[Solved!] John Deere Lawn Tractor Comparison Chart

john deere lawn tractor comparison chart

Want to be a winner? Looking for John Deere lawn tractor comparison chart?

John Deere is the brand that comes at the first choice of almost every homeowner regarding lawn tractors. It has successfully expanded the quality and performance at a standard level for a longer time.

But, it has many models with various features and benefits that can make you confused quickly. You might be worrying which are the most renowned John Deere lawn tractor models?

Well, John Deere has invented some awesome lawn tractor series and they are S series – S100 and S200. Also, it introduced us to the X series – X300, X500 and X700.   

However, I have worked on their specialties and presented a John Deere lawn tractor comparison chart. It will surely assist you to find your required one.

So, let’s dive into the discussion.   

Quick Overview: John Deere Lawn Tractor Model Comparison Chart

Getting a simple and fast outlook of John Deere lawn tractors comparison can be a great move to get a clear and brief idea.     

That’s why let’s take a look at the comparison chart.

Lead KeyS100S200X300X500X700
TransmissionElectric PTO clutch, and Heavy- Duty, Hydrostatic Transaxle  Heavy-Duty and Hydrostatic Transaxle Hydrostatic integrated with twin touch pedals  Hydrostatic integrated with twin touch pedalsHydrostatic integrated with twin touch pedals
Deck TypeEdge MowerAccel deep mowerAccel deep mower and edge rear- dischargeAccel deep mowerDeep mower and high- capacity
EPA  17.5 to 24 HP21.5 to 22 HP21.5 to 23 HP24 to 25.5 HP24 to 25.5 Hp
Durability GoodBetter than S100GoodAppreciativeAppreciative
Cutting Deck Size (Inches)42,48, and 5442 to 4842,48, and 5448 to 5448,54, and 60
Affordability YesPrice is more than S100Yes, according to the features More than X300Expensive 

What Size John Deere Tractor Do I Need?

Assuredly, purchasing a John Deere tractor will keep the worries of completing various jobs away from you. But, if you end up getting a wrong sized one, it may not perform as you wish it to.

However, how to tell what size John Deere tractor you need?

The size of the John Deere tractor can be found after measuring your lawn or land size. Because the size of the land decides how big the tractor should be.

Well, I am not stopping here and you will get more of what size John Deere tractor do I need in the entire article.

So, let’s dive in without further ado.

What are the John Deere Tractors Sizes?

John Deere has multiple choices for its tractor varieties and all of them have particular sizes. Knowing about them will guide you in choosing the tractor.

So, let me show you the John Deere tractors sizes.

SerialTypes of TractorsTractors Sizes
1Compact Tractors22.4 – 65.9 HP
2Utility Tractors50 – 250 HP
3Specialty Tractors75 – 155 HP
4Row Crop Tractors110 – 410 HP
54WD Tractors390 – 640 HP

How to Find the Required John Deere Tractor Size?

A fun fact is, though finding the John Deere tractor size seems tough, it is much easier and quicker in reality. A simple info of your lawn or land size can directly take you to the particular tractor.

Here I have gathered the John Deere tractor sizes and set them in the specific lawn sizes.

Catch a sight of them to find the one compatible with your area.

1. Less than 5 Acres

For a land of 5 acres or less than that, a John Deere tractor of 30 hp is enough. The horsepower can go below the horsepower range but above it is not recommended.

John Deere Compact tractors and its series 1 can fulfill this requirement.

2. Up to 10 Acres

In case your land is much bigger and the measurement says it is up to 10 acres, the tractor size must be within 30 to 50 horsepower.

John Deere has choices for this range and its Compact tractor has series 2, series 3 and series 4 to serve this need.

3. Up to 20 Acres

Here comes a pretty massive number of land’s size and it is up to 20 acres. As the area is quite large, a heavy-duty tractor of 50 to 250 hp has no alternative.

While searching for John Deere tractors in this range, I found series 4 of Compact tractors, Utility tractors, Specialty tractors, and a few of Row Crop tractors.

