John Deere Error & Fault Codes List [Working List!]

john deere fault codes list

John Deere fault codes are the most helpful way to detect the vehicle’s problem. For solving an issue quickly, there is no better way than recognizing the error codes.      

You might be wondering what are the top common John Deere fault codes? 

The top common John Deere fault codes are Transmission codes, ECU codes, and BCU codes. In case of different models, 5100e fault codes, 8530 fault codes and 333e error codes are the most frequent ones.  

But, understanding the codes can be tough for a common user. That’s why I will lead you to their explanation. These will help you the best for sure by catching the exact problem.       

As I can understand your concern, I will introduce you to a complete John Deere fault codes list. Moreover, you will get a few more essential information regarding the codes.

So, let’s get started without further suspension.

What Kind of John Deere Tractors Fault Codes You Can Face?

Among diverse varieties of John Deere tractor fault codes, some are frequent and very common. Recognizing them can be a plus point in troubleshooting.

Therefore, check out their list to identify them quickly.

Serial        Detect the Fault Codes:
1Engine Control Unit Fault Codes
2Right Control Unit Fault Codes
3Left Control Unit Fault Codes
4Basic Control Unit Fault Codes
5Cornerpost Control Unit Fault Codes
6Transmission Control Unit Fault Codes
7Tailings Control Unit Fault Codes
8Header Control Unit Fault Codes
9Armrest Control Unit Fault Codes
10Control Unit CAB and Cab Power Fault Codes

How to Search John Deere Fault Codes?

The necessity of getting the John Deere fault codes is the most important step in fixing the troubles. But, you may not know how to search them.

Go with the following steps to search the John Deere fault codes.

Step 1: Owner’s Manual

The best and easiest way to search for the John Deere fault codes is the owner’s manual. Every owner of John Deere equipment is provided with the manual that carries the codes. Most importantly, the specific codes only for that equipment are found there.

Step 2: Press the ‘Menu’ Option

Another quicker method is the ‘Menu’ button as pressing it at least for 3 to 5 seconds will let you meet the error codes. This is mostly applied when the rider can not find the manual or it is kept far away.

Step 3: Using a Diagnostic Tool

While searching for the fault codes, a diagnostic tool is widely used by many riders. Because only by connecting the tool, you can easily look at the codes within a short time.

How to Read John Deere Fault Codes?

Reading John Deere fault codes and getting their meaning is the first and foremost step to resolve an issue. Unfortunately, getting access to the explanation can be done through two simple methods.

I suggest you check them out and apply if you encounter trouble codes. Therefore, scroll down to capture the methods.                    

Method 1: User Manual

While buying a John Deere tractor, a user manual is always given with it. Fortunately, it carries the error codes and their exact meaning.

Not only this, it leads with the solution to the issue. So, do not delay to look for the codes in the manual.           

Method 2: Vehicle’s Display 

Accidents happen in our life and it is normal to lose the user manual. Do not worry as there is still a quick way left to know the definition of the fault codes.

All you have to do is find the “Menu” button on the screen or display. Press it for a few seconds, at least 5 seconds till the codes arrive.

You will get a long list of trouble codes with their accurate meaning. That’s how you can read them in a quick and get-at-able manner.           

John Deere 5100e Fault Codes List

The John Deere 5100e vehicle is pretty popular for its proficiency and better performance. It is well-known for holding its performance for a longer time.

But, it also faces some troubles that you need to fix by the error codes. I have listed a few error codes of John Deere 5100e that occur mostly.    

1CCU 001638.00The temperature of hydraulic oil is too much higher than regular  
2ECU 001550.05Lower current rate of air conditioner compressor  
3ICC 000167.04The voltage rate of alternator is lower than regular
4PTR 524173.15Voltage of clutch pedal is higher than average  

John Deere 8530 Fault Codes List

Among John Deere tractors, 8530 is a model renowned for its better quality. It appears with an amazing compatibility of running smoothly.

It is normal to capture trouble codes in this tractor. To help you in detecting them quickly, I have prepared a list of their explanations.               

1ACU 000581.07Transmission is having issues and unable to respond to commands  
2ASU 000629.12Defects are available in ASU control unit 
3BRC 522279.05Too much lower current of secondary brake control valve 
4CAB 523922.31During running or moving, secondary hand brake is turned on  

John Deere 333e Fault Codes List

John Deere 333e vehicle is loved by many people for carrying a better controlling system. It performs well with an outstanding function and controllable running ability.

It can happen that you may encounter some faults in it. Check out the error codes explained below to detect the issue effortlessly.            

