[Solved] Kubota Fault / Error Codes List in 2023

kubota fault codes list

Is your Kubota tractor showing fault codes continuously?

Well, don’t worry as the code is for letting you be aware of the issues and a sign for reaching them quickly. Sad but the truth is as Kubota tractors endure many loads of jobs, they are a favorite of troubles.

But, what are the most common fault codes of Kubota?

The most common codes of Kubota are related to the engine, fuel system, transmission unit, and overall components.

Fortunately, you came to the right article as it carries the Kubota fault codes list of different units and models. Moreover, their indications are also listed respectively.

So, step ahead and let me break them down for you.

Kubota Engine Fault Codes List

Imagine your Kubota tractor is appearing with trouble codes that are of the engine unit and you are not able to get that correctly.

 We know that anything wrong with the engine should not be ignored and if avoided, massive issues are on the way to cost you more. For that reason, engine fault codes should be checked quickly in order to keep the engine secure.

Therefore, some of the frequent Kubota engine fault codes are listed below and take a glance at them.

SerialFault Codes                        Meanings
11002Coolant temperature of engine is going above normal
213010Sensor of engine coolant temperature stopped working
313011Sensor of engine coolant temperature is way to decreased
413040Temperature sensor of engine’s air to air intake stopped functioning
53007Sensor circuit of engine coolant temperature is above normal
6E10128Engine coolant is in need of coolant fluid
7E10230Sensor of engine speed delivering high voltage

Kubota Fuel System Error Codes List

A bitter truth is anything wrong in the fuel system ultimately leads to the engine malfunctioning. For example, fuel filters or fuel lines or fuel injectors in danger won’t let the engine work with enough fuel as required.

I guess you are getting my point that keeping away engine problems are also related with the fuel system’s troubles. Luckily, Kubota keeps that in mind and reminds the user with fuel system error codes.

Check out the chart to learn about the error codes.  

SerialFault Codes                        Meanings
11044Sensor of fuel level has gone below 2.0 ohm
21045Open circuit of ALL fuel level sensor turned white
311011Voltage of fuel level sensor is way too decreased
43060Injector is in unidentified trouble in Cylinder-1
5418Drain the excessive water from the fuel filter
6429Fuel sensor is in need of more water

Kubota Transmission System Trouble Codes List 

Another essential unit of a Kubota tractor is its transmission system that assists the engine in holding its performance while balancing the speed. So, you can understand it is unavoidable to take care of this system.

To guide you in this regard, I have already gathered the frequently seen error codes of the transmission system and explained their indications.

So, make your stay worthwhile taking a gander at the list.

SerialFault Codes                        Meanings
1E1007Transmission clutches are failed to be in position
2E10043Voltage of front hitch position height is below average
3E10292Bottom hitch is misplaced while calibration

Kubota Sidekick Error Codes

To keep a Kubota Sidekick on duty, troubleshooting its error codes is required. But, all codes have their particular indications and you have to know that.

That’s why here you can get the Kubota Sidekick error codes with meanings.

SerialError Codes                        Meanings
1E01The speed of engine is going faster
2E02The speed of engine is below average
3E03The temperature of engine is too high
4E04Oil is not reaching the engine
5E05Fuel is not reaching the engine
6E06Lack of air detective in the engine
7E07Engine is lacking of water

Other Fault Codes List of Kubota

Though you have encountered fault codes of a few essential units, there are a lot more than them. Yes, you heard it right. Kubota tractors can come up with error codes of different units and you have to recognize them in a jiffy.

Take a look at the some other codes and their indications list to start the troubleshooting process.

SerialFault Codes                        Meanings
14140Spool of rear remote 3 is failed to be in neutral
2E10229Voltage is above normal in battery voltage sensing
31086PMU controller has lost connection
418051Y-axis position of Joystick 1 is facing low voltage
510036Controller memory failed to show information of displayed performance
612021Auxiliary controller is out of connection

Kubota BX2680 Fault Codes List

Among the tractors of Kubota BX series, BX2860 has a level of fame. Is there anyone ignorant of its amazing performance?

Well, the backbreaking journey starts when this tractor lets you meet the fault codes. To be honest, they are super easy to solve as soon as you get in contact with the issue.

Therefore, stay for a while to go through the table.

SerialFault Codes                        Meanings
11029Switch of DIFF lock has stopped responding
21015Voltage of ALL cluster system is below the normal range
313031Sensor voltage of hydraulic oil temperature is below average
410037Information of implement width is not available as Controller memory malfunctioning
512121Color performance monitor is out of contact
61025Sensor voltage of foot throttle is way to above normal

Where Can I Find the Kubota Fault Codes?

Answer: An easier manner to find Kubota fault codes is the manual book provided with the Kubota tractor. If it is lost, the dealer or manufacturer can help with another one. Secondly, the monitor of the Kubota tractor has all the codes with particular and specific meanings.

What is the Kubota Error Code 10014?

Answer: Your Kubota tractor will remind you with the error code 10014 when the front suspension falls in need of calibration. This error message is telling you to calibrate it soon.

What is Kubota’s Trouble Code 10038?

Answer: Kubota trouble code 10038 refers to the error of controller memory. In other words, the controller memory fails to show the information of a valid remote timer. If it is not solved, the controller memory will stop responding, too.

How Do I Reset the Error Code on My Kubota Tractor?

Answer: Resetting error codes on a Kubota tractor can be completed by disconnecting the tractor’s battery. You can also try fixing the sensor if the codes are still not going away after erasing the indicated trouble.

The Verdict

In the end, there is no confusion that troubleshooting the Kubota tractors becomes effortless and quick when you are aware of the error codes meanings. Without realizing them, you may not even get to know if there is any irregularity and its whereabouts.

For that reason, get along with the Kubota fault codes list and try to make a note of their definitions. Thus, your Kubota will run more efficiently than before as the errors will be driven away by you.

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