[Solved!] John Deere Z915B Parts Diagram

john deere z915b parts diagram

John Deere Z915B zero turn lawn mower leaves the audience stunned when the matter is regarding its performance. But, as problems are common to lawn mowers, its parts can also catch them.

However, don’t you get the query in mind about what are the most important John Deere Z915B parts?

Well, they are deck tensioner pulley, idler pulley, deck drive belt, deck belt shield, discharge mower blades, spindle assembly, blade washer, and spindle sheave.

However, troubleshooting the parts is going to be hazardous if your idea is empty in the case of the components. Therefore, the John Deere Z915B parts diagram is illustrated with sufficient info.

So, let’s get started.

What to Look at Before the John Deere Z915B Diagram?

john deere z915b

To be honest, John Deere Z915B is a top-notch zero turn mower to have for your lawn or farm. As we are on the way to its parts diagram, why don’t we check out some of its eye-catching specs?

Continue reading, buddy.

1. Engine Specs

• Fuel Type: Gasoline

• Displacement: 747 CC

• Horsepower: 25 HP (3600 RPM)

• Cylinders: 2

2. Capacity

• Fuel Tank Capacity: 43.5 Litre

• Crankcase Capacity: 1.9 Litre

• Battery Voltage: 12V

3. Others

• Height: 73 Inches

• Weight: 534 Kg

• Length: 84 Inches

• Drive: V-Belt

• Lubrication: Full Pressure

• Cutting Thickness: 0.25 Inch

At this point, I can assume that you are being impatient to meet the diagram. Therefore, let me take you there.

John Deere Z915B Parts Diagram

I have already mentioned that the mower parts are a favorite of various errors that hinders the functions of the mower. Then, you have to make a decision after going through each unit thoroughly.

For that reason, this section has come up with the John Deere Z915B parts diagram. Their functions are also elaborated for you to understand them well.

That’s why let’s go and catch a sight of its described info.

John Deere Z915B comes with bolt (1), lock nut (3, 27, 33), ring (3), dust shield (4), deck tensioner pulley (8), deck belt shield (11), flange hex nut (12), idler pulley spacer (14), idler pulley (16), idler mount spacer (17), and ball bearing (22).

It also has deck belt extension spring (24), gauge wheel bolt (30), center gauge wheel (31), center gauge wheel axle (32), commercial gauge wheel (34), commercial gauge wheel axle (35) and side gauge wheel bolt (37).

The next parts are deck spindle assembly (38), lubrication fitting (39), hub (41), seal (43, 48), seal bushing (44), spindle spacer bushing (46), spindle spacing washer (47), flanged screw (50), lower grass deflector (52), and blade washer (54).

Moving to the last parts, there are washer (55), cap screw (56), spindle drive sheave (5A, 5B, 5C), deck drive belt (20A, 20B, 20C), flange nut (40A), upper deflector (42A), spindle bearing (45A), and mower blade set (53A, 53B, 53C)

Since you have seen the locations of different units, it is time for their purpose of action. I have picked the most essential ones and made a John Deere Z915B parts list.

Why don’t you scroll below to know them?

1. Deck Tensioner Pulley

To keep the belt tension balanced by ensuring pressure, deck tensioner pulley is used.

2. Idler Pulley

Idler pulley helps the mower blades in mowing or cutting grasses evenly.

3. Deck Drive Belt

John Deere Z915B deck drive belt assists both the mower and its blades in functioning.

4. Deck Belt Shield

Deck belt shield is for keeping the belt and its pulleys out of issues.

5. Discharge Mower Blades

Discharge mower blades are for cutting grasses and giving the lawn an excellent look.

6. Spindle Assembly

Spindle assembly ensures the pulleys and the mower blades are performing well.

7. Blade Washer

Blade washer is for preventing loose conditions of the connections.

8. Spindle Sheave

The spindle sheave lets the mower blades engage correctly and rotate freely while cutting or mowing.

What is the Hydraulic Oil Capacity of John Deere Z915B?

Answer: A John Deere Z915B can carry up to 5.6 litre hydraulic oil.

What is the Fuel Consumption Range of John Deere Z915B?

Answer: The fuel consumption range of John Deere Z915B stays between 1.1 to 1.9 gallons per hour.

End Note

On the whole, nothing can beat the habit of doing regular maintenance of John Deere Z915B. It is regarded as a plus point in keeping the zero turn mower out of danger.

To do that well, follow the John Deere Z915B parts diagram to get homely with the components. It will also allow you to clean them according to their specific rules. Moreover, I suggest you keep the diagram for further use.

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