4. 20 to 40 Acres

20 to 40 acres of land is not a matter to be ignored and only a strong and heavy-duty tractor can handle it.

Don’t worry as John Deere’s Row Crop tractors are top-notch in this regard. Their horsepower remains from 110 hp to 410 hp, which is worth praising.

5. More than 100 Acres/Commercial

If your farm is situated on 100 acres of land or if the tractor is for commercial areas, the horsepower should be around 200 to 400+ hp.

Are you worried about where to find this big tractor?

Luckily, John Deere Row Crop tractors and 4WD tractors are in the market to erase your worries.

On the whole, no one can neglect the fact that bringing a wrong sized tractor can cost the owner more and it will be of no use. In other words, the cost of buying it will go in vain.

For not facing such troubles, take notes from the description of John Deere tractor sizes in the article. Moreover, it will certainly erase your concern of what size John Deere tractor do I need.

Detailed Discussion: John Deere Lawn Tractor Comparison Chart

I can assume that you have already got a short knowledge about the John Deere lawn tractor series. But, a detailed discussion will assist you better to understand the lead keys.

Gradually, you will realize which tractor is matching your requirements. Therefore, let’s know them together.                

1. Transmission 

• S Series

Transmission unit is important to select a lawn tractor. S100 lawn tractors are produced with Electric PTO clutch, Heavy-Duty and Hydrostatic Transaxle.

Besides, the S200 is given a better transmission feature and it is a Heavy-Duty and Hydrostatic Transaxle. No wonder, S200 will give you a developed transmission experience.    

• X Series 

The X series is mostly known for its improved transmission unit. Users found this series excellent with super performance.

X300, X500 and X700 come with Hydrostatic integrated with twin touch pedals, which is the demand of today’s lawn tractors.

2. Deck Type

• S Series

S100 series is designed with Edge Mower which is perfect for having a smooth and better looking grass lawn.

S200 has Accel Deep design which is comparatively better than S100. Its speed of cutting grass is worth mentioning.          

• X Series 

X300 comes with Accel Deep Deck and Edge Rear-discharge design which is a versatile way to mulch properly. X500 has an Accel Deep mower like the S200.

X700 offers a deep mower and high-capacity to cut and clean the lawn super fast. It is truly a time-saving tool. 

3. Engine Power Rating

EPA or Engine Power Rating is an important factor to realize which lawn tractor will run faster and smoothly and how much its horsepower is.     

• S Series

If you take a look at the S series, S100 lawn tractors carry horsepower 17.5 to 24 HP. But, the S200 will run at 21.5 to 22 HP. No doubt, S200 is not so appreciative in this regard.  

• X Series 

The X series is also not worth mentioning in this respect as the tractors contain pretty similar horsepower like the S series. X300 comes with 21.5 to 23 HP and X500 has 24 to 25.5 HP.

X700 has the same horsepower as X500 and it is 24 to 25.5 HP. The highest horsepower is worth praising as it will run the engine at a developed speed.          

4. Durability 

• S Series

Durability depends on material quality and how much the tractor can endure. The S series is comparatively less durable than the X series.

In case you have a big lawn or garden, the S series won’t show the expected durability.            

• X Series

The X series is made of better materials and it can endure harsh riding. As the tractors of X series are made for cutting smoothly, they are given better durability.

So, they are a step ahead of the S series.         

5. Cutting Deck Size

Cutting deck size is essential in understanding how much grass the tractor can cut at a time. The more the deck size is, the more grass will be cut.

• S Series

S100 lawn tractor cutting deck size is 42, 48 and 54 inches. Whereas S200 comes with 42 to 48 inches size. Therefore, S100 is worth appreciation in this regard.             

• X Series 

In X series, X300 has 42, 48 and 54 inches size. X500 offers 48 to 54 inches. Both of these are similar to S100.

Fortunately, X700 provides a bigger deck size of 48, 54 and 60 inches. Thus, it can assist you to make your precious time worthwhile.   

6. Affordability 

• S Series

Though each type of lawn tractor is wonderful and worth purchasing, affordability makes a significant impact. The S100 lawn tractors can cost you from $1699 to $2899. S200 series has a price range of $2399 to $2899.     