1ECU 522323.00Too much higher level of air filter pressure 
2EMU 000070.02Faults in park brake
3HCU 000630.13Incomplete, missing or defective cal  
4VCU 000168.03Power is having troubles in switching on  

John Deere Parts Fault Codes List

There are some fault codes that are available in almost every John Deere vehicle. No matter which model you have, you will experience them sooner or later.

Knowing them will assist you to troubleshoot the problem before it turns bigger. Therefore, let me drive your attention to the universal error codes.             

John Deere Transmission Fault Codes List

John Deere transmission fault codes are associated with the TCU functions. TCU stands for Transmission Control Unit that works for controlling the transmission units that are automatic.

Getting trouble codes from TCU indicates the transmission units are having troubles in controlling them. However, the meaning of the trouble codes are explained below to assist you.                

1TCU 304020.02Transmission enable signal is not working properly    
2TCU 304040.03It appears if the circuit is accidentally shorted or opened    
3TCU 304019.05Some issues are detected in the clutch pedal sensor unit 
4TCU 304024.04There is shortage of electricity to the ground  

John Deere ACU Fault Codes List

ACU or Armrest Control Unit can pay a visit to your John Deere tractor when its system is detected with a trouble. Getting rid of that becomes unavoidable to run the tractor safely. 

Therefore, check out the John Deere ACU fault codes to recognize them easily. 

Serial Fault Codes Explanation 
1ACU 002003.09Issues in displaying PTP or PTI message 
2ACU 002020.09SFA message is not found 
3ACU 000581.07Transmitter fails to respond to commands
4ACU 000974.20Voltage in the hand throttle circuit is not accurate 
5ACU 523775.02Switch of hand presence is not working 

John Deere ECU Fault Codes List

John Deere ECU is its Engine Control Unit. ECU is mainly used for generating power from gas and keeping the vehicle on track. ECU error codes are an efficient way to tell where the problem is in the vehicle.

You can find some most frequent ECU fault codes in the following table.  

1ECU 000097.03How much water the fuel has
2ECU 000110.00The highest rate of engine coolant temperature   
3ECU 000105.15Dust is available in the radiator unit and the cooling area  
4ECU 000105.04Temperature signal is facing problems in showing accurate result      

John Deere BCU Fault Codes List

BCU is the Basic Control Unit of a John Deere vehicle. It is one of the most important units of the vehicle that needs to be perfect for running the vehicle by having better control over the functions.       

The fault codes of BCU will tell you in short where the problem is. You can go through the explanation listed below to catch these effortlessly.   

1BCU 000168.16Voltage level is higher than required though the engine is operating smoothly 
2BCU 000190.02The circuit is facing issues  
3BCU 001882.02The electrical circuits need repair for any faults   
4BCU 302002.31The vehicle has completed 500 hours of serving the operator      

John Deere TCU Fault Codes

Any TCU error code coming on your John Deere tractor’s monitor is an indication of issues in the automatic gearboxes or transmission. Any negligence to them can drag the error to an advanced level.

For that reason, take a look at the John Deere TCU fault codesto catch their definitions.

SerialFault Codes                                    Definitions
1TCU 304020.02Problems detected in the signal’s transmission
2TCU 304057.03The circuit is facing difficulties in turning off
3TCU 304024.04While grounding, electrical failure is occurring
4TCU 304019.05The clutch pedal’s sensor is not responding
5TCU 304032.03The clutch pedal switch has a shorted circuit

John Deere Baler Error Codes List

It is needless to mention the heavy duty responsibilities a John Deere baler performs. Over time, it may start to work a bit slower and suddenly surprise you with error codes.

You can get help from the John Deere fault codes pdf, and for now, take a note from the John Deere baler error codes list given below.

SerialError Codes    Explanation
1E0 02Voltage is going below limitation in the alternator
2E0 03Voltage is rising higher in the alternator
3E1 02Sensor of bale size is hard to be connected
4E2 12The actuator is in a bad condition
5E2 01Frequent disconnection of twin actuator
6E2 02Twin actuator tends to malfunction
7E4 31Oversized bale switch is not turning off

How to Clear John Deere Fault Codes?

Clearing the fault codes in a John Deere tractor becomes urgent to be aware of upcoming faults in future. It is because a trouble code on the monitor won’t let others come at the same time and the issue will be neglected.

To clear the error codes in a jiffy follow these steps –

• Ensure the trouble is repaired

• Bring the codes on the monitor

• Choose the specific codes

• Let the ‘Wait’ come

• Notice the ‘End’ option

Now, let’s jump into their discussion.

