[Try!] John Deere Mower Deck Compatibility Chart in 2023

john deere mower deck compatibility chart

An important part of John Deere mowers is their decks and unfortunately, they can demand a change sometimes. Because the health of the deck can deteriorate and replacing turns into unavoidable.

But, are John Deere mower decks interchangeable?

Yes, John Deere mower decks are interchangeable. But, only with the specific ones after matching the deck type, deck height capacity, dimensions and of course, deck size.

I guess you are looking for the John Deere mower deck compatibility chart for changing your mower deck. Fortunately, get it from here to find the compatible mower deck.

So, why don’t we jump into the discussion?

John Deere Mower Deck Compatibility Chart 

John Deere mower deck compatibility is decided by what type of deck and the size of it. Also, the mower series is considered in this respect.

That’s why go through the deck compatibility charts according to the factors.

1. Edge™ Deck

John Deere Edge™ decks are recognized for their deep deck feature as it ensures the cut is much even.

Take a glance at the deck compatibility chart to find one for your mower.

SerialSeriesDeck SizeCompatible Mower Decks
1100 Series42 InchesE100, E110, E120, E130
  48 InchesE140, E150, E160, E170
  54 InchesE180

2. Accel Deep Deck™

John Deere accel deep deck™ comes with a wide number of mowers as it is faster in mowing the lawn in a short time.

Here is a list of the John Deere accel deep decks™ compatible with other mowers.

SerialSeriesDeck Size            Compatible Mower Decks
1X30042 InchesX330, X350, X354, X370,
  48 InchesX330, X350, X380, X384, X390, X394
  54 InchesX380, X390
2X50048 InchesX570, X584
  54 InchesX570, X580, X584, X590
3X70048 InchesX710, X730, X734, X738, X739, X750, X754, X758
 Z Series42 InchesZ335E, Z335M, Z345M, Z345R
  48 InchesZ355E, Z355R, Z525E, Z535M, Z540M
  54 InchesZ375R, Z525E, Z535M, Z640M

3. High Capacity Deck

John Deere high capacity decks have a fame for lasting longers as they don’t carry any grass clippings after mowing.

To change your high capacity deck, check out the following chart.

SerialSeriesDeck Size            Compatible Mower Decks
1X70054 InchesX710, X730, X734, X738, X739, X750, X754, X758
  60 InchesX710, X730, X734, X738, X739, X750, X754, X758
2Z Series48 InchesZ540R, Z720E, Z735M, Z740R
  54 InchesZ535R, Z540R, Z720E, Z730M, Z735M, Z740R
  60 InchesZ540R, Z720E, Z735E, Z730M, Z735M, Z740R

How Do I Identify My John Deere Mower Deck?

When you inspect the John Deere mower deck, you may recognize it but not identify its size and type. Because these are not written on the mower deck and for this reason, your search for a new deck gets paused.

As there is a problem, the solution is also here. In a couple of ways, you can figure out your John Deere mower deck.

So, go through the steps to try them out.

Step 1: Owner’s Manual

John Deere provides an owner manual with every John Deere mower and I can assume that you also have one. In the manual, you will find each info about the mower including the deck.

Step 2: John Deere Website

The official website of John Deere has all the info of every John Deere mower. Reach the model number of your mower and write it in the ‘search’ option of the website.

The next page will surely satisfy you with the required details of the mower deck.

Step 3: Manufacturer

In case you failed to get any info till now, the manufacturer can surely help you. Because he has all the records of which mower has which deck. Once you just tell him your mower model, he will guide you with the deck’s details. 

However, the John Deere lawn tractor comparison chart can show you the deck info according to your mower model.

What Makes the John Deere Mower Decks Good?

Answer: The John Deere mower decks are largely popular for their upgraded cutting features and better capacity. The decks are manufactured with an excellent immune system to prevent wear and tear for an extended period. 

Can You Replace a John Deere Mower Deck?

Answer: Yes, you can easily replace a John Deere mower deck when it becomes unsuitable for working. But, be alert to get the same size mower deck as the previous one. And, the deck type and the dimensions should also be matched.

End Note

In short, whenever you are about to install a new John Deere mower deck, you must check the compatibility of the new one. Otherwise, it won’t fit in the mower or even if it fits, it may not work well.

That’s why in this regard, take help from the John Deere mower deck compatibility chart. In case you have a 42 inch mower deck, go through the John Deere 42 inch mower deck belt diagram to troubleshoot it carefully.

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