• X Series

X300 starts from $3199 to $6399, which is affordable in comparison to its efficiency. X500 and X700 costs from $6399 to $14,729. No wonder, these are quite expensive.       

7. Warranty

• S Series

In the case of warranty, I found a great difference in both the S series and X series. S100 offers 2 years warranty whereas S200 comes with 3 years warranty.

• X Series

In the case of X300, X500 and X700, they provide 4 years warranty. But warranty of hours vary pretty much. X300 and X500 series have 300 to 500 hours warranty and X700 offers 700 hours.

Introducing John Deere S100 Series

John Deere S100 series is certainly worth praising along with its simple to easier ways of controlling it. What to tell you about the outstanding info of the tractors of S100 series.

However, there are plenty of tractors in this series and let me introduce you to them one by one.

SerialTractorsEngine PowerDisplacementDrive SystemDeckWarranty
1S10017.5 hp30.5 cu. in.2 Wheel42 Inches2 Years
2S12022 hp44.2 cu. in.2 Wheel42 Inches2 Years
3S13022 hp44.2 cu. in.2 Wheel42 Inches2 Years
4S14022 hp44.2 cu. in.2 Wheel48 Inches2 Years
5S16024 hp44.2 cu. in.2 Wheel48 Inches2 Years
6S17024 hp44.2 cu. in.2 Wheel48 Inches2 Years
7S18024 hp44.2 cu. in.2 Wheel54 Inches2 Years

Introducing John Deere S200 Series

Finding the best tractor from John Deere S200 series is quite tough as all of the tractors are top-notch in quality. But, they have some differences and considering these are an easy way to find the compatible one. 

So, why don’t you go through their eye-catching features?  

Serial Features S220S240 – 42 InchesS240 – 48 Inches
1Engine Power22 hp 16.4 kw21.5 hp 16.0 kw21.5 hp 16.0 kw
2Displacement 44.2 cu. in. 44.3 cu. in. 44.3 cu. in. 
3Transmission Two Pedal Hydrostatic Heavy Duty, Two Pedal Hydrostatic Heavy Duty, Two Pedal Hydrostatic 
4Deck42″ Accel Deck42″ Accel Deck48″ Accel Deep
5Cylinders V-Twin, Cast Iron LinersV-Twin, Cast Iron LinersV-Twin, Cast Iron Liners
6Drive System2 Wheel Drive2 Wheel Drive 2 Wheel Drive 
7GovernorMechanicalMechanical Mechanical 
8Warranty 3 Years 3 Years3 Years

What Size John Deere Tractor Do I need for 8 Acres?

Answer: For your 8 acres land, choose from John Deere’s Compact tractors with the horsepower of 30 to 50 hp. Search for the tractors in their series 2, series 3 and series 4.

Which One is Better Between the John Deere X300 and X500? 

Answer: Between John Deere lawn tractor series X300 and X500, the better one is the X500 series. It is because of the higher price, this series offers better warranty and performance. If you face any issue while using them, you can go through John Deere fault codes list

Why is the John Deere S200 Series More Popular than the S100 Series?   

Answer: John Deere lawn tractor S200 series is more popular than S100 series because of its smoothly cutting feature. Running it in the garden will let you experience a better landscape and better mulching.

Which John Deere Tractor Do I need for 25 Acres?

Answer: To complete the tasks of your 25 acres land, John Deere Row Crop tractors will be ideal. The horsepower (110 to 410 hp) they offer is tremendous.

What Size John Deere Tractor Do I Really Need?

Answer: The size of John Deere tractor you need is decided by your lawn or farm size, the load of work, and the attachments your tasks require. Consider them along with your budget to get the correct size tractor.

Final Thoughts

How time flies! Your company gave me a wonderful time. I guess you enjoyed reading the John Deere lawn tractor comparison chart as it carries each detail that is helpful.

Now, you can certainly purchase the exact lawn tractor you want following the chart. But I must say, John Deere is excellent in building each tractor extraordinarily.

Happy shopping, buddy!  

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