John Deere X320 48 inch Mower Deck Parts Diagram

john deere x320 48 inch mower deck parts diagram

A smart move in maintaining the performance of John Deere X320 lawn mower is taking regular care of its deck parts. I guess you have already met the mower deck and on the whole, many parts are there.

But, what are the major parts of John Deere X320 48 inch mower deck?

The major ones are primary belt, gauge, standard and mulching blades, roller wheels and the secondary belt.

Well, before you step ahead in troubleshooting or cleaning it, I recommend you to take the John Deere X320 48 inch mower deck parts diagram.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s jump in!

What Should You Know Before the Diagram?

john deere x320

In my opinion, reaching the root facts of a John Deere X320 lawn mower will be efficient in catching its deck diagram.

Keeping that in mind, I have picked some of its eye-catching and outstanding features that will leave you amazed. So, why don’t you catch sight of them?

1. Engine Specs

• Displacement: 726 CC

• Horsepower: 22 HP (3,600 RPM)

• Fuel Tank Capacity: 12.5 Litre

• Oil Tank Capacity: 1.9 to 2.1 Litre

2. Transmission

• Transmission Type: Hydrostatic

• Gears: Infinite reverse and forward

• Chassis: 4×2 (2WD)

3. Power Source

• Fuel Type: Gasoline

• Battery: 12V

• Spark Plug: NGK: BPR4ES

• Starter: Electric

4. Others

• Weight: 239 Kg

• Height: 43 Inches

• Width: 38.5 Inches

Don’t you think now we should hurry to the diagram? Many exciting info are waiting for you. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!

Details of John Deere X320 48 inch Mower Deck Parts Diagram 

Talking about the mower deck and its parts, who doesn’t know the importance of it?

However, even in checking the deck parts on a regular basis, you need to have a complete page of their ideas in your mind.

Therefore, let me take you to the John Deere X320 48 inch mower deck parts diagram and its explanation.

1. Belt – Primary

The first component is the primary belt that affects the mower in running forward. Moreover, to keep the blades rotating, it has a significant role.

2. Belt – Secondary

The secondary belt is at second position. It is for enriching the mower blades with enough power so that they can turn on.

3. Gauge Wheel

Gauge wheels are four in total and are for keeping the deck moving with the mower’s performance. The deck will go up and down with the help of the wheels.

4. Front Roller

Front rollers are for making the lawn surface as flat as they can while the mower runs.

5. Blade – Standard, Mulching

John Deere X320 lawn mower comes with three blades and they are both standard and mulching blades. They are appreciative for their workability in cutting to mulching grass.

How Many Blades Does a John Deere X320 Have?

Answer: A John Deere X320 lawn mower comes with three blades for mowing.

Are All John Deere Mower Decks the Same?

Answer: Absolutely no, John Deere mower decks are different in each model. But, all the decks have some components that are seen in every model. However, the sizes of the deck parts also vary from one another.

Can a John Deere Tractor Deck be Replaced?

Answer: To be honest, changing a John Deere mower deck depends on the mower series and model. Not all of them are changeable. It is because mower decks are hard to change and the chance of finding a replacement is almost zero.

Final Words

In the end, it is needless to tell how effective following the maintenance of mower deck parts can be. It also puts effort in encouraging the blades to engage, turn and rotate without any barrier.

So, take note from the John Deere X320 48 inch mower deck parts diagram to encounter such progress.

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