John Deere Mower Deck Height Adjustment Process

john deere mower deck height adjustment

Having fun with a John Deere mower depends mostly on its deck height. You may not be familiar with it but that’s the truth that the deck height influences the mower mostly.

But, how to adjust the John Deere mower deck height?

Adjust it by parking the mower, disconnecting the spark plug, ensuring the similar pressure on tires, adjusting the mower deck height, and cross checking the adjustment.

Though the John Deere mower deck height adjustment seems tough, it is much timesaving and easier. And, the article has come up with the details.

So, let’s get started without further delay.

Why Do You Need to Adjust John Deere Mower Deck?

You may wonder why the John Deere mower deck height needs to be adjusted. Well, there are many reasons behind it. Without doing it, the mower may not satisfy you with its performance.

That’s why check out the most important reasons and enhance your ideas.

1. Avoid Uneven Cut

A result of a misadjusted John Deere mower deck is uneven cut, which is undoubtedly irritating. To avoid that, the mower deck needs to be adjusted according to the growth of grass.

2. Mowing Correctly

To mow correctly with your John Deere mower, the deck height should be on point. In case it is in a wrong level, the mowing may not complete or uproot the grass.

3. Reducing Pressure on the Mower

Reducing pressure on the mower is noticeably dependent on the mower deck height. When its height is at an accurate position, the mower runs freely. If the height is wrong, the mower and its motor feels extra pressure.

However, the John Deere mower deck compatibility chart has more info about the deck.

How to Adjust the John Deere Mower Deck?

Adjusting a John Deere mower deck height demands the accuracy of the exact process. And, a few methods are available to set the John Deere mower height to the required level.

To avoid confusions and backbreaking work pressure, I have selected an easier way that is also quicker and effortless.

So, why don’t you learn the steps one by one?

Step 1: Park the Mower

First, parking your John Deere lawn mower in a levelled ground is required. Then, get the parking brake on duty using the left foot. Adjust the attachment lift lever to a height of 2 inches.

Step 2: Disconnect the Spark Plug

Now, disconnecting the spark plug is another important task. Removing its plug can disconnect it easily. Otherwise, the mower can have a sudden start when you are adjusting the deck, which is certainly dangerous.

Step 3: Ensure Similar Pressure in Tires

Then, ensure each tire has a similar amount of pressure. Taking the valve stems out, you can inspect that accurately.

Step 4: Adjust the Mower Deck Height

At this point, check the deck height in the left and rear side from the ground. It tells if you need to increase the height or decrease it.

Locate the nut on the rear link and just below it, set a wrench that is adjustable. To increase the mower deck height, rotate it clockwise. Counterclockwise is for lowering the mower deck.

Do the same on each side of the rear links.

Step 5: Crosscheck the Adjustment

Cross Checking the adjustment demands inspecting the adjusted height is equal in each side or not. If not, rotating the nut on the front draft arm can equal the height on each corner.

When Should I Lower My John Deere Mower Deck? 

Answer: John Deere mower deck should be adjusted to a lower level when the grass is just growing. In other words, if the grasses are 2 or 3 inches long, the mowing height should be lowered. But, don’t adjust to the lowest height as it can uproot the grass.

Are All John Deere Mower Decks the Same?

Answer: In case of the quality and performance of John Deere decks they are pretty same and the deck parts are also similar. But, the size and dimensions and height of the decks can vary as per which John Deere mower you are selecting. Also, the locations of the deck parts differ depending on that.

Final Words

On the whole, there is no way better than John Deere mower deck height adjustment to mow the lawn correctly. Just step ahead carefully as detailed in the article to ensure the accurate procedure.

In case you are dealing with the meanings of fault codes, check out John Deere fault codes. For troubleshooting John Deere safety switches, take help from the John Deere safety switch location.

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