backfires, the tractor doesn’t move, and the steering gets frozen.

End Note

On the whole, I can assure that even a newbie can explore the parts with the diagram and maintain their good health.

For that reason, I suggest you use the Kubota T1560 parts diagram whenever you step forward to check the tractor. To be honest, your purpose will be done in a short time as you know where to look.

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