Step 1: Ensure the Trouble is Repaired

First, ensuring the trouble is not in the tractor anymore will let you step ahead. If it still lies there, the codes won’t stop reminding you again and again. 

However, I hope that particular issue is already solved by proper actions and therefore, you are concerned to clear its code.

Step 2: Bring the Codes List on the Monitor

Next, you have to get that exact code from the entire code list on the tractor’s screen. To complete this task, the “Menu” button will direct you to the list.

Step 3: Choose the Specific Codes

As soon as the engine codes list arrives, you will encounter a lot of codes with different explanations. From all of them, you have to get that one you want to clear.

The ‘Select’ option will let you do it and just write the whole code there. It will appear right after that. Then, tap on ‘Select’ and let ‘End’ come up.

Step 4: Let the ‘Wait’ Come

Now, you can go to the last step only after the monitor displays ‘wait’. Going with the ‘Select’ will bring it.

Step 5: Notice the ‘End’ Option

In the last step, tap on ‘Select’ for 3 to 5 seconds at least as soon as you meet the ‘Wait’. Within a few moments, ‘End’ will come up and it indicates the codes are successfully cleared.

How to Reset John Deere Fault Codes?

Taking a glance at the brief and apt concept of resetting the codes will make it easier.

So, let me break them down for you.

• Getting the fault codes 

• Selecting the codes

• Resetting the codes

John Deere fault codes require to be reset after fixing the trouble. It is because in most cases the codes don’t tend to depart even after the troubleshooting.

Therefore, you have to reset the John Deere error codes by yourself and trust me, it can be done in a few simple steps. Let’s take a look at these steps.    

Step 1: Getting the Codes

I have already shown you the way to get the codes on the monitor or display. Pressing the “Menu” button will bring the codes.     

Step 2: Select the Codes

After getting the codes, tap on “Select” to find your vehicle’s engine and machine error codes. You can also write the codes that your monitor displayed for the issue. 

To get the “End” option, go with the “Select”. 

Step 3: Resetting the Codes

In the last step, tap in “Select” till “Wait” appears. If you observe “Wait”, press “Select” for 4 to 5 seconds.

Wait till “End” appears. When it arrives, your task is finished. You have successfully reset the fault codes.

How to Retrieve John Deere Engine Codes?

Retrieving engine codes in a John Deere tractor is necessary and some users feel it is not a cup of tea. Let me assure you, it is just as easy as making a cup of tea if you have an idea of how to do it.

To retrieve the codes successfully, follow the procedure step by step:

• Select a levelled space

• Make a few preparations

• Go with the ignition switch

• Observe The Codes Thoroughly

• Turn off the ignition key

Now, let me take you to their details to retrieve the codes.

Step 1: Select a Levelled Space

For parking the John Deere tractor, a levelled space is recommended as it won’t move the tractor unnecessarily.

Step 2: Make a Few Preparations

For preparing the tractor, its parking brake should be set properly. Then, the lever of transmission control must be positioned in neutral.

Step 3: Go With the Ignition Switch

At this point, ignition needs to be on duty along with the engine. Otherwise, the job will be incomplete. Then, search for the reset button just on the tractor’s dashboard.

Pressing it for 4 to 5 seconds will start illustrating the error codes. It won’t take more than 7 seconds to let them arrive.

Step 4: Observe the Codes Thoroughly

It may take a few moments to show the first and second digits respectively. Different codes will arrive and you have to observe them carefully to understand their meanings.

If you see code 32, it indicates active codes. In case code 88 appears, it refers to zero stored codes and no active codes.

And, code 33 will show you the error codes that are stored.

Step 5: Turn Off the Ignition Key

As you have retrieved the fault codes without any hazard, it is time to move to the ignition. Turn it off and along with it, the engine demands be turned off, too.

How Do You Find John Deere codes?

Answer: The manual is the easiest way to find John Deere codes. Even the display can help you with the “Menu” option. Holding it for up to 5 seconds will let the codes appear on the display. Scrolling them will help you to find your particular ones.           

How Do You Clear a Code on a John Deere?

Answer: For clearing a code on a John Deere, you have to go through scrolling the code display. For this, tap on “Select” and find “End” at the bottom. Now, tap on “Select” to get the “Wait” option. Finally, press the “Select” option for a few seconds (5 seconds at least) and the codes will be cleared successfully.           

Final Thoughts 

Though you have learnt the most frequent John Deere fault codes list, the codes can vary according to the vehicle’s model. In such a case, you have to be sure about the model first.

However, the above mentioned discussion will surely ease your worries and let you recognize the codes without any trouble.        

Feel free to reach me as soon as you face any difficulty.  

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