John Deere Lawn Tractor Safety Switch Problems: Solved!

john deere lawn tractor safety switch problems

Among the John Deere lawn tractor electric problems, the safety switch comes first. Its failure can bring several difficulties for the tractor and many of its components.

But, what are the most common John Deere lawn tractor safety switch problems?

They are tractor not starting, loose wirings of the switch, broken or damaged switch, tractor not stopping when the rider is absent, safety switch not responding and blades not turning off when zero rider is present.

The details of John Deere lawn tractor safety switch problems are listed here with their suitable fixing ways.

So, don’t go anywhere and make the journey till the end.

Quick Overview: John Deere Lawn Tractor Safety Switch Problems and Fixes

Though there are many types of John Deere lawn tractor safety switch problems, I have picked the most common ones.

Take a glance at them and their solutions are given, too.

Serial            Problems                        Solutions
1Tractor Not StartingCheck the Safety Switch
2Broken or Damaged Safety SwitchReplace the Switch Immediately
3Tractor Not Stopping When the Rider is AbsentInspect the Switch and Repair the Faults
4Safety Switch Not RespondingChange the Safety Switch
5Blades Not Turning Off When the Rider is AbsentGet a New Safety Switch
6Dirt and Corrosion in Safety SwitchClean the Switch Properly
7Loose Wirings of the SwitchTighten the Switch Wirings

In-Depth Discussion: John Deere Lawn Tractor Safety Switch Problems and Fixes

As you have encountered the amount of problems are many and of course, they have particular solutions for every issue. Frankly speaking, I get to see some of them quite frequently and others are hard to come by.

For that reason, I thought of sharing those common John Deere mower tractor safety switch problems and their specific solutions with you.

So, make sure you go through each of them.

Problem 1: Tractor Not Stopping When the Rider is Absent

Whenever you notice the John Deere lawn tractor is still turned on after you get off it, the culprit is the safety switch.

The tractor may not stop due to:

The safety switch is not getting the signals

Worn out issues can attack the switch

An out of expiry date safety switch is not workable

Solution: Inspect the Switch and Repair the Faults

Here are some tips on how to solve it:

• Inspect the switch to know about its defect

Detect them and find the ideal repair for them

Do not hesitate to replace the switch if it stopped working

Problem 2: Blades Not Turning Off When Zero Rider Present

Just as the problem 1, a bad safety switch fails to turn off the tractor blades when you are absent.

A few reasons of it are:

The switch can be stuck due to dirt and debris

Pressing it may not working to turn it on

Its grounding is disconnected

Solution: Get a New Safety Switch

To get rid of this, try these following fixes:

Turn off the tractor and clean the safety switch thoroughly

Be cautious to avoid sharp materials in cleaning

Check its grounding part and do the grounding process again

Problem 3: Loose Wirings of the Safety Switch

After a certain period, the safety switch can have such error and this leads it to malfunction.

The causes behind it are:

As the tractors runs regularly, the shakings can loose the wirings

An old wire is also easy to get moved from its place

Solution: Tighten the Switch Wirings

Your immediate duties after observing the issue are:

• Check the wirings to see which of them is loose

• Tighten that wiring following the guidelines of the owner’s manual

Replace the wire if it is old enough

Problem 4: Tractor Not Starting

Your John Deere tractor may show irregularities in starting. The safety switch causes it, when:

The switch has lost connection with the battery

It can not operate with less power

Any blown sign is noticeable on it

Solution: Check the Safety Switch

As the issue is not at all ignorable, try our these tips:

Make the connection between the switch and battery

Check if it is getting enough voltage

For the blown sign, changing it is required

Problem 5: Broken or Damaged Safety Switch

Another common John Deere safety switch problem is it can be broken. It happens due to:

The end of its lifespan

Getting affected by surroundings components

Corrosion has attacked it

Solution: Replace the Switch Immediately

To get all these troubles away from the switch, follow the listed instructions:

Readjust the safety switch after cleaning it

Inspect its body for the sign of damages

Replace the switch if it is out of date

Problem 6: Safety Switch Not Responding

A not responding safety switch can invite many irritating issues in your John Deere lawn tractor. It fails to respond, when:

Its connection is lost with the electric unit

It is receiving imbalanced voltage

Its cables can be badly corroded

Solution: Change the Safety Switch

You have to get the safety switch back on duty to run the tractor. So, try these out:

Secure the relation between the switch and the electric unit

Use a voltmeter to check its voltage

Get its cables changed or change the switch

Problem 7: Dirt and Corrosion in Safety Switch

A dirty safety switch is not at all recommended for a John Deere lawn tractor. But, the problem comes because of:

Not cleaning the switch for a long time

Corrosion gets involved from the dirt

debris is stuck in the switch badly

Solution: Clean the Switch Properly

Whenever you meet this problem, do not delay in:

Cleaning the switch with much care

Removing the debris and corrosion carefully

If nothing works, get a new safety switch

What is the Function of the Safety Switch in a John Deere Lawn Tractor?

Answer: In a John Deere lawn tractor, the safety switch keeps it safe by turning off the ignition process when no rider is present. Another job of it is ensuring the blades are off duty.

Where is the John Deere Lawn Tractor Safety Switch?

Answer: The safety switch is found behind the seat on which the rider sits and operates the John Deere tractor. As you sit on that seat, the switch is turned on and does its tasks.

Final Verdict

A matter is cleared that a malfunctioning safety switch is not at all recommended to use for the John Deere lawn tractors. More issues can come as a result of it.

For that reason, make the best use of the article regarding John Deere lawn tractor safety switch problems. And, do not forget to check out the fixes.

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