Kawasaki Lawn Mower Engine Turns Over But Won’t Start?

kawasaki engine turns over but won't start

Is your Kawasaki engine not starting as usual?

Well, that’s a common case that happens to every user.

But, why does Kawasaki engine turn over but won’t start?

The possible reasons are the starter motor not responding, fouled spark plug, less voltage from battery, starter solenoid with faults, and bad safety switch.

Fortunately, you are at the right article that has the reasons why a Kawasaki engine turns over but won’t start. The remedies are provided, too.

So, why don’t you dive in?

Quick Overview: Kawasaki Engine Turns Over But Won’t Start?

Get the summarized list of the root causes of a Kawasaki engine turns over but won’t start along with the fixes.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Starter motor not respondingChange the starter motor
2Fouled spark plugGet a new spark plug
3Less voltage from batteryCheck the wirings or install a new battery
4Starter solenoid with faultsInspect the wires and ensure continuity
5Bad safety switchCheck the connections or replace it

In-Depth Solutions: Kawasaki Engine Turns Over But Won’t Start?

The Kawasaki engine not turning on can feel like backbreaking endurance. However, you can handle it well with the required details.

Keeping that in mind, I have discussed both the reasons and the remedies in this part.

So, continue reading to learn them well.

Reason 1: Starter Motor Not Responding

The starter motor not responding is an outcome of its internal issues.

For example, the nuts or washer inside it can get damaged and these defective parts guide the motor in malfunctioning. Consequently, the engine may turn over but refuses to start.

Solution: Change the Starter Motor

Checking the internal components of the starter motor can show you the parts health condition. If they are discovered with defects, change the Kawasaki engine starter motor.

Reason 2: Fouled Spark Plug

A fouled spark plug has a noticeable impact in letting the engine feel the lack of sparks.

As the plug doesn’t create the regular amount of sparks, the engine fails to get started. You must give it a proper check.

Solution: Get a New Spark Plug

In the case of a fouled spark plug, no repairing works well. For that reason, you should get a new spark plug with the same compatibility.

Reason 3: Less Voltage From Battery

Over time, the battery on a Kawasaki engine can get weak or old.

Besides, when the cables or wires of it feel loosened, the voltage may not flow as usual. As a result, the engine’s need for voltage in starting remains incomplete.

Solution: Check the Wirings or Get a New Battery

First, you should clean the entire battery unit including the wires. Then, adjust them according to the requirement. Get a new battery if you notice the issue is still there.

Reason 4: Starter Solenoid with Faults

A faulty starter solenoid is a noteworthy barrier for the Kawasaki engine.

Because, the solenoid doesn’t let the voltage go to the starter motor through it. As it gets disconnected or has faults, the problem is encountered by the rider.

Solution: Inspect the Wires and Ensure Continuity

In most cases, the solenoid just has loose connections and loses the continuity. So, readjust the wires of it with the motor and observe the continuity of it.

Reason 5: Bad Safety Switch

You may get on the lawn mower or tractor and sit on the rider’s seat, but the safety switch remains idle.

Well, that’s a sign that the switch is already bad. We know that a safety switch helps the engine in starting but a bad one hinders the engine.

Solution: Check the Connections or Replace It

In the case of a safety switch, you must check all its connections are secured. Move to replacing the switch if nothing seems to be working.

How Do I Know if My Kawasaki Engine Spark Plugs are Bad?

Answer: Bad spark plugs on a Kawasaki engine don’t let the engine respond to starting procedure and stops the engine while running. From misfiring to engine stalling, bad spark plugs can cause them.

Why Does My Kawasaki Engine Turn Over but Won’t Start?

Answer: A Kawasaki engine can fall into issues like both air and fuel filter in plugged condition and the carburetor is left uncleaned. These are the mostly seen reasons behind the issue.

Final Verdict

Finally, I can guess that you have already collected the tips for a Kawasaki engine turns on but won’t start. A friendly reminder is that performing regular maintenance can let all these reasons stay away from the engine.

So, it is my recommendation to you and if the engine is still having troubles while starting. Don’t hesitate to consult an expert in case your fixes aren’t working.

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