[Solved!] John Deere S680 Problems in 2023 +Try the Fixes!

john deere s680 problems

Among John Deere combine harvesters, John Deere S680 is worth mentioning. Unfortunately, this heavy duty harvester can meet some issues that hinders its usual activities.

However, what are the most common John Deere S680 problems?

They are the engine not starting, overload of the grain tank, defects in the electric unit, belts not staying in their locations, losing power in a short time, engine not staying cool enough, and rotor not functioning.

Here, the article will illustrate the in-depth info of John Deere S680 problems, their causes and their specific fixes so that you can get rid of them.

So, don’t go anywhere and stick till the end.

Quick Overview: John Deere S680 Problems and Solutions

Before I guide you to the major discussion, you can take a glance at the summarized list of John Deere S680 problems and solutions.

Serial            Problems                        Solutions
1Engine not startingChange the ignition coil or switch and the spark plug
2Overload of grain tankReset the settings and replace the sensors
3Defects in electric unitFix the wiring connections and replace the fuse
4Belts not staying in their locationsReset the belt tensions, change the pulleys and get new belts
5Losing power in a short timeChange the fuel and air filters if damaged, ensure good fuel injectors
6Engine not staying enough coolReplace the engine radiator and the coolant, clean the coolant lines
7Rotor not functioningRemove rocks, dirt and debris, keep the rotor neat and clean

Full Discussion: John Deere S680 Problems and Solutions

From identifying the troubles to John Deere S680 troubleshooting, everything requires proper information and enough idea of the issues.

This section is fraught with those detailed info of John Deere S680 problems and how you can solve them.

So, let’s dive in and give them a check.

Problem 1: Engine Not Starting

John Deere S680 engine problems include engine not starting as often one. The culprits of the issue can be the ignition coil or switch and the spark plug.

Both of them are related in offering sparks and power to the engine to start. But, when they catch faults and fail to operate, the engine goes through hazards while starting.

Fix: Change the Ignition Coil or Switch and the Spark Plug

First, you have to make an inspection of the ignition coil along with its switch and also the spark plug. If you see any irregularities in their wires, they can be easily repaired.

In case the issues lie in the components, zero ways are left than changing the ignition coil or switch and the spark plug.

Problem 2: Overload of Grain Tank

Overload issue of grain tanks occurs when the settings are not done accurately and leading the tank to get more grain than capacity.

The same thing happens when sensors are not responding correctly and showing wrong numbers.

Fix: Reset the Settings and Replace the Sensors

As soon as you see the trouble, check the settings and reset them for a step ahead solution.

Then, move to the sensors and observe their activities. Noticing anything irregular demands them to be replaced.

Problem 3: Defects in Electric Unit

Among the John Deere electrical problems, loose connections of the wirings are mostly seen. As the harvester undergoes heavy-duty performance, the wirings can get loosened from their locations.

They can also get corroded by the attack of dirt and dust. However, another one is the fuse that can get blown or damaged. Also, if its wirings are not correctly done, it won’t function as regular.

Fix: Fix the Wiring Connections and Replace the Fuse

Electric issues are not so light to be avoided. So, check the connections of the wirings and clean them before anything else.

Then, tighten them as per demand. The same goes for the fuse and if it still doesn’t work, replace it soon.

Problem 4: Belts Out of Position

One of the most common John Deere S680 is the belts of it are not staying in their positions. Both the deck belt and deck drive belt can go through it.

As they work regularly, the tension of them can get loose or they can get stretched on a noteworthy condition. Thus they get bad or the pulleys can affect them, too.

Solution: Reset Belt Tensions, Change Pulley or Get New Belts

In my opinion, when you check or clean the John Deere S680 deck, you should reset the tensions of the belts.

In this way, you can know if they are alright or not. If not, get new and the same sized belts. As for the bad pulleys, changing them is the smart fix.

Problem 5: Losing Power in a Short Time

A John Deere S680 losing power in a short time is a common complaint of many users. After a certain period, the filters of its air and fuel unit can become bad completely.

Or, the fuel injectors can get defective and operate with wrong pressure. All these are responsible for forcing the engine to lose power before time.

Solution: Change Fuel and Air Filters, Ensure Good Fuel Injectors

To be honest, both the air filter and fuel filter have a demand for regular maintenance. And, irregularity in that affects them too early.

So, change them if they are found fouled. The same goes for the fuel injectors and do not delay in changing them.

Problem 6: Engine Not Staying Cool

The cooling temperature of the engine is a must when the harvester is running. But, the malfunctioning radiator won’t let it cool down.

It can also come up when the coolant of the engine is left uncleaned for a long time. This habit is like a friend for dirt and debris to live in the coolant lines.

Solution: Replace Engine Radiator or the Coolant, Clean the Coolant Lines

To ensure the proper cooling down process of the engine, replace the radiator on a serious note.

Then, clean the area around the coolant along with it and change the coolant if anything wrong is observed. As for the coolant lines, purify them evenly.

Problem 7: Rotor Not Functioning

The John Deere S680 rotor not working is an event that makes the winner worried in a short moment.

Well, the issue is the result of not cleaning the rotor and its components. Also, rocks or dirt or debris are not at all suggested to leave in the rotor. All these are barriers for it to function while running.

Solution: Remove Rocks, Dirt and Debris, Keep the Rotor Neat and Clean

Everytime, after using the John Deere S680, clean the rotor. And, making it a habit can keep it away from malfunctioning.

At that time, check if there is rocks or dirt or debris in the rotor. Throw them away if you find any.

How Much Fuel Does a John Deere S680 Hold?

Answer: A John Deere S680 has the capacity of carrying 1,250 litres of fuel. And, it is featured with this quality to let the job done in one run and have a better duration to provide power to the engine.

What Engine Does a John Deere S680 Have?

Answer: John Deere S680 comes with an engine from John Deere and its model is PowerTech PSS. Its displacement is 823.9 cu in and it has 6 cylinders.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, there is no way left better than maintaining the regular care of the combine harvester. The same goes for the John Deere S680 as it performs almost all the jobs of the farm.

Moreover, John Deere S680 problems will be out of boundary in this way. Also, don’t ignore any of its issues and take actions after a thorough inspection.

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