John Deere LT180 Parts Diagram and Their Proper Uses!

john deere lt180 parts diagram

John Deere LT180 lawn tractor is an amazing one worth appreciation. But, the parts of it are not strong enough without your maintenance to be in a good shape.

But, which are the main parts of John Deere LT180?

The main ones are fuel pressure regulator, FIA control solenoid valve, intake air resonator, EGR valve, EGR valve lift sensor, EVAP control canister, and MAP sensor.

From their appearances to their duties, everything has a particular impact. Luckily, you are at the right corner to get all these along with the John Deere LT180 parts diagram.

So, let’s get into the discussion.

What Shouldn’t be Left to Know Before the John Deere LT180 Diagram?

john deere lt180

What I feel is the specs of John Deere LT180 will let you get into its parts in an efficient manner.

For that reason, take a glance at John Deere LT180 specs that are listed as follows.

1. Engine

• Type: Air-cooled, four stroke

• Cylinders: 2

• Horsepower: 17 HP

• Starter: Electric

2. Capacity

• Fuel Tank Capacity: 7.5 Liters

• Oil Capacity: 1.8 Liters

• Battery: 12V

3. Chassis

• Chassis: 4×2 (2WD)

• Transmission Type: Belt-driven hydrostatic

• Steering: manual sector and pinion

4. Others

• Weight: 230 Kg

• Length: 67.7 Inches

• Height: 40.9 Inches

• Wheel Base: 47.6 Inches

I always say that John Deere LT180 never fails to startle us with its features.

However, now we should step ahead to the direction of its parts diagram.

Detailed Talk: John Deere LT180 Parts Diagram

When you are about to take steps for exploring the John Deere LT180, many parts in diverse shapes are waiting for you. So it is obvious for you to get blanked easily.

That’s why invest a few moments here to get familiar with the John Deere LT180 parts diagram.

Starting from the right side, there are control solenoid valve and vacuum control valve of exhaust gas recirculation. The fuel pressure regulator is just beside the FIA control solenoid valve.

Near the MAP sensor, three lines are visible – one is heading to the engine mount control solenoid valve, another is to the cruise control and the last one is to the EVAP two way valve.

EVAP control canister is connected with the EVAP purge control solenoid valve. The EGR valve lift sensor is set on the EGR valve.

AIR check valve has direct relation with the AIR control solenoid valve, and AIR vacuum tank. And, an indirect connection with the Intake Air Resonator.

Let me guess! You have boosted your concept of the locations of the parts. But, now it is time for knowing the root of the parts, their activities.

So, go through the John Deere LT180 parts list to learn about them.

1. Fuel Pressure Regulator

The regulator keeps an eye on the fuel rail pressure to be balanced.

2. FIA Control Solenoid Valve

FIA control solenoid valve is for letting the mixture of fuel run through it.

3. Intake Air Resonator

This one helps the mower in Operation with less noise by the reduction of air pressure.

4. EGR Valve

The EGR valve is in charge of removing the exhaust.

5. EGR Valve Lift Sensor

EGR valve lift sensor observes the position and functioning of the EGR valve.

6. EVAP Control Canister

This canister carries activated charcoal in it to work as a gasoline vapors storage till the engine runs.

7. MAP Sensor

MAP sensor lets the user know the engine load through the monitor by converting it to an electrical power or signal.

What Engine is in a John Deere LT180?

Answer: A John Deere LT180 comes with an air-cooled engine made by Kawasaki and its model is Kawasaki FH500V.

What Transmission is in a John Deere LT180?

Answer: The transmission of a John Deere LT180 is Tuff Torq K46 and its type is belt-driven hydrostatic.

Final Words

I put importance on the matter that John Deere LT180 can serve you even better when your eyes are constant on its maintenance.

To do that well, take notes from the John Deere LT180 parts diagram. Moreover, the description of the parts list is a quicker way to catch any defects happening in them.

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