John Deere D140 Parts Diagram & Their Uses!

john deere d140 parts diagram

Talking about a John Deere D140, what else can be expressed in its praise?

To keep the tractor in that position, its parts demand a regular look after.

But, which are considered as the important parts of John Deere D140?

They are gauge wheel, primary drive belt, belt shield, deck draft bracket, discharge chute and metal deflector, deck leveling bracket and fixed idler.

Maintaining a top-notch condition of them, you may feel the need of the John Deere D140 parts diagram. Get it from here with an explanation of the parts.

So, let’s jump into the article without further ado.

What to Look at Before the John Deere D140 Diagram?

john deere d140

While investigating an issue of the tractor, John Deere D140 specs will tell you if the parts are on the right track or not.

Hence, let me break them down for you.

1. Engine

• Fuel Type: Gasoline

• Engine Type: Air-cooled, four-stroke, inline

• Horsepower: 22 HP

• Spark Plug Gap: .030 inch

2. Transmission

• Type: Belt-driven hydrostatic

• Steering Type: Manual

• Chassis: 4×2 (2WD)

3. Capacity

• Oil Capacity: 1.9 Litre

• Fuel Tank Capacity: 15.1 Litres

• Battery: 12V

4. Others

• Weight: 238 Kg

• Wheel Base: 48.8 Inches

• Blade System: Rotary

• Cutting Width: 48 Inches

Don’t be so impatient, buddy as I am taking you to the diagram right now.

In-Depth Discussion: John Deere D140 Parts Diagram

Imagine you are trying to troubleshoot the John Deere D140 but the parts are unrecognizable to you. Everything will be stopped at this and no changes will be made.

So, let me show you the John Deere D140 parts diagram with the way to their locations.

Following the diagram, you will encounter four gauge wheels (A), left belt shield (B), primary drive belt (C), and front draft bracket (D).

More of its parts are center spindle sheave (E), fixed idler (F), and another belt shield at the right corner (G).

Moving forward, some other parts are discharge chute and metal deflector (H), deck leveling bracket (I), and flat idler (J).

After watching the diagram and its discussion, your ideas seem to be filled. But, they can be enriched when you encounter the info of the parts.

That’s why continue scrolling to see the John Deere D140 parts list.

1. Gauge Wheel

Gage wheels are for the up and down movement of the deck.

2. Primary Drive Belt

John Deere D140 primary drive belt assists both the mower and its blades.

3. Belt Shield

The shields act as a protection to the belt and its pulleys.

4. Deck Draft Bracket

Another essential part of the mower is its deck draft bracket.

5. Discharge Chute and Metal Deflector

These two remove the grass and others from the mower.

6. Deck Leveling Bracket

This bracket ensures the mower is on an accurate level to run.

7. Fixed Idler

Fixed idlers are for holding the tension of the drive belt.

What Engine is in a John Deere D140 Lawn Tractor?

Answer: A John Deere D140 lawn tractor can come with a Briggs and Stratton 40 or a Briggs and Stratton 44 engine.

What is the Fuel and Oil Type of a John Deere D140?

Answer: For a John Deere D140, the fuel type is gasoline and the oil type is SAE 10W-30.

End Words

In the end, I am already sure that in future, you won’t face any dilemma in inspecting the John Deere D140 lawn tractor components.

To be honest, the John Deere D140 parts diagram is truly a great helping tool. Therefore, keep it for quick identification of your lawn tractor parts.

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