Help! John Deere L118 Parts Diagram

john deere l118 parts diagram

Stepping into any job with the John Deere L118 is much easier when its parts are common to you. In other words, you know them very well.

Do you have any idea of what are the important parts of John Deere L118?

Well, they are battery, hour meter, PTO switch, RIO latch relay, engine wiring harness, RIO switch and seat switch.

To get deeper into from their locations to the roots, take notes from the John Deere L118 parts diagram that is included in the article.

So, let’s end the suspension and get started.

What to Know Before the John Deere L118 Diagram?

A few info of the John Deere L118 are always preferable to learn more about it quickly. Also, catching the diagram will be easier after knowing them.

Such a few John Deere L118 specs are given below.

1. Engine Specs

Engine Type: Air-cooled, four stroke

Fuel Type: Gasoline

Number of Cylinders: 6

Horsepower: 20 to 22 HP

• Oil Type: AG/SF

2. Capacity

Fuel Tank Capacity: 7.9 Litres

Oil Capacity: 1.9 Litres

• Battery: 12 V

3. Transmission and Chassis

Chassis: 4×2 (2WD)

Transmission Type: Belt-driven hydrostatic

Steering Type: Manual

4. Others

• Height: 38.6 Inches

• Length: 60 Inches

• Width: 35.8 Inches

• Weight: 235 Kg

Truly, this segment was tremendous to know the lawn tractor in a jiffy.

However, now I can drive your attention to the diagram.

In-Depth Talk: John Deere L118 Parts Diagram

Though John Deere L118 has many parts and certainly, each of them is unavoidable. But, one of them is a John Deere L118 wiring unit that contains the root to start the tractor. 

Let me describe the John Deere L118 parts diagram in a broadened way to you.

Starting from the source of power, the battery, it has two wiring connections. One is to the starter solenoid and the other is to the Rio switch. The 12 VDC power port is also indirectly connected.

A fuse and the key switch are nearby and connected through a wiring of the battery. The engine wiring harness leads to the magneto ignition and the spark plug.

The hour meter and the RIS switch are directly and indirectly in touch with the key switch. The same goes for the PTO switch and the fuel shut off solenoid valve.

The Brake switch and the seat switch also seem to follow the same route. Some of these meet at the RIO latch relay.

Let me guess! Your ideas are crystal clear regarding the positions of the components. But, what are their functions?

Don’t get worried as everything about the John Deere L118 parts list is explained here in brief. Take a glance at them to check.

1. Battery

A battery is for supplying electric power to the mower. The flow also reaches the John Deere L118 deck drive belt.

2. Hour Meter

Hour meter works as a meter to record the running duration of the mower.

3. PTO Switch

PTO switch delivers engine power to the mower and overall components.

4. RIO Latch Relay

It is for observing while the mower is running on a rough PTO drive.

5. Engine Wiring Harness

The engine wiring harness is for balancing the electrical functions.

6. RIO Switch

RIO switch is applicable when the mower is on backing up option and still, mowing is required.

7. Seat Switch

The seat switch is an indirect way to turn on the engine as soon as the operator sits on the seat.

What Size Mower Deck is on a John Deere L118?

Answer: The mower deck size on a John Deere L118 is 42 inches.

What is the Transmission Model of John Deere L118?

Answer: John Deere L118 can come with Tuff Torq K46V or Tuff Torq T40.

Final Words

I always mention that being unaware of the John Deere L118 parts won’t be of any help rather inviting more confusion and dilemma.

Starting from cleaning them properly to troubleshooting, a to z of them is a must to keep in mind. For that reason, take guidance from the John Deere L118 parts diagram anytime.

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