Know John Deere MX6 Parts Diagram

john deere mx6 parts diagram

A John Deere MX6 can also come up with sudden faults as it does an appreciative job of cutting. Most of the time, its important parts are the victim of the issues.

Then, what are the major parts of John Deere MX6?

The parts are PTO shield retainer, yoke with locking collar, lubrication fitting, modular clutch, power shaft shield, cross and bearing assembly, and universal joint yoke.

Only knowing their name won’t be of any help as recognizing them is the biggest responsibility. Fortunately, everything is ready here regarding the John Deere MX6 parts diagram.

So, let’s end the suspension and continue the journey.

What Should be Known Before the Diagram?

john deere mx6

Going through the diagram and catching its parts introduction will be easier when you step ahead with a few essential information.

Check them out to learn more about John Deere MX6.

1. Cutting Capacity

• Capacity: 50 mm

• Width: 1,830 mm

• Chamber Depth: 216 mm

• Height: 25 – 241 mm

2. Blades Specs

• Type: Suction

• Thickness: 13 mm

• Width: 102 mm

• Blade Tip Speed: 5,308 m/min

3. Others

• Hitch Type: Lift Type

• Gear Cases: 1

• Tractor PTO Specs: 540 RPM – 30 HP

• Width: 75 Inches

• Length: 102 Inches

• Weight: 472 Kg

I feel even you will agree that they are going to guide you in being introduced with the rotary cutter.

So now, let me drive you to the diagram.

John Deere MX6 Parts Diagram and Instruction

An owner of a John Deere MX6 rotary cutter should know what is the name of its parts and what connects two or more parts together. It will let him realize any faults in a quicker way.

To collect more info, let’s catch a sight of the John Deere MX6 parts diagram along with its description.

In the diagram, you can see many components including universal joint yoke (1A, 7, 19), yoke with locking collar (1B), locking collar (2, 20), label (3, 17), snap ring (4), and lubrication fitting (5).

Then comes the cross and bearing assembly (6), spring pin (8, 15), shaft (9, 18), power shaft shield (10), and PTO shield retainer (11).

Last but not least parts are the tube (12, 13), link chain (14), modular clutch (16), U-joint lock pin (21), and U-joint with shaft and shield (22).

The John Deere MX6 parts are different from one another and the same goes to their purpose of function. That is also a plus point when you have an idea of them.

For that reason, take a glance at the John Deere MX6 parts list and try not to miss a single one. 

1. PTO Shield Retainer

PTO shield retainer plays the role of a protecting unit to prevent PTO stub.

2. Yoke With Locking Collar

This component is for connecting the locking collar, yoke and the snap ring together.

3. Lubrication Fitting

Lubrication fitting ensures regular lubrication to the components to avoid wear and rust.

4. Modular Clutch

The modular clutch allows the PTO shaft to work freely.

5. Power Shaft Shield

This shield protects the PTO shaft from the sharp and rotating units.

6. Cross and Bearing Assembly

This assembly is for delivering the power of the drive shaft.

7. Universal Joint Yoke

A universal joint yoke will let the drive shaft move wisely on a rough surface.

What is a John Deere MX6 Used For?

Answer: A John Deere MX6 is an excellent rotary cutter that is used mostly in pastures and cutting materials that are hard to cut with other equipment. Also, tree saplings are cut through the rotary cutter.

What is the Gearcase Horsepower of John Deere MX6?

Answer: There is only one gearcase on a John Deere MX6 rotary cutter. And its center has 75 hp and the peak has 90 hp.

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Final Verdict

I always feel that anyone can lose the user manual and fall in the confusion of recognizing the rotary cutter’s parts. The same goes for the John Deere MX6 as it is widely used for its efficiency.

As I have displayed the John Deere MX6 parts diagram, you won’t have to face the trouble. Use the diagram anytime whether it is for a regular inspection or applying any fix.

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