[Solved!] John Deere RX75 Parts Diagram

john deere rx75 parts diagram

No matter, troubleshooting the John Deere RX75 parts or performing their maintenance, containing ideas of their locations to actions is indispensable.

In this case, a true guide is the John Deere RX75 parts diagram. It illustrates each part with their specific shape along with the location.

But, what are the main parts of John Deere RX75?

They are the starter, ignition coil, transmission switch and the key switch.

Surprisingly, from the diagram to this info, all are detailed in this one article.

So, without further suspension, let me drive you to the major discussion.

What to Know Before Jumping Into the Diagram?

john deere rx75

Undoubtedly, learning about the diagram is unavoidable. But, a few facts are here that need to be looked upon before your attention moves to the diagram.

They will guide you in understanding the depth of the diagram and that’s why, take a glance at them listed below.

1. Engine

• Engine Type: Air-cooled, four stroke, single cylinder

• Horsepower: 9 HP

• RPM: 3,600

• Displacement: 286 CC

2. Transmission

• Type: Gear

• Chassis: 4×2 (2WD)

• Number of Gears: 1 reverse, 7 forward

3. Capacity

• Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.8 Litre

• Oil Capacity: 1.1 Litre

4. Others

• Dry Weight: 172 Kg

• Width: 26 Inches

• Height: 39 Inches

• Battery: 12V

I can assume that you have already collected the specs of John Deere RX75. And now, it is time for you to dive into the mower’s parts diagram.

Explanation of John Deere RX75 Parts Diagram

First, let me guess. You have already met with any issues in your John Deere RX75 lawn mower. Isn’t my guess on point?

But, troubleshooting its parts will need you to proceed with sufficient info on them. That’s why check out the John Deere RX75 parts diagram and the trifles of it.

From starting the John Deere RX75 lawn mower to controlling and shutting it down, all functions are illustrated in the diagram. You can see the key switch has three options for different purposes.

Just above it, the starter and the starter solenoid are seen to have connections with other components through the wires. Low fuel switch and a fuse are located beside them.

Another key switch is here and some of its wires directly go to the regulator, transmission switch, and PTO switch. Also, the transmission switch seems to have a relationship with the PTO switch.

Seat switch, neutral start relay and PTO switch are connected. Just above them, the ignitor, stator, ignition coil and the rectifier are positioned. The regulator and the stator get connected in the rectifier.

Though the diagram is discussed, learning more about John Deere RX75 parts list can be a step ahead action. In other words, their functions, purposes, and activities can take you to a next level.

So, scroll below to take a look at them.

1. Starter

For starting the lawn mower, a starter is an unavoidable component.

2. Neutral Start Relay

Neutral start relay performs the job of raising the battery power and leading it to the starter.

3. Ignition Coil

The ignition coil receives the power and transforms that into the required amount that the mower demands. 

4. Rectifier

A rectifier is positioned to help the battery in getting charged again, from AC to DC.

5. Transmission Switch

Operating the transmission switch is easy. To keep it in gear position, open it. And, to switch to neutral, close it.

6. Stator

To assist the battery in being charged for a long time, a stator has an appreciative effort.

7. Regulator

A regulator has the duty of keeping the battery away from being overcharged.

8. Key Switch

The key switch is considered the key to let the connected components come on duty.

What is the Length of John Deere RX75?

Answer: The length of a John Deere RX75 is 61 inches or 1,540 mm. It is a standard dimension to balance the duties of a lawn or garden.

What Type of Fuel Does a John Deere RX75 Use?

Answer: A John Deere RX75 uses gasoline to power up the engine. It comes with a gasoline engine and we are already aware of the efficiency of gasoline in running a lawn mower.


In the end, no room leaves for storing any complaints for John Deere RX75 as it is excellent in itself. To keep it more efficient, maintain proper and regular care of its parts. In expanding their lifespan, this will be a workable move.

Now that you have enough idea of the John Deere RX75 parts diagram, it has become easier for you to balance their good health. For that reason, make the best use of both the diagram and the article.

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