[Solved!] John Deere L120 Won’t Crank in 2023? +05 Signs!

john deere l120 won't crank

John Deere L120 is an excellent lawn tractor to beautify your lawn or garden. Sadly, problems arise when it doesn’t crank or stops cranking again and again.

It is certainly a troublesome experience. But, you must have the thought that is why John Deere L120 won’t crank?          

Well, among many possible reasons, a few effective ones are troubles in starting, fuel out of date, aggressive usage, damage in fuel line, and smoke from the engine. 

Not only the reasons, I have also explained their detailed solutions in the article. Undoubtedly, you will get complete assistance to troubleshoot the tractor.

So, continue reading to get an in-depth idea.                

Quick Overview: John Deere L120 Won’t Crank?

I believe your time is precious and therefore, a simple list of reasons with their fixes will make you understand them easily.

From my experience, I have prepared the brief and apt chart. So, why don’t we catch sight of it?

1Troubles in Starting Check Everything Before Starting  
2Fuel Out of DateReplace Fresh Fuel
3Aggressive Usage Inspect Wheels and Tires
4Damage in Fuel LineFix or Replace the Fuel Line 
5Smoke From the EngineAvoid Creating Excessive Pressure   

Complete Discussion: John Deere L120 Won’t Crank?

Now, you have a brief knowledge of why the not cranking issue produces and what to do to get rid of it. An entire explanation will assist you more with each detail.     

For a John Deere L120 owner, the discourse described below is pretty essential. So, let’s not wait anymore and dive into it.        

Reason 1: Troubles in Starting 

This reason is not new and it happens in most cases as many of us make mistakes in starting the tractor.

These mistakes are like not checking the fuel level or if the fuel is fresh or old. Also, not inspecting the safety switch or other units is responsible.

In other words, a tiny mistake may invite issues in starting the tractor and thus, it does not crank.          

Fix: Check Everything Before Starting

From now on, whenever you are about to run the John Deere L120 lawn tractor, try to go through every possible unit. All you have to do is check if everything is alright.

It is considered the foremost solution to avoid not cranking issues of lawn tractors. Therefore, do not forget to follow it.              

Reason 2: Fuel Out of Date

Fuel out of date and still using it is a most common mistake that almost everyone makes. Can you relate, too?

Fuel or gas expires after 30 days or a few days earlier or later. Normally, we do not operate the lawn tractor regularly or operate it twice a week.

Thus, the fuel or gas remains inside the fuel tank and loses its capacity to produce power like fresh fuel. Consequently, the lawn tractor sits idle without cranking.                 

Fix: Replace Fresh Fuel

In my opinion, you should note down the date of filling new fuel in the fuel tank. Because of it, you can realize effortlessly when the expiry date is.

If you observe the fuel is bad or no more in the condition to use, you should remove it promptly. Fill the tank with fresh, new and efficient fuel.

An extra care can expand the lifespan of fuel and it is joining a fuel stabilizer. It is proven effective and beneficial.              

Reason 3: Aggressive Usage  

Sometimes we try to use the tractor at full speed to use all its capacity. It occurs when there is too much grass in the garden or we try to do the work in less time.

As we use the John Deere L120 lawn tractor aggressively, the components inside it can be damaged. Besides, the engine can lose its efficiency.

What is sadder, running the tractor aggressively for a few times can lead to no cranking trouble. Moreover, the wheels and tires can get damaged, too. Thus, they can not move like before.                     

Fix: Inspect Wheels and Tires 

In case you have run the tractor roughly or tried to use its full capacity, it can be responsible for the issue.

In this respect, you should inspect the components that are inside the tractor as much as you can. It is good if you find them safe and sound.

Next, observing the wheels and tires will let you know if they are okay to run with the acceleration. Also, keep an eye on the engine’s regular performance.              

Reason 4: Damage in Fuel Line

We may take care of everything in the John Deere L120 lawn tractor, but we forget about the fuel line. Any damage in the fuel line can take the issue to a bigger trouble.

As fuel flows regularly through the line, it gets some gummy things in its body. As a result, fuel can not flow properly or gets jammed.

Moreover, if the fuel line is damaged, it won’t let the engine get fuel to operate the tractor. Thus, the tractor won’t crank at all or will stop cranking.                

Fix: Fix or Replace the Fuel Line

Inspecting the fuel line will let you know if it has any trouble. If you find it jammed with gummy things, you need to clean it thoroughly.

For purifying the fuel line, take it out and apply carburetor purifier to get rid of the blockage. Then, place it back to like earlier.

In case you are unable to remove the blockage or barricade, you may have to replace the fuel line. The same goes for any damage in the fuel line.             

Reason 5: Smoke From the Engine

This situation is a bit serious and it does not happen frequently. You may face it once in a longer period. But, it can cause trouble for the whole engine.     

In this case, you will observe a bit of smoke around the engine or from inside components. It is caused due to using the John Deere L120 lawn tractor regularly at full speed.

As a result, the engine can not endure the pressure and it stops working suddenly. Thus, the tractor faces issues in cranking.             

Fix: Avoid Creating Excessive Pressure  

The problem is serious but its solution is easier and effortless. You can solve the issue after experiencing it for the first time.

All you have to do is avoid creating excessive pressure. In other words, you can run the tractor at an average speed. In this way, the engine won’t be hampered and the cranking issue will be solved hopefully.               

Why is My John Deere L120 Cranking But Not Running?  

Answer: John Deere L120 may crank but not run sometimes due to blocked carburetor filter, old fuel, faulty fuel filter or wrong starting command. You may go through the John Deere trouble codes to identify the issue earlier. 

What Size Engine is in a John Deere L120?

Answer: A John Deere L120 is manufactured with two types of engines from Briggs and Stratton. Both of them are air-cooled, four stroke and have displacement range of 40.0 cu-in. And, the horsepower is 22 hp.

Can Gas or Fuel Affect John Deere L120 in Not Cranking?   

Answer: Yeah, gas or fuel can affect John Deere L120 in not cranking. Over time, many of us forget to change gas or fuel. As a result, bad gas or fuel does not let the engine get proper power to operate. Thus, the tractor can not crank.           

Final Thoughts

At the end, I can guess that your ideas regarding why John Deere L120 won’t crank are fully cleared. The article is surely a full guidance for John Deere L120 tractor owners.

From now on, you won’t have to get tensed when the tractor won’t crank. Just following the troubleshooting process will solve the issue quickly.

Happy gardening, buddy!                 

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