John Deere JS20 Parts Diagram

john deere js20 parts diagram

Riding a John Deere JS20 walk behind lawn mower seems fun and efficient when you are aware of its parts and any irregularities happen with them.

Have you ever wondered about what are the essential parts of John Deere JS20?

These are valve seat, intake manifold, gasoline engine, dipstick, reservoir, drain plug, cylinder, spark plug plug, and cylinder head gasket.

For having a better understanding of them, the John Deere JS20 parts diagram is described here to assist you.

So, continue reading till the end.

What to Know Before the John Deere JS20 Diagram?

john deere js20

What I found efficient in my case was studying more about the John Deere JS20 walk behind mower as it let me enter the depth of its parts diagram.

Therefore, I prepared this segment for you keeping that in mind. So, don’t forget to give it a moment.

1. Engine Specs

Engine Model: Briggs and Stratton

Power Type: Combustion

Engine Type: Four-stroke

Horsepower: 6.75 HP

• Displacement: 0.189 Litres

2. Others

Blade Length: 21 Inches

Fuel Type: Gasoline

• Rear Wheels: 9×2 Inches

Front Wheels: 8×2 Inches

• Number of Cylinders: 2

As your ideas are developed, let’s move ahead to the diagram. There, many more exciting things are waiting for you.

At a Glance: John Deere JS20 Parts Diagram

Only the diagram won’t guide you to the part you are looking for or you want to check. The details of it are equally required to reach the specific parts location.

To get that easily, match the below described details with the John Deere JS20 parts diagram to recognize the components.

The diagram is illustrating seal (1, 25), kit (2), cylinder block (3), cylinder (3), push nut (4), bolt (5), arm (6), nut (7), lever (8), screw (9, 17, 20, 22, 23, 28, 30, 39), O-ring (10, 13), and filler cap (11).

Then, it also comes up with dipstick tube (12), dipstick (14), washer (15), crank (16), gasket (18, 26, 37, 41), breather (19), shield (21), drain plug (24), reservoir (27), dowel pin (29), boot (31), and spark plug (32).

Some of its last units are the valve seat (33, 34), engine cylinder head gasket (35), cylinder head (36), intake manifold (38), tube (40), cover (42), guide (43), bushing (44), gasoline engine (45), label (46).

Half of the work is done as soon as you are introduced with the small to big units. You can meet more of their niceties from the John Deere JS20 parts list.

So, let’s jump into their discussion.

1. Valve Seat

Valve seat is required for avoiding or preventing air in the combustion unit.

2. Intake Manifold

Intake manifold does the duty of delivering the mixed fuel from the carburetor to the engine.

3. Gasoline Engine

The gasoline engine runs the mower and its blades through the power of it.

4. Dipstick

For knowing the level of fuel and oil, a dipstick is placed.

5. Reservoir

A reservoir is an essential component that purifies the oil and makes it ready to use.

6. Drain Plug

The drain plug is for replacing oil and draining out of the mower through it.

7. Cylinder

Cylinders will let the exhaust and combustion functions complete.

8. Spark Plug

The spark plug is set for igniting the air and fuel to power up the engine.

9. Cylinder Head Gasket

This gasket is a way to prevent combustion gases from entering other units.

How Much Oil Does a John Deere JS20 Hold?

Answer: A John Deere JS20 has the capability of holding 20 oz oil for running both the engine and the mower.

What is the Cutting Width of a John Deere JS20?

Answer: A John Deere JS20 will let the user enjoy a cutting width of 21 inches. It is certainly an appreciative walk behind mower for the lawn.

End Words

On the whole, there is no other way than getting introduced with the John Deere JS20 parts for keeping the walk behind mower in its required condition.

Ensure that by following the John Deere JS20 parts diagram as it won’t let you make any mistake. And, it will assist your inspection of the mower and show you an accurate outcome.

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