[Solved!] How to Kubota DPF Problems in 2023?

kubota dpf problems

The Kubota engine is facing difficulties with the DPF and not functioning as it used to is a common matter. There are several Kubota DPF issues that may blow your peace.

They can even turn off the entire engine or the tractor or the mower while running on a busy day. But, the concerning matter is what are the common Kubota DPF problems? 

The most common ones are the dirty or clogged DPF, failing to burn soot, incompatible fuel cleaner or injector or additive, DPF not functioning, fuel economy deteriorating, and visible black smoke in the exhaust.

Though there are some Kubota DPF problems, their fixes are also required to drive them away. Fortunately, this discussion has got your back and listed everything with details.

So, let’s end the suspension and learn them together.

Quick Overview: Kubota DPF Problems and Fixes

An apt and clear concept of the Kubota DPF problems are listed here with the specific solutions of them.

So, don’t hurry and take a look at the table.

Serial            Problems                        Solutions
1Dirty and clogged DPFClean the DPF or replace it if damaged
2Failing to burn sootRun the Kubota tractor or mower for a long time
3Incompatible fuel cleaner or injector or additiveCheck the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer
4DPF not functioningEnsure the correct oil type and do not let it go below average
5Fuel economy deterioratingInspect the DPF and repair the irregularities
6Visible black smoke in the exhaustPurify the DPF or change it with a new one if hard to clean

Complete Discussion: Kubota DPF Problems and Fixes

Aren’t you trying to figure out which DPF problem your Kubota is showing?

I guess my assumption is right on point. However, you can find that out with the help of the in-depth facts.

Therefore here in this segment, you will get the details of both Kubota DPF problems and the ways of how to stop DPF problems.

So, why don’t you go through them one by one?

Problem 1: Dirty and Clogged DPF

The most common Kubota DPF issue is its dirty and clogged health condition. As it works with regular soot and ash, it becomes dirty.

And, not going through the cleaning process makes it clogged. Thus, it can become bad.

Fix: Clean the DPF or Replace it if Damaged

First, try to clean it and removing it may ease the purifying process. Nowadays DPF cleaners are also available.

In case it is not cleanable and already damaged, replace the DPF.

Problem 2: Failing to Burn Soot

After a certain period, you can observe that the DPF is not burning soot anymore. The fact is it is operating absolutely fine but the burning process is failing.

The reason behind it is the short runs of the Kubota tractor. As the tractor runs for a very short time, the temperature of DPF fails to increase and burn the soot.

Fix: Run the Kubota Tractor or Mower for a Long Time

Whenever you notice this trouble, try to remember if you are running the tractor for a short time.

Then, increase the run time and let the DPF warm up. Thus, it will burn the soot.

Problem 3: Incompatible Fuel Cleaner or Injector or Additive

An incompatible fuel cleaner or injector or additive won’t let the Kubota DPF work as it used to.

It is because they can carry less efficiency and clean the fuel less than required. It results in clogging the DPF with excessive dirt and soot and you encounter the DPF with defects.

Fix: Check the Owner’s Manual or Contact the Manufacturer

Not all fuel clear or injector and even the additives are compatible with the Kubota DPF. They can vary depending on the DPF model.

So, look for the correct ones in the owner’s manual and contacting the manufacturer can help, too.

Problem 4: DPF Not Functioning

A DPF not functioning is a growing threat for the Kubota engine and the tractor as the soot won’t burn anymore.

Searching for its reasons, I got the wrong oil type leading to the issue. Not only this, when you put less oil or the oil level goes below required, the DPF may have difficulties in functioning.

Solution: Ensure the Correct Oil Type, and Do Not Let it go Below Average

To get the DPF unit back in duty, I suggest you ensure the correct and recommended oil type for your Kubota engine.

Moreover, do not put oil more or less than the suggested amount. You can crosscheck it to avoid further issues.

Problem 5: Fuel Economy Deteriorating

A deteriorating fuel economy is the result of a malfunctioning DPF. You may wonder how this is possible.

Well, the operations of DPF are related to fuel economy. When the DPF gets clogged, the entire engine unit is badly influenced due to it. And, therefore the fuel economy may not stay satisfying.

Solution: Inspect the DPF and Repair the Irregularities

In most cases, small irregularities in the DPF unit can also cause this issue. For this reason, you should check its components with extra attention.

If repairing them doesn’t seem to solve it, try replacing the DPF.

Problem 6: Visible Black Smoke in the Exhaust

The exhaust unit sometimes shows the back smoke but at a point, the smoke can come in a noticeable amount.

When the DPF fails to work, the soot that it used to burn gets clogged there. Gradually, it affects the exhaust unit and the black smoke is the ultimate outcome.

Solution: Purify the DPF and Change it With a New

First of all, purifying the DPF is the most important task you should perform. Be cautious while doing it to avoid any injuries to it.

In case purifying it doesn’t lessen the black smoke, change the DPF as a safer option.

What Happens When Kubota DPF Fails?

Answer: A faulty Kubota DPF can bring about more possibilities of poor engine performance and most importantly,  exhaust emissions can rise due to it. So, DPF failure is certainly a serious situation to be concerned about.

How Long Does DPF Regen Take on a Kubota Tractor?

Answer: On a kubota tractor, the DPF regen seems to take about 20 minutes. This number can vary according to the equipment type, but most of them are noticed with this average one.

End Words

In the end, a matter is clear that a faulty DPF won’t perform its duties and it will affect the engine along with the entire equipment’s performance.

To keep the Kubota DPF problems away, follow the tips mentioned till now. Make sure to double check the issues to drive away the fear of applying the wrong solution